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Kim Sanders-Fisher

This Tory Government has long since given up on bothering to have their latest Covid dictates make any logical sense to intelligent individuals with the masses subdued under fearful control using the compliant BBC and alt-right Media. There is no point in hiding the disastrous details of Cummings’s massive destructive shake-up that will crush descent as it sweep over this nation the second tour lying PM no longer has to pretend he is negotiating a Brexit deal with the EU. A willingness to break an international treaty obligation was the natural progression after Johnson succeeded in proroguing Parliament; despite being overruled there were no consequences so he does not feel bound by UK law. Covid 19 has just facilitated the breakneck pace of forcing through damaging legislation with the superficial pretence of Parliamentary approval. Johnson believes he is unstoppable and totally above the law, but his evil controller has all the power and could easily be his downfall. Cummings is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin!

The lockdown restrictions are so illogical that they appear obviously punitive and designed for a targeted resurgence of infection using our school children as vectors and offloading the blame for wilfully negligent incompetence onto youth noncompliance. A Skwawkbox Article reveals that, “After months of saying opposite, Hancock admits children in danger of severe ‘long COVID’ and can infect relatives. So why don’t Tory measures address it? Children and young adults are in danger and so are their vulnerable relatives. But kids are still in school and uni – and with no masks in class Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on BBC News this morning and admitted that the Tories’ claims that there is little evidence for the young suffering serious COVID complications or that they transmit the coronavirus to older people are false.” Skwawkbox have been repeatedly posting on the rapidly increasing infection rate forcing school enclosures or sending large numbers of pupils home to self-isolate after a Covid infection outbreak.

Skwawkbox report that, “Hancock said that students and children can suffer debilitating ‘long COVID’ symptoms for months after infection – and can easily infect vulnerable relaives: But for months the Tories have justified their haste to push children back into school by insisting that children are at almost zero risk of serious COVID-19 – and that there is little evidence that they transmit the virus to others. Their claims flew in the face of scientific evidence, but the Tories have just blown their own argument out of the water. Yet they are pressing ahead anyway and their new restrictions change nothing significant in those settings, while infection rates (now at the highest rate in the whole history of the UK pandemic), hospital admissions and deaths rocket exponentially and the UK is on the verge of replicating the catastrophe of the first wave.”

This same admission was made by Boris Johnson when he faced questioning from the Liaison Committee as reported in another Skwawkbox Article with Video evidence that shows how, “After months of saying the opposite, Johnson admits virus passes ‘readily’ from children to adults.” Skwawkbox note that, “For months now, the Tories, with the eager agreement of Labour’s current front bench, have justified their haste to return children to the classroom by insisting that children are safe from the worst effects of coronavirus infection – and that there is no evidence that children can infect adults. But Johnson has now confessed that by forcing children into clearly unsafe classrooms he is putting millions of vulnerable adults in their family circle at grave risk, making a mockery of the already-obvious sham of his new ‘restrictions’ that leave workplaces, schools, pubs and restaurants to act as vectors for the second wave.”

This follows months of taunting and bullying in the Commons to coerce Starmer, the weak willed, easily led Captain of Capitulation, to repeatedly and unquestioningly endorse the return of children to school classrooms without addressing the key danger of rapidly increasing the infection rate without a functioning Track and Trace system in place. The misguided Labour Leader even went to the extraordinary length of summarily firing Rebecca Long Bailey on a pretext due to her support for the totally legitimate cautious reservations expressed by the Teachers Union. This is highlighted in the Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Excl: Long-Bailey sacked after massive row over schools return – as news emerges that Starmer’s support for return has seen infection rate double,” as they explain how the, “Pretext for sacking will be pro-Corbyn tweet but reality is far different.”

Skwawkbox reported, “Rebecca Long-Bailey has been sacked after a massive internal row over the Labour leadership’s support for Boris Johnson’s back-to-school push – after a doubling of school infections followed even Johnson’s abortive plan to push children and teachers back into the classroom. Howard Beckett, whose union Unite had warned both the Tories and Labour that it was too soon, tweeted the new figures;” his tweet was printed, included a startling graph. They say, “The pretext for Long-Bailey’s sacking will be her supportive tweet about a pro-Corbyn article by actor Maxine Peake, but the Skwawkbox can reveal that, according to sources inside the party, a huge row over Labour’s support Johnson’s recklessness was the real trigger for the sacking. Long-Bailey qualified her tweet not long after putting it out, but a Labour source told Skwawkbox, before news of the sacking, that ‘RLB is in trouble – and it’s not the tweet that’s the issue’, before outlining the major argument that was the real reason.”

