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It’s the way slanted it rather than the info. The new vaccine has already had phase I trials on adults only, and the Phase II isn’t only on children, as the oye site managed to suggest by omission. The vast majority of recruits will be adults.

“The guy who runs [Natural News…] seems to genuinely believe what he puts out”

Yep, that’s how it works; use a front to fund the sincere because they’re more convincing and have better reputations. That’s how much of the global warming denial campaign was run, routing funds and articles to well-intentioned bloggers. That campaign has wasted over thirty years in that battle, until eighteen years of arctic ice melt made it undeniable. It would have been easy to fix if we’d started in 1988 when Hansen testified to Congress. Now, it’s the Devil’s own mess.

Big Pharma have major incentives in anti-vax. If the US vaccine court were abolished, all the claims for well established vaccine injuries would have to be fought by the parents, using their own funds versus corporate legal departments; what do you reckon their chances would be? The rich might win, but the poor with inexperienced public lawyers would be stuffed. And the less vaccination there is, the more pharmaceuticals will be used in treatment of the preventable diseases. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if big pharma are actually funding anti-vax.