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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Britain gets a “D;” in fact were scoring a deluge of “Ds.” Distraction to destruction is this Tory Government’s devious PR plan to detract from the shambolic reality of their policies that have delivered a devastating death toll nothing short of a Global disgrace. It isn’t just those disappointed students dealing with a grotesquely unfair dent in exam grades to distribute the degradation of a result downgrade the most disadvantaged did nothing to deserve. Inequality in overdrive as the elite excel; a designer ploy to deliberately double-down on the damage to long deprived schools, destroying the life chances with a depressing destiny of destitution as dire future difficulties lie ahead in a diminished job market. A discarded class of desperate drones tirelessly toiling for a pittance as this Tory Government develops its policy of “Decimating Down!” Diversionary distractions as directives and disorganized decisions on lockdowns, districts, destinations and quarantine change on a daily dice roll dominating the news with disturbance and disruption.

Disguising a far more sinister agenda, the distraction hides destruction of the core tenants of our democracy as we descend into decades of dictatorship. The Tory power grab continues unabated a potential corruptly facilitated by the stolen ‘landslide victory’ Tory majority delivered by Dominic Cummings’s deceitful plan in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. The shambolic, torturous and reckless policy meandering screams “could do better,” but while it would be hard to do much worse, the distress they are causing fills the airwaves, of little consequence and easily ignored by Johnson and Cummings focused on reaching that critical deadline of crash-out Brexit. Scrutiny and accountability is being steadily stripped away with the checks and balances of our parliamentary system increasingly neutralized. Formerly independent agencies and watchdog organizations are transformed into Tory compliant Quangos: due to a conscious program of Dominating, Deviating, Defunding, Disempowering or Dissolving, democracy is in decline.

Meanwhile as the distraction of justified student outrage easily redirects public attention, the Tory cabal are spoilt for choice on who to scapegoat next in their blame-game ‘News Spin.’ Now there are massive fines for not wearing a mask decried as a liability only a few short months ago; the Tory majority does not require consistency or sane, logical, pragmatic leadership while they asset strip the UK! Headline news of ‘wretched migrants’ arriving in overcrowded unsafe boats always helps the Tories to stoke racial tension and calls for tougher immigration as we set up a new system for a ‘Scavenge, Exploit, Deport’ visa system to break all UK Unions after crash-out Brexit. Once we lose the protection still offered within the EU, workers rights will vanish overnight and our Human Rights will be ‘redefined’ into a more business friendly model that favours Corporate greed. Judicial Review will soon be severely curtailed to greatly reduce or totally eliminate our access to justice or holding the powerful and the Tory Government to account.

The people of this country have already suffered massive injustice and faced international criticism for inhumane treatment of the disabled. The needless austerity decade cost thousands of lives, so I refuse to believe that the working poor were driven by mass Stockholm syndrome to vote for further exploitation following crash-out Brexit that was obviously going to cost countless thousands of jobs even before Covid 19 hit! Abandoning the International Court of Human Rights is a perilous warning sign, especially so as another Tory manifesto pledge is to target Gypsies! This is a clear signal of the UK decent into fascism. Despite ongoing ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests demanding equality, racial profiling for ‘Stop and Search’ has increased during the Covid 19 crisis. Despite the urgent need to remove dangerous cladding that led to the tragic loss of life at Grenfell Tower; robust building inspections and social tenant rights have been ignored as Housing regulations are about to be even further gutted for diminishing vital scrutiny.

We must learn to recognize the deliberate distractions being spun as ‘News;’ firstly, was all the chaos really unavoidable? Imposing a local lockdown disproportionately targeting Muslim households to selectively disrupt the religious gathering, just hours before the celebration of Ede, while contact in the workplace and travelling to work remained inexplicably immune to infection risk? Spawned by the abysmal nondisclosure of crucial centralized data that effectively sabotaged any hope of early intervention, predominantly Muslim communities suffered collective punishment for Government failures while they were demonized and arbitrarily blamed for “not adhering to distancing rules.” It was a vile Tory campaign of ‘othering’ that still penalizes areas in the deprived north; there is no intention of ever ‘levelling up’ just the harsh Tory reality of ‘Decimating Down!’ The PM keeps repeating ‘levelling up’ while the lived experience of cruel Tory policy choices continues to target the most vulnerable: we must discredit Johnson’s fake narrative.

Quarantine is back in the news. Did the UK impose quarantine when it could have drastically restricted Coronavirus entering the UK following the first early warning signs from China, Italy and then Spain? No, Boris was eager to “take it on the chin” realizing that there weren’t enough test kits, he tried to bluff through the looming crisis by hailing Cummings’ warped eugenics plan of “Herd Immunity.” Quarantine was saved for a PR stunt touting British exceptionalism to pretend that other countries were handling the crisis worse than the UK. He conned badly hit tourist destination countries into accepting “air-bridge” arrangements that had no real prospect of lasting. The wealthy could travel as they pleased knowing that if quarantine was reinstated they could work from home. Among those who did not share such distance work options some were foolish enough to go abroad. As if a foreign holiday is our single greatest concern, desperate stories of vacationers caught out scrambling to avoid the lockdown now dominate the news.

