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OK Paul, I started fact checking your June 12, 01:38 comment #54946, and didn’t get very far. You cited anti-vax site as follows:

“The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has awarded Ryan Mojabi and his family a multi-million dollar settlement for autism as the result of an injury from the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine”

So I looked in the settlement document at, your third link, and’s allegation is untrue.

And this is the problem. I follow link after link after link of yours, and your fact checking is worse than hopeless; it’s deliberately biased. If some site says something you already believe, you just swallow it whole and then serve it up for others, applying none of the suspicion you (falsely) claim to apply to the so-called MSM.

Life is too short to keep reading recycled bullshit; it’s up to you to check whether any given article is informative or just biased propaganda.

And you’re still trying to set the agenda, and you’re still pushing your own instance of “More Of”, and you still refuse to engage in a discussion of how we should determine facts. Though mild and passive, these are all forms of aggression.

You need to learn what propaganda is and how it is done rather than just choosing whose propaganda to serve up.

Propaganda, Justice, Peace?

“They don’t like it ‘up ’em’.”

Not like you’re influenced by the “MSM” at all, is it? “MSM” is such a defeatist term, but just ignore me. After all, if the majority ceased to be “sheeple”, conspiracy theorists would lose their sense of superiority…

“I wonder why they hid the page in the first link”

It’s probably been moved to, because all such records are moved to PACER. PACER is an injustice; it requires a login and payment, but moving documents there isn’t the same as hiding them. You again indulge in FUD, which is why you and your ilk are best not taken seriously. But just ignore me; you always do…