Back on the 3rd of April in a Byline Times Article entitled, “The Coronavirus Crisis – Herd Immunity Infected UK Policy But Who Was Patient Zero for this Toxic Transatlantic Idea? Peter Jukes finds more evidence that the origin of the disastrous concept can be traced back to the Prime Minister’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings and his US links.” Jukes reported that, “The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has finally put a stake through the heart of what dominated UK Government policy on the COVID-19 pandemic for at least two months – the aspiration towards ‘herd immunity’. As has been explained extensively in these pages, herd immunity is an immunological concept which has never been discussed or deployed in public health programmes in the absence of a vaccine for 50 years.” They realistically noted that, “A vaccine for the Coronavirus is at least a year away by all estimates.”

Jukes claims that, “Hancock, one of the first to dismiss the idea of herd immunity within days of it being announced as Government policy on 12 March, explained the massive flaw in the reasoning on Friday.” Quoting Hancock’s interview that day it does appear that he wasn’t onboard with Cummings eugenics pseudoscience, “In a typical coronavirus, one of the six existing coronaviruses, immunity lasts a minimum of a year, and for some diseases can last up to a lifetime,’ he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. ‘But we don’t know that yet. Because this disease is only four months old, it’s impossible to know how long that will last. So, that is a really important scientific question that we don’t yet know the answer to.’ So here you have it: not only was ‘herd immunity’ a novel, untried concept in the absence of a vaccine, the underlying science over ‘natural’ immunity was not there. We just do not know how long antibodies against the Coronavirus persist. Yet, this very concept was used to justify delay for many weeks.”

“UK Herd Immunity Approach ‘Very Catastrophic’ – Says Trump’ Jukes reports his early intervention that was later followed with denial.” Jukes said, “This is not just a technical or scientific point. The concept of ‘taking it on the chin’ and letting the virus run wild was at the heart of Government policy for more than two months. The Financial Times reported on Friday that Government insiders believed Downing Street ‘wasted a lot of time’ by previously accepting that Britons should be exposed to COVID-19 in order to gain ‘herd immunity’. The knock-on impact of this time-wasting is a shortage of ventilators for critical care, a lack of personal protective equipment for frontline medical staff, and the absence of a rigorous testing regime to track and combat the virus – all three of which are potentially catastrophic failings that can probably be traced back to the early days of the pandemic. For many weeks, according to the Imperial College model, the Government firmly believed that they could 60% of the UK’s population to become infected.”

Even US President Donald Trump has taken to mocking the British policy. “A lot of people were saying ‘let’s just ride it out’,” he told a press conference on Tuesday. “They were looking at that concept in the UK, remember? They were very much looking at it. All of a sudden they went hard the other way because they started seeing things that weren’t good… Now Boris has tested positive and I hear – I hope – he’s going to be fine. But in the UK they were looking at that.”

Back then Jukes said that even “Trump, who had been following a very similar policy himself for the past two months, doesn’t mention the phrase ‘herd immunity’ though he was clearly referring to it when he said ‘they have a name for it’. ‘It would have been very catastrophic I think if that had happened,’ he added. Meanwhile, both Britain and the US have COVID-19 fatalities rising on a steeper curve than Italy at the same stage of the pandemic – and with the advantage of at least two weeks preparation.” Jukes felt compelled to ask, “Is there more in both countries’ laissez faire attitude to the pandemic in the early days than a shared ideological opposition to Government intervention?”

Trying to explain a toxic connection, “Enter: Dominic Cummings,” Jukes asserts that, “There is a well established transatlantic alliance between key figures in Boris Johnson’s Government and the team around Donald Trump. I’ve documented some of the key meetings and connections around Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer and the Young Britons Foundation. DeSmog has exposed the many financial connections between US corporations, right-wing foundations and the network of opaquely funded think tanks and lobby groups in the UK, particularly those associated with Matthew Elliott and his ‘Tufton Street’ network. Elliott was reported to be advising the Johnson administration and, of course, was a key figure in the successful Vote Leave Brexit campaign, whose members now dominate the British Government. This network of think tanks and lobbyists have successfully derailed climate change legislation and many of the same claims of ‘hoax’ and excessive intervention have been deployed over COVID-19”

Even well before the Covert 2019 Rigged Election it was becoming widely recognized that Dominic Cummings, an unelected Chief Special Adviser to Boris Johnson, was exerting a very unhealthy control over the newly appointed Prime Minister. Cummings reckless modes operandi was to unleash radically disruptive and often distructive, crisis’s to shake up a Governmental system of which he did not approve. Jukes reports that, “The Prime Minister’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings was a pivotal figure in the ‘herd immunity’ strategy according to Byline Times sources close to the COBRA emergency committee, and an extensive account of the last few weeks by Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times. Though Number 10 has denied that Cummings said anything approaching ‘protect the economy and if some pensioners die, too bad’, there is no denying the multiple reports that Cummings was the main figure driving herd immunity. So where did Cummings and his team come up with the novel if disastrous concept?”

