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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Boris Johnson took the stage Tuesday for the Tories’ virtual Party Conference here is a portion of the lies, propaganda and utter drivel spouted. He said, “Good morning conference, I want to begin by thanking you for everything you did at the election, pounding the streets in the middle of winter, prodding leaflets through the letterbox and into the jaws of dogs, to save this country from socialism and to win this party the biggest election victory in a generation.” Nice try on rewriting history, but most of us remember the reality of low-key Tory campaigning, candidates that didn’t even bother to show up for Hustings, while Boris dodged interviews, got booed on the street, had to be shielded from the public and hid in a refrigerator! The only reason we do not have a progressive Socialist Government stemming the Covid death toll with safe strategies, practical policies and strong support is that Johnson and Cummings, his evil puppet master, used industrial scale fraud to steal a fake ‘landslide victory’ in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

After a few corny lines about the adoring fans he’d hoped would be cheering him on in Birmingham he thanked those enduring his waffle on zoom. In reality most know how to tune him out or switch off when the BBC try to ram Tory rubbish down our throats but Covid saved you the embarrassment of facing angry protesting Brummies sick of your shambolic leadership. Then, with a nod to the hard core anti-immigrant bigots he claimed that his Government was, “working night and day to repel this virus, and we will succeed, just as this country has seen off every alien invader for the last thousand years.” Priti Patel is still working on sourcing the most economically feasible place to offshore unwanted asylum seekers concentration camp from hell! Johnson issued yet another reminder that we must all obey senseless Tory rules, but we are blamed for his failures either way: “we will succeed by collective effort, by following the guidance and with the help of weekly and almost daily improvements in the medicine and the science,”

He evoked his magic shield “the science” and spoke of , “next time we meet it will be face to face and cheek by jowl;” it made me ill to think of such close encounters, like a Tory ‘death hug!’ Johnson gave a fleeting mention to, “the energy and self-sacrifice of the NHS, the care workers, the armed forces…” But he didn’t want to dwell on those he had let down and abandoned so badly it had needlessly cost lives. Johnson even had the gall to throw in the, “boundless devotion of captain Tom Moore;” he said, “We have lost too much. We have mourned too many,” without thinking to apologise for the excessive carnage his delay, inaction, lack of preparation and arrogant blundering had caused. He was trying to sound Churchillian as he spoke of, “events of this magnitude – wars, famines, plagues,” he mentioned plague twice within a few short sentences, but all I could think of was the very worst plague we so urgently need to get rid of, the one currently infesting Downing Street.

Johnson talked of “all we have been through” as if the chronically badly catastrophe that had led the UK to suffer the highest death toll in Europe with probably the worst economic impact to boot, was none of his responsibility. But with an appalling track record of mismanagement and wanton squandering of public funds siphoned off to Tory chums he wanted us to believe we should expect a brighter future as we careen towards his calamitous pet project, crash–out Brexit. In referring to these cataclysmic events he said, “They are more often than not the trigger for an acceleration of social and economic change, because we human beings will not simply content ourselves with a repair job.” He was building up to his new punch line as he said, “We see these moments as the time to learn and to improve on the world that went before. That is why this government will build back better.” That is the new lie that we will hear over and over till we puke. The reality will be more like: “Batter, Beggar, Britain” as we beg for trade deals.

In a pathetic effort to emulate Trumps fake invincibility Johnson’s ego is so fragile he felt the need to rebuke those ho do not fawn over him and shower him with praise. In an effort to dispel any rumour of weakness he declared, “of course this is self-evident drivel, the kind of seditious propaganda that you would expect from people who don’t want this government to succeed, who wanted to stop us delivering Brexit and all our other manifesto pledges…” No Johnson we are all fully understand that there will be a no-deal crash-out no matter how much damage is deliberately infected on the ordinary citizens of this country by arrogant Tory ideology. Man-baby Johnson has become such a shameful object of ridicule he actually challenged, “critics of my athletic abilities in any way they want: arm-wrestle, leg-wrestle, Cumberland wrestle, sprint-off, you name it.” He is sounding more like man-baby Trump every day and the UK is becoming a global laughing stock.

