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‘And what I rather resent is that you repeatedly throw your ill-informed two-penneth in, accuse me and others of bias, and then clear off. That’s not the way it’s done in scientific matters.’

Firstly, this is a forum open for general comments. It is not a specific platform for scientists. Or a specific platform for your own opinion.

Secondly, your posts re Mike Yeadon have yet to demonstrate that what he asserts is untrue, only that you personally view him as a profiteering charlatan. He claims that what he is saying is ‘basic textbook’ stuff. As just one instance, by no means the only one, he says that there are other elements to the immune system which fight off viruses before antibodies are created and that therefore testing for the presence of antibodies is not particularly helpful in determining whether a person has or has not already had the disease. Thus many more than known may have been infected. Is that wrong? I don’t know, I’m a garden designer, my knowledge of viruses extends as far as verticillium wilt. But you have yet to explain why it, or any of the other assertions he makes, is incorrect, you’ve only said that he is an attention-seeking prat. That’s hardly very ‘scientific’ either. I have not accused anyone of bias, I have no idea why you say that. I have simply highlighted the Mike Yeadon interview, and expressed the opinion that very often people dismiss contrary arguments with nothing more than character assignation.
I’m sorry if I annoy you, but perhaps you should ask yourself why you spend so much time in an activity which makes you so cross with other people, it can’t be good for you.