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Paul Barbara

@ Clark

‘What is your objective?…’

My objective is to get the truth out, as best I can. I am not an anarchist, I don’t want to do away with governments. It is just that Banksters, Corporations, foreign lobbyists, and foreign and domestic ‘Honey Trap’ blackmail has so thoroughly corrupted our governments and institutions, that they have become agents of the moneyed forces rather than of the people.
Until people realise that, they cannot begin to even try to rectify the situation.
Time and again you castigate ‘conspiracy theories’, yet history is full of successful False Flag Ops and very real conspiracies. Does anyone here raise a fuss about the alphabet ladies in the Alex Salmond case, and cry ‘conspiracy theory’? Or in the Julian Assange Swedish set-up? Or in Craig’s current predicament? Or the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party? Nobody is required to ‘prove’ these things are conspiracies – it’s bloody obvious.
No, we all accept that these are very real conspiracies, yet balk at he thought that virtually everything is decided through just that, conspiracies. If we had open, transparent governance, and a justice system with strictly applied ‘conflict of interest’ laws that were enforced, things would be immensely better for we, the people. But that is not the case, and sadly is never likely to come about now that the system is so corrupted.
Is everything led by conspiracies? Where money and power is involved, you would be hard pressed to find anything controversial and involving power and money that isn’t.
The same holds for Universities, prestigious Medical and other societies, Church hierarchies, many Charities, some major Human Rights organisations, and of course our old friend, the MSM.
I believe we are on almost the same page, there is not much that separates us, so don’t blow things up unnecessarily. We can disagree without hostility, surely.

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