Boris admitted to being overweight before his seriously overdramatized run-in with Covid; this enabled him to divert blame for the high death toll on ‘fat people.’ Johnson tried to use his renewed personal fitness in some obscure metaphor regarding the health of the country. He said, “We had a record number of people in jobs. We had record low unemployment;” without acknowledging that most were in chronically insecure pittance pay jobs. He boasted of “growing exports” that will shrink drastically due to Brexit then a boast that I find deeply offensive. He said, “the only reason as Rishi Sunak pointed out in the last few months that we have been able to cope with the cost of the pandemic, to look after jobs and livelihoods in the way that we have, is that in the previous years we had sensible conservative management of the public finances.” A decade of unconscionable ideologically driven Tory austerity has increased inequality, child poverty, homelessness, food banks, desperation, destitution and death; what a great track record!

He then listed a few of the chronic failures of governance as if he had not been a serving member of that failing Tory Government and their decade of human misery! He deftly disowned failures, “deficit in skills, inadequate transport infrastructure, not enough homes people could afford to buy, especially young people.” Young people cannot even afford to leave home before turning thirty, they are so poorly paid and saddled with debt; many live with parents or in cramped temporary accommodation and yes they do feel let down and abandoned by the Tory Government of Johnson and his elitist cronies that continue to relentlessly exploit them. Johnson then dredged up World War 2 and “a vision of the post war new Jerusalem” as he bragged of, “reform our system of government, to renew our infrastructure; to spread opportunity more widely and fairly and to create the conditions for a dynamic recovery that is led not by the state but by free enterprise.” Install a Dictatorship is far more likely at ‘Singapore on the Thames.’

They say if you are going to tell a lie, tell a really big one; it was giant whopper time for lying toad Johnson and he was on form. Realizing that his “40 new Hospitals” pledge had lost its punch so Johnson up the ante with an even more incredulous pledge; there would now be 48 new Hospitals. He asked us to “Count them” as if there was evidence of this fantasy pledge. Claiming that eight were being built right now, probably roping in the temporary ‘Nightingale’ facilities, hoping that the partially built Hospital abandoned by the crash of Carillion would not spring to mind. He spoke of 50,000 new Nurses, but failed to mention that 14,000 of those who have recently returned to the NHS have done so temporarily just to help out in the Covid crisis. The Tories removed the Nursing Bursary requiring Nurses, Midwifes, ODPs and Paramedics to go into debt while augmenting NHS services during their demanding unpaid apprenticeship.

Boris Johnson launched into a spate of bragging issuing his expansive boasts about “the scrabble for vaccines, for therapies” and “doubling our funding for all types of revolutionary scientific breakthroughs, with a national Advanced Research and Projects Agency” and although admitting governmental neglect again he behaved as if the Tories had not been in power for the last miserable decade. He made the baffling statement, “We will fix the injustice of care home funding, bringing the magic of averages to the rescue of millions,” no details given. Johnson then vaguely alluded to the catastrophe in Care by mentioning, “Covid has shone a spotlight on the difficulties of that sector in all parts of the UK,” injecting that shallow slogan, “build back better” saying, “we must respond, care for the carers as they care for us,” but again no details were given.

Bizarrely he next referred to fighting crime as, “a matter of basic hygiene.” Without the slightest mention of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests, the scourge of racially profiled policing and elimination of youth services during a decade of Tory austerity cuts. Instead Johnson boasted of “20,000 officers out on the street,” who will basically replace officers cut from police departments right across the country seriously gutted by Tory cuts. The population has increased in the past decade so there will still be proportionately fewer officers on the beat than there were before the Tories decimated their numbers. Johnson touted tougher sentences, describing the, “whole criminal justice system from being hamstrung by what the Home Secretary would doubtless and rightly call the lefty human rights lawyers and other do-gooders.” Despite this snipe at progressives the UK has more behind bars than anywhere else in the EU, Johnson’s US contacts will have told him private, ‘for profit Prisons’ are a huge free labour gravy train.

Ignoring the impact of the lack of youth services, opportunities, and insecure work driving extreme poverty and desperation of utter hopelessness under brutal Tory policies, Johnson boasted that, “Town by town we are rooting out the county lines drugs gangs that are causing so much misery” falsely declaring his “agenda is basic social justice.” He then tossed in his disgraceful “levelling up” lie, a PR pitch that disguises removing money from the pockets of the working poor ‘up’ to stuff the trousers of the wealthy elite. He moved on to another public sector that continues to take a serious hit under the Tory agenda of ‘Decimating Down’ our schools with Teachers continuing to desert the profession in droves. A long promised raise in per pupil funding might help to correct the damage done so far by the Tories, but with the privatised Academy system, funding is siphoned off by overpaid CEOs. Providing “one on one teaching” require recruitment of a lot more Teachers even if the PM does make good on a “£30k starting salary.”

