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The bigger picture is that it may all be too late to answer many of the questions about Covid-19 and the SARS cov2 virus and the possibility of more unknown viruses and pandemics. Whilst the world is engaged with the virus, climate change and other issues have been relegated to the backburner. I used to be optimistic that change can happen through public awareness and elections, but that hope has now long gone. Conspiracies no longer have to be hidden and conspiracy theorists strive to expose the supposed lies, and in so doing introduce more uncertainties and divert attention from the glaring facts. The problem with conspiracy theories is that they focus on single issues whilst ignoring the overall picture. Since the millennium many events show very clearly that it does not matter if lies are exposed, the culprits are in charge of the system and nothing will change, The fact that Blair lied to parliament and to the world, and that his actions and those of George Bush led to mass murder has never been translated into any action that will prevent future recurrence of the same. The methods of aggression by the strong have been refined. There is now total control of the media, and gradual clampdown on dissent. It is naïve to think that we can change anything through voting or through pressure groups. 26 billionaires own more than what half of the population of the world own. The banks, having participated in a Ponzi scheme that wrecked the world economy, have been rewarded rather than punished, because they are part of the ruling class. We have witnessed the slow motion crushing of a peace loving anti racist, using exactly the same accusations of what his life’s work was fighting: racism.
Are we who think about these issues kidding ourselves? Is there something in all this that is so basic that we are missing? Evolution depends on the survival of the fittest by selecting genes of those who survive and procreate and their progeny will have the same genes of ruthlessness to acquire power by any means. The meek shall not inherit the earth but shall be wiped out. This is nature at work, and the only solution that nature will have is to use the same methodology, evolution of deadly viruses, either engineered or through natural processes, climate change that will destroy large parts of civilization as we know it. Maybe this will cause the adjustments needed to save the planet and mankind.
We cannot oppose what is happening because we are part of the system that is in operation. The system is unopposed and it will take forces beyond the system to change it.
Meanwhile we can argue about whether this or that measure or this or that data is more true to what is happening, but it is probably all irrelevant anyway.