Jukes points out that, “The comparison with Trump’s policy is more than just coincidental. According to the Imperial College team tasked by the UK Government to come up with strategies for the pandemic, they were sharing data with the US. One of the key proponents of the laissez faire attitude that informed the Trump administration was Richard A. Epstein, a senior fellow of the Hoover Institute and a New York University professor who wrote an influential paper on 16 March called Coronavirus Perspective in which he said that ‘progressives think they can run everyone’s lives through central planning’ and claimed that only 500 people would die from the virus, which he then revised to 5,000.” The early April article notes that, “As of Friday, the US has recorded 6,095 fatalities;” since then their high fatality rate has got a lot worse as has our own here in the UK with the highest death toll in Europe due to this Tory Government’s shambolic handling of the crisis.

Jukes reports that, “In a revealing and fractious interview with Isaac Chotiner of the New Yorker, Epstein not only confessed to the flimsy evidence for his figures and modelling, he also made the baseless claim that the Coronavirus was evolving into different less virulent strains. Throughout the interview, Epstein boasted of 40 years knowledge of ‘evolutionary theory’ suggesting some kind of co-evolutionary ‘adaptation’ was happening between humans and SARS-CoV-2 which would solve the problem without much intervention. (There is no evidence for this in such a short timescale). Epstein belongs to a group of libertarian thinkers who are often described as ‘evolutionary economists’. Cummings is clearly an admirer of Epstein and been influenced by his thinking. In 2004, while running his short-lived libertarian think tank the New Frontiers Foundation, Cummings invited Epstein to London to give a lecture on the EU constitution.”

According to Jukes, “Epstein wrote a follow-up essay, for which Cummings wrote the preface, the next year. In 2013, in his 237 page-long paper Some Thoughts on Education and Political Priorities, Cummings expressed his own fascination with evolutionary ideas in economics and developed the notion that computer science and ‘genetic algorithms’ could combat ‘bioterrorism or pandemics’ using ‘artificial immune systems’ and ‘agent based models’. Cummings directly quotes another New York University professor, Joshua M. Epstein, and his 2009 paper Modelling to Contain Pandemics which discusses the “classical epidemic modelling” of the 1920s which revealed ‘the threshold nature of epidemics and explained ‘herd immunity’, where the immunity of a subpopulation can stifle outbreaks, protecting the entire herd’.” The ‘Herd Nerd’ as I now call him is now trying to deny culpability for instigating and driving this catastrophic early policy decision now that it has gone so abysmally wrong.

According to Jukes, “Given his seven year interest in this, it is hard to avoid the evidence that Cummings is the source of the herd immunity error. Meanwhile, the emphasis on data modelling at the expense of public health interventions matches an ideological antipathy to socialised healthcare clearly shared across the Atlantic. Richard Epstein’s misleading estimate about COVID-19 fatality rates was echoed by former MEP Daniel Hannan, a close colleague of Cummings, in the pages of the Daily Telegraph in the UK a few days later when he claimed that modelling only projected 5,700 deaths. Hannan has co-authored books calling for the dismantling of Britain’s National Health Service and described it as a ’60 year old mistake’ on Fox News. Beyond the ideology and the neo-Darwinian basis of their modelling, what else was shared during the early days of the pandemic to explain the reckless negligence of both the British and American Governments? Only an eventual public inquiry will suffice if we are to find out”

The Cummings wrecking ball continues to smash out democracy in order to solidify control for his Tory puppet Boris Johnson in the Dictatorship that will swiftly follow our crash-out Brexit from the EU. Dominic Cummings has already seriously crossed the line by not submitting to questioning by the Liaison Committee and being declared in Contempt of Parliament. This offence should have rendered him ineligible to function in the lofty role to which the PM elevated him, but no! Then he violated the lockdown restrictions that he was instrumental in devising for the entire population of the UK to follow. But there was no admission of guilt, no reprimand and Boris Johnson insisted he must stay in post. Dominic Cummings represents the single most destructive force threatening what remains of our endangered democracy; he is downright dangerous and he has to go ASAP! There is a rapidly diminishing window of opportunity for us to seize control of this unruly jugenaught of disaster and depravation before it is too late to avert Dictatorship.

Dominic Cummings, an unelected Special Adviser, was placed in charge of all the other Special advisers to this Tory Government. That reward was incentive enough for him to engineer the corrupt theft of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, with ample additional reward in the chaotic aftermath of that disastrous vote. However, Cummings would not have been so foolish as to actually trust an unscrupulous, cheating, serial liar like Boris Johnson not to throw him under the bus after he had served his main purpose. The Herd Nerd knows all the critical details of exactly how that fake ‘landslide victory’ was accomplished; that is sufficient Kompromat to blackmail the PM into protecting his position. He owes no loyalty to the Tories as he’s not a party member; without the considerable perk of being in a position to dictate policy for the entire country through his control of the PM there isn’t any reason not to expose critical evidence that, even before a full Investigation, would have Johnson and the Tories thrown out of office and possibly jailed! DO NOT MOVE ON!