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I too had not heard of Iaonnidis before covid-19, but then unlike you apparently, I am not involved with the scientific community so why would I have? According to wiki ‘He graduated in the top rank of his class at the University of Athens Medical School, then attended Harvard University for his medical residency in internal medicine. He did a fellowship at Tufts University for infectious disease.’ and ‘Ioannidis’ 2005 paper “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False”[8] is the most downloaded paper in the Public Library of Science’ and so I’m rather surprised he has not come to your attention before. But let it pass, let it pass.
No I don’t ‘propose that Yeadon’s theory be tested by letting SARS-CoV-2 infect the general population without restriction’. Why do you keep making these ridiculous statements? I am asking whether what he is saying is correct. I’m not asking what his motive for saying them is. Neither am I asking to be told to ‘move on’ because my opinion and/or is worthless because I am not a scientist and cannot devote my life to posting comments on this website.
There, now I am pissed off too, and where precisely has that got us?