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“I would imagine that Mike Yeadon is glad of any opportunity he can get to broadcast his beliefs to a wider audience.”

Why? If he’s interested in science and determining facts, he would do much better publishing in the scientific domain, where people with appropriate expertise and many years experience congregate precisely to discuss such matters, to further refine their own and each other’s understanding.

If, however, Yeadon’s concern is for maximising profit, he may wish to influence public attitudes against social restrictions, in which case it may be his intention that the public reach a particular conclusion by not fully understanding.

– “He’s certainly not going to get that opportunity in msm is he?”

Delingpole is “MSM”, which properly should be called the corporate media; he’s a regular columnist for the Telegraph. The corporate media is primarily funded by selling audiences to advertisers, so of course it is dedicated to maximising profits. And indeed, the corporate media has been far more critical of social restrictions than is the epidemiological community.