Touting an inspirational approach to removing the barrier between “Further Education and Higher Education” Johnson spoke of equalizing the access to funding, which sounds like a sneaky way to scoop all training programs into the big profit business of keeping young people permanently in debt. But in a confusing contradiction he then offers “free training for adults without A-levels in vital skills…” As current jobs are eliminated in the aftermath of Covid, will those facing relentless brutal bullying under Universal Credit be forced into incurring huge debts to retrain? Just what is the toxic Tory catch in Johnson’s “lifetime skills guarantee?”

We have learned from past experience how long the Tories are prepared to dabble in Green policy thinking after Cameron hastily ditched “that Green crap” after hoodwinking the public. We should not fall for the same hype twice, Johnson remains committed to fracking. The current trend requires paying lip service to “the green economy, the green industrial revolution” and connecting that hope to creating “hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs.” With his typical arrogance and a distinct lack of knowledge on the matter Johnson proudly announced becoming a ‘world leader’ ambitiously touting how, “offshore wind will be powering every home in the country.” Wind power, “wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding,” he quoting his own disowned scepticism of the technology as if uttered by someone else he blathered on about how his “floating windmills,” would provide, “fifteen times as much as the rest of the world put together.” No audience was cheering him on now; we have all seen the PMs hot air disappear in a puff of smoke.

The brain farts of this Tory air head are boundless as he touts British exceptionalism, “As Saudi Arabia is to oil, the UK is to wind.” Criticizing an unidentified silent enemy with, “They forgot the history of this country,” he said, “It was offshore wind that puffed the sails of Drake and Raleigh and Nelson, and propelled this country to commercial greatness.” Nationalism, past Empire, that was all inspiring stuff; a very British version of the bigoted, ‘me first,’ Trumpian rhetoric. He boasted creating “conditions for individuals and for companies to flourish, with a high-skilled low-crime economy, and if there was a physical audience in front of me now I would solicit cheers by shouting out the details of our revolution in transport infrastructure…” To satiate the narcissistic ego of this chronically insecure PM, it would not be the first time that Johnson has openly solicited praise from the audience during a speech.

Ignoring the failures after inappropriate contracts have been awarded without tender to Tory cronies for personal enrichment during the Covid crisis, Johnson was emphatic as he said, “we must be clear that there comes a moment when the state must stand back and let the private sector get on with it.” The plundering would continue unabated! After disingenuously referring to public funding as “uncle sugar the taxpayer” he incorrectly stated that “It isn’t the state that produces the new drugs and therapies we are using.” In reality a massive amount of the funding does come from the Government, but he was correct in saying, “It isn’t the state that will hold the intellectual property of the vaccine, if and when we get one.” It’s the same corrupt Tory model of huge public risk to enable massive private profit. From the rush conversion and costly equipping of Nightingale Hospitals that were barely used to the Test and Trace App that sank without trace Covid presented a golden opportunity for the wealthy Tory elite to milk the system.

After praising his likely successor, Johnson said, “Rishi Sunak the Chancellor has come up with some brilliant expedients to help business to protect jobs and livelihoods” but he didn’t want people to “draw the wrong economic conclusion” as “he has done things that no Conservative chancellor would have wanted to do except in times of war or disaster.” He spoke of how they were “forced by the pandemic into erosions of liberty that we deeply regret, and to an expansion of the role of the state, from lockdown enforcement to the many bail-outs and subsidies” saying they, “go against our instincts” but acceptance was necessary with, “no reasonable alternative.” He then targeted Labour who “regard this state expansion as progress, who want to keep the state supporting furlough forever, keep people in suspended animation… and spending almost half our national income.” The Tory spin of “build back better” touts “becoming more competitive, both in tax and regulation,” beware of the unregulated tax haven of ‘Singapore on the Thames.’

He dangled the tempting home ownership carrot that had worked so well for Margaret Thatcher, but is meaningless for the vast majority of young people who lack the job security and wage capacity to even leave home for scarce, costly rental accommodation. Living with parents past the age of thirty is the norm in the UK, but the homes Johnson is talking of building are not to house the working poor languishing on housing lists they are for the children of the elite. The Tories will make a new home more affordable with a fixed rate mortgage and a low deposit, so that the only people paying extortionate rent to live in poorly maintained hovels are the enslaved permanently in debt now unemployed disposable poor! He pledged, “We will transform the sclerotic planning system. We will make it faster and easier to build beautiful new homes without destroying the green belt or desecrating the countryside.” This will result in the building of even fewer of the council houses that are so desperately needed.

