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Hello ET

No action was taken on your comment. It was relevant and informative, and wasn’t objectionable.

The reason it doesn’t appear is that it was posted as a reply to someone else’s comment that was subsequently suspended. As your comment was subordinate in the thread to that one, and therefore dependent on it, it doesn’t appear either.

The comment that was removed was a copy-paste bulletin from the BBC News site, concerning Boris Johnson’s British Nationalism puffery over the different public health responses to Covid-19 in England and Scotland. It didn’t address the topic of Craig’s article (i.e. intelligence services and the reliability of quoted information in the media), and it contained no original analysis. It therefore failed both the ‘Relevance’ and ‘Contribute’ criteria.

Some people regularly post bulletins about anything they find interesting on the news, regardless of the thread topic. We try to discourage that practice, to keep the thread focused and prevent it being overrun by disputes over perennial controversies or certain commenters’ personal obsessions.

You’re welcome to post the message again. If you don’t have a copy, we can reproduce it here.

Best wishes,