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Thank you. As it happens, the name error was picked up during the normal proofreading process anyway (along with over 40 others – mostly typos and punctuation errors, but around half a dozen substantial errors). The corrected version should now be current, so if the name still isn’t right, try clearing your browser cache. (If there are any errors remaining after that, then we’ve missed them and we need to be alerted accordingly.)

It can take a while for the corrections to appear, because proofreading takes a long time (with multiple backups, error highlighting and recommendations all being documented separately) and because the article is often locked for editing by the author. The blog also has its own cache which sometimes needs to be cleared manually.

An ongoing concern is that other publishers and bloggers may copy and reproduce the article before the corrections appear. You’re welcome to chase up re-publications and nudge the corresponding editors to update their text to the corrected version.