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I need two or three maps drawn to illustrate my life of Alexander Burnes – you know those little maps with hand drawn symbols for mountains, desert, cities etc and dotted lines showing journeys. Obviously it requires reasonable geographic accuracy as well as clarity and, hopefully, beauty. I frequently find that the remarkably accomplished readership of this blog can help in all kinds of extraordinary ways. If you can help please use the contact button at the top.

I am afraid I am not able to offer full commercial pay. I have funded all of the research myself and not received any grant or even advance, so funds are very short. Ideally I would prefer the maps to be hand drawn rather than created with software.

The target for publication is August, though obviously the maps will be needed quite quickly. Having lived with Alexander Burnes for nine years, it seems very strange that there is little for me to do now other than correct proofs. I rather miss him.

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  • Iain Stewart

    Before the thread took its lively course elsewhere, did you find a cartographer? I’m an old-fashioned architect, brought up on tracing paper, and I enjoy drawing plans or indeed maps. I’d be very happy to lend a hand on a purely friendly basis. Could you send me a rough draught of one of your maps? Then I could see what I could do with it, and whether it suited your idea. Or if you had a specific style in mind then let me see an example.
    Happy Easter.

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