Then there’s the facemask fiasco. When the Tory Government in its ignorant negligence had depleted the emergency reserves of PPE, with the dire shortage endangering medical staff they insisted masks were unnecessary; the Tories relied on ‘the science’ to assure us of nonsensical reasons why masks might increase risk. Once the rampant spread of infection had seriously taken hold in the UK, Johnson imposed a belated lockdown, but still issued dictates consistently at significant variance with the WHO as if our ‘science’ was superior to elsewhere. The public were not expected to strictly abide by lockdown, but they did, causing frustrating delays in the planned Tory cull of ‘economically unproductive,’ weak, elderly and disabled victims. The ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple’ was not going to plan so, on exceptionally short notice, he ordered people back to unprepared work places on overcrowded public transport. Finally a requirement to wear facemasks was introduced, strategically delayed for over a week to increase infections.

Each of these shambolic decisions has prompted controversy and copious news coverage, but that 80 seat majority in Parliament, Tory MPs unable to rebel and Starmer’s impotent opposition, no meaningful debate or progressive shift was possible so the ‘fake news’ rumbled on. The BBC has morphed from public broadcaster to Tory Party mouthpiece; The PM and his Tory Ministers are coveniently never available for comment on Newsnight and even the News itself has changed. Now we announce the news as if the coverage targets an audience ‘around the world’ even the Paper Review is including foreign newspapers, but is it really a shift to ‘Global Britain’ or just another cheap Tory con trick? There is fastidious attention paid to any bad Covid 19 statistics overseas to detract from the dire crisis and phenomenally high death toll in the UK. There is coverage of Donald Trump as we switch to his press conferences in preparation for coming subservience to the US. Vaulting to a foreign story avoids bad news here in England; sunburnt British bums on Spanish beaches annoyed over new restrictions is ‘international news.’

What is so important about the plight of tourists who should have had the common sense not to go abroad during a Pandemic? Far less attention was paid to Britain resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia, despite concerns from campaigners that its weapons could be deployed to commit war crimes killing innocent civilian children in Yemen! The BBC and Mainstream Media aren’t just pumping out ‘Fake News’ they are padding this out with ‘Fluff News’ to placate the masses and keep the public docile until that critical point of no return has passed with crash-out Brexit done and dusted. Jonny Depp’s dirty Dobie dominated the ‘Fluff’ as his very public spat to quash accusations of abuse played out for weeks in the High Court. But by far a more important Court case was almost completely ignored as persecuted political prisoner, WikiLeaks Journalist Julian Assange, fought extradition to the US on trumped up espionage charges that seriously threaten our freedom of speech and vital protections offered to the free press worldwide.

Young people are an easy and vulnerable target for Tory Government cuts and gross injustice; with their lower wages, zero hours contracts, insecure jobs and a reduced state safety net, they will be disproportionately hardest hit by the recession still to deepen and intensify. Grading scholastic achievement for teenagers unable to sit exams should have been anticipated and prepared for well in advance. Instead young people were dealt another cruel blow with the private and privileged receiving a boost while pupils from schools starved of cash for a decade were unfairly downgraded based on universally low expectations that drive the disparity between rich and poor. Where is Keir Starmer’s forensic analysis of this injustice as future Labour voter evaluate the ferocity of his response? He is too distracted by other matters following his cowardly capitulation and the inevitable rush to cash in with more vexatious legal threats as Labour NEC try to gag all descent over the capitulation with a ban on any discourse or motions on the matter by CLPs.

In the Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Bigger class, bigger downgrades. Wrong postcode, bigger downgrades. Tories’ smash-and-grab algorithm scandal robs poor pupils and massively boosts rich” they expose the shocking manipulation that ignores years of hard earned progress and they justifiably alleging that the, “Theft of working-class and especially ethnic minority kids’ futures is a criminal act. The scandal of the downgraded A-level awards has grown bigger with the revelation that the government’s algorithm used to adjust grades was designed to guarantee a huge negative impact on students from working-class and especially ethnic minority areas – and a huge boost to the children of the wealthy.” This is the harsh reality underlying all Tory Government policies to relentlessly “Decimate Down” to keep the poor and disenfranchised perpetually poor and disenfranchised while granting copious privilege and advantages to the wealthy elite and getting the Tory ‘Fake News’ machine to keep repeating the ‘levelling up’ lie.

