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“The reality of the situation was […] the government agent […] said it was because if they continued allowing people to opt for the single shots, it would destroy their MMR Program.”

No, that’s merely Wakefield’s allegation.

“MSM don’t allow him a chance to rebut the slurs on him and his work.”

There’s a reason for that, but it takes a bit of thought. Do you have any interest in this? Or would you rather reflexively assume the hand of an overarching conspiracy?

I asked you a question Paul. Of what relevance is my opinion of Wakefield to any scientific matter?

I keep asking questions and you keep ignoring them, so my impression is that you are avoiding debate and instead evangelising. Maybe it’s true that you really have nothing to learn, and your scientific and medical expertise outweighs that of the scientific and medical communities. The chances seem vanishingly small; what do you reckon Paul?