With a stunning lack of self awareness Johnson, the obscenely wealthy Tory member of the multi home owning elite, chose to attack Labour MPs who, “…may have million pound homes in North London, but they deeply dislike home ownership for anyone else,” as evidenced by… well nothing really! Not content with this insanely disproportionate message Johnson then puked up that cringe-worthy “levelling up” lie; accusing Labour of wanting to level down! Touting exceptionalism he said, “We are proud of this country’s culture and history and traditions; they literally want to pull statues down, to re-write the history of our country, to edit our national CV to make it look more politically correct. We aren’t embarrassed to sing old songs about how Britannia rules the waves” We just need to be honest and contrite about the exploitation and cruelty of slavery and empire. I have no doubt the PM has stirred hateful nationalist feelings in plenty of anti-immigration bigots, but it was shameful to see Labour’s, Kier Starmer, fall into lockstep!

Nationalism was not acceptable north of the border, despite the Tory betrayal of their anti-Brexit vote, Johnson had no intention of letting the Scots escape the vanishing democracy of the isolationist UK. The concept of “Global Britain” as a respected “outward-looking country” proudly independent in defiance of internationally recognized Laws, globally accepted conventions and treaties is frankly delusional. Tory Government decisions to ignore the UN Rapporteur’s report on abuse of the disabled, continue in violation of an International Court decision on Diageo Garcia and more recently the treatment of Julian Assange had already damaged our reputation for diplomacy. But Johnson is prepared to violate an agreement he signed with the EU that will compromise the Good Friday accord and he now wants to give the green light to torture and Human Rights violations committed by our troupes overseas. Under the corrupt Leadership of Johnson/Cummings the UK is fast becoming a hard-Right Dictatorship and a rogue Fascist state!

Johnson boasts of, “next year we will lead the world in the G7, and at the cop 26 summit in Glasgow, with three great campaigns to bring the world together, to heal the world, tackling the virus, tackling climate change, and global free trade.” With zero credibility due to the highest Covid death rate in Europe and the crash–out Brexit failure as an example of your ‘diplomacy’ credentials, I doubt many will listen to our failing PM! In a disquieting statement Johnson said, “We believe in our fantastic armed services as one of the greatest exports this country has,” along with our lethal weaponry for sale to the world’s cruellest despots no doubt! Ignoring the sick reality of our toxic exports, Johnson embarked on an escapist ‘sunny uplands’ nirvana fantasy saying, “…I want you to imagine that you are arriving in Britain in 2030, when I hope that much of the programme I have outlined will be delivered, and you arrive in your zero carbon jet made in the UK and you flash your Brexit blue passport or your digital ID…”

Johnson slid down the rabbit hole into the land of delusional PR spin of, ‘make the people believe’ so they will not comprehend the dystopian nightmare scenario that lies ahead where, far from flashing their ‘little England blue bigot passport to travel, they will be trapped in near slavery here as the pathetic ‘Prisoners of Mother England!’ I will not dignify Johnson’s rambling litany of lies and false promises by documenting them here. Johnson touts his “48 new hospitals” that number could easily swell if the PM continues to slip in the polls, to placate environmentalists he includes “millions of trees” in his elusive wonderland. But, the UK will continue careening towards the looming Titanic Iceberg of Brexit as the PM remain committed to a reckless crash-out without a deal: he describes his “excitement and verve” at this chaotic prospect! After touting the “free trade” now in jepody as Johnson goes on to casually mention, “free ports,” which are essentially unregulated spaces to stash the plunder stolen from our exploited population.

Johnson reassures the hard-Right bigots, saying, “Yes, you will see a country that scrupulously controls its own borders,” but he claims, “is more cosmopolitan… welcoming scientists and artists and people of talent from around the world;” essentially a toxic program of: Scavenge, Exploit and Deport! Johnson describes the British people as “unblinkered” despite the Cummings weapons grade PsyOps program of warped disinformation propaganda! Echoing Trump, Johnson brags of the UK as the “greatest place on earth” delusional about how, “even in the darkest moments we can see the bright future ahead!” The light is shining very brightly for the wealthy one percent, but despair and destitution lie ahead for the exploited working poor after Johnson completes Cummings’s ruthless eugenics ‘Herd Immunity’ cull. We must expose the truth about the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, Investigate the stolen Vote to delegitimize this corrupt Tory Government, hold them to account for the damage done, and immediately remove them from office. DO NOT MOVE ON!