The Skwawkbox reveal that, “The algorithm’s adjustments were weighted to apply downgrades to more children the larger their class size – and also included postcodes in its calculations. Bigger class? Down you go – in spite of years of Tory claims that increasing class sizes driven by cuts didn’t damage our children’s education. Poor postcode? Down you go again. The algorithm also weighted up for small classes and wealthier areas and the effect was clear: ordinary sixth form and further education colleges lost out massively – while the private schools used by the wealthy saw their number of As and above hugely increased. Private schools benefitted more than state schools to the tune of almost 16 to 1. The Sixth Form Colleges Association found that a third of their members had seen results from the process that bore ‘little or no’ resemblance to achievements in previous years – and that poor and ethnic minority students had been hammered.” This cannot be allowed to stand, MPs must demand justice for our youth.

The Skwawkbox report that, “Some schools and colleges have reported fifty percent or more of their students being downgrades, with black children affected several times more often than the proportion of the population they represent. Huge numbers of students have reported withdrawn university offers based on the downgrades.” They claim a crime has been committed saying that, “Education Secretary Gavin Williamson admitted that the downgrades had been applied selectively to children from poor backgrounds in case they found themselves promoted to ‘jobs beyond their competence’.” They note that, “It doesn’t seem to matter if rich children go beyond their competence. Williamson’s department also boasted that ‘Almost 60% of grades students received are exactly the same as those submitted by schools and colleges’ – in other words, 40% weren’t – and admitted that the vast majority of those were downgraded.” MPs are calling for his resignation, but Johnson is standing by his man.

The Labour opposition are hardly championing the downtrodden with a “could do better” interview performance the Skwawkbox have righty criticized saying, “Meanwhile, Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green’s ‘limp dishcloth’ performance on last night’s Newsnight came nowhere near to reflecting the justified outrage of parents and teachers.” In a far more realistic interpretation of the genuine anger over this injustice the Skwawkbox claim, “The Tories have performed a naked smash and grab on the futures of our children – and are dancing off laughing down the street with the spoils, while telling the rest of us to be happy about it and still claiming they’re ‘levelling up’.” In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has admitted that a grave error has occurred and readily apologised. Realizing an immediate correction is required to put it right she announced that they would be scrapping the faulty moderation and respecting all of the assessments made by the teachers who know the children’s performance best.

The Skwawkbox warn that, “many people are predicting the impact on GCSE grades will be even worse.” As Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has had five months to plan how the grades would be awarded in the absence of exam results and he cooked up a wealthy elite fast-tracking system to please the Tory base. Once again the Tories have found an ingenious way to help entrench their privilege while faking an agenda of ‘levelling up’ that they have no intention of fulfilling, but don’t expect the BBC or alt-right Media to call them out on it. Will the Captain of capitulation Keir Starmer bother to demand justice for the children of the working poor? He’s too busy pandering to the Zionist BoD, reinstalling the right-wing and obsessing over revamping the Labour Party in a capitalist image more acceptable to the wealthy elite; fighting vigorously for genuine Social justice just doesn’t make the news. The Tories know they needn’t be concerned young people will not vote Tory as their Dictatorship will render future voting superfluous!

We cannot afford to keep falling for the ‘Fake and Fluffy News’ that detracts from reality; we need really impartial news that we can thoroughly trust to tell us the truth both on screen and online. Perhaps the hopefully short-lived triumph of Ware defending his defamatory Panorama Documentary will be the final straw for the public chocking down the obscene levels of BBC bias propping up the Tory Party. The impending Court cases could potentially not only restore justice, but also fatally discredit the rabid Tory Party propaganda machine and expose the Tory racket that stacks our so called independent regulators and watchdogs with Tory yes-men when EHRC is exposed in Williamson’s Court case. Tory funding of the ‘Institute of Statecraft’ and their ‘Integrity Initiative’ was exposed for generating propaganda to defame and destroy Corbyn’s Labour Party; they’ve also medalled in foreign elections. This illegal contract alone renders the Covert 2019 Rigged Election invalid: this Tory Government is too corrupt to remain in office!

Viewing the footage of courageous rebellion in Belarus as their Dictator clings on after 26 years in power; will we emulate their solidarity and street protests to kick out this UK Government before a Tory dictatorship becomes entrenched? Will the EU support the British establishment even if their right to office is conclusively delegitimized? Will they support the public, including EU citizens as we seek to overthrow our Tory tyrant and his unelected puppet master? Possibly if it is in their best interests to protect the level playing field from “Singapore on the Thames” they might threaten Johnson’s global credibility and even call for sanctions; but the real drive to restore justice will come from us. We must derail the Tory Party agenda for eliminating scrutiny and accountability by “Dominating, Deviating, Defunding, Disempowering or Dissolving” our checks and balances. “A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!” The Electoral Commission must have the power to fully investigate the Covert 2019 Rigged Election to kick out the Tories. DO NOT MOVE ON!