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But Paul, you effectively ARE telling me what to think, by constantly setting the agenda, and absolutely refusing to engage in fair debate.

Additionally, you’re pretending to scientific expertise that you do not possess. There is absolutely no way that someone who was utterly naive about Dane Wigington’s hoax with the stroboscopic effect has the background knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to interpret the significance of that paper.

And I do not believe that you are being openly honest with me. You wrote:

“It’s on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website; as you will note, I gave the link where I found it above.

There are 6.2 million papers in that library, PubMed Central. You just “found” it there, did you? I don’t believe you. So again I’m asking you to be honest, and to get down off your high horse and treat me as your equal.