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New Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb is being bigged up by the corporate media – including the Mail, Guardian, Times and Telegraph – as a future Tory leader because, we are told, he is in touch with working class culture. That is true only if you identify working class culture with Alf Garnett.

Crabb is in fact an extreme religious nutter and an anti-gay bigot who has consistently voted against gay marriage and against gay adoption. That is hardly surprising because Crabb entered politics as an intern provided by a fringe evangelical group called CARE – Christian Action Research Education. Despite ghosting around the extreme fringes of British religious life, CARE manages to exercise an entirely disproportionate influence on British politics by providing shiny eyed fanatics free to MPs as interns. Crabb was one such intern, and after becoming an MP himself took CARE interns into his office.

In 2010 CARE organised a London conference called “Sex and the City: Redeeming Sex Today” which focused on the need to “cure” homosexuality. Warning this links to offensive material. Keynote speaker was a religious quack named Joseph Nicolosi. I shall let his own website speak for him.

Crabb’s appointment is a wake-up call to anyone who believes that the kind of influence the religious right exercises in the United States cannot be echoed here. Following Duncan Smith’s admission that the British government supports only sectional interest, the emergence of a figure like Crabb from the nutty evangelical fringes is a major worry.

I did of course last month provide photograph evidence that some evangelical Christians may be having subliminal thoughts about sexuality 🙂


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97 thoughts on “Stephen Crabb’s Alf Garnett Credentials

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    The incomparable Johnny Void – “out with the old shit, in with the new shit, right?” *

    “Like most of his fellow Tories, his own privilege shielded him from any understanding of what he was really creating. He seems to think that a benefit sanction – removing the only means of survival for those without work or savings – is just a mild rebuke, a welcome jolt as he put it to encourage people to try a bit harder. In the world of Iain Duncan Smith money never runs out, so how could he understand what it really means to have nothing at all. Why would he understand the devastating and debilitating consequences of extreme poverty. How anguish, hunger and intolerable stress demolishes people. That destitution means spending the day thinking about where the next meal is going to come from, not updating your fucking CV.”

    “Crabb does not just have a lifetime relationship with an organisation who believe that LGBT people can, and should be cured. He does not just give them a glowing endorsement on their website. He has also acted in his role as an MP to ensure they have the right to continue to spread their gay cure agenda.

    To say LGBT people should be cured is to say they shouldn’t exist. If similiar language were used about any other minority then it would be the end of any MPs career who went near them.”

    *Stephen King, “Christine”

  • RobG

    I won’t add a further boot into Stephen Crabb.

    I will just say that all it will take is 100,000 of us to march on Parliament and tell these a-holes that we’ve had enough of this shit.

    The sheep will never do this, though, so here comes the police state, courtesy of the Jihad Johnny/ISIS nonsense.

    Why people believe this total nonsense is beyond belief?!

    • glenn_uk

      RobG, nevermind a mere 100,000. At least 2,000,000 of us marched to protest the Iraq invasion in 2003, in London alone, in addition to all the individual marches and protests around the country and world. Exercising our Freedom Of Speech that the Establishment could shake its head at and ignore, mouthing platitudes such as “We respect your right to differ in your opinion”. Didn’t make a damned bit of difference.

        • Jermynstreetjim

          ‘RobG’….”Craig is being left behind by history.”… ? Rob, We are ALL being left behind by history, believe it or not, as very few icons of the enduring international struggle, are prepared to position their vulnerable visages above the venal and less than virtuous posterity predicated parapets, like Mr Murray has persistently been prepared to, in choosing to promulgate and inculcate, and disseminate, many of the perfidious Establishment of The Day’s less noble Policy initiatives, and the inevitable risible and internecine realpolitik, which underpin same… 😉

  • Jermynstreetjim

    What Craig, you mean the current and more credible historiography, as far as it can be reliably evinced, that is, of the hirsute Haverford West hombre, with the implausibly intimated, impoverished and indigent background, is actually perhaps, more redolent of a precocious and politically aspiring, younger Pulpit-pounding doppelganger of the likes of the former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, and peerlessly pejorative and polemical, paranoia prescribed pillar of latter-day metropolitan moral rectitude, and Press Conference prima donna, James Anderton…… 🙂

  • fwl

    Thanks Craig for bringing this to my attention though I wish you would go easy on the polemic.

    Until this past weekend I suspect I have been kipping in the Hotel Abyss as I had never paid attention to Stephen Crabb nor the Frankfurt School.

    This issue of an evangelical backlash against cultural marxism. What’s going on?

    1) How real was and is cultural marxism

    2) What was and is cultural marxism i.e. is it a weak ideology or was (is) it an effective cold war tool?

    3) How effective was / is it?

    And the other side

    4) Whatever happened to Moral Rearmament?

    5) Who funds evangelical think tanks in the US and why?

    6) Who funds evangelical think tanks in the UK?

    I would like to get an idea as to who is doing and funding what and for what purpose i.e. is everyone bonkers (on the face of it you might think cultural marxists and evangelists are bonkers *) or is political gaming and if so for what purpose.

    BTW there was an interesting article on Christianity in the City a few years ago, which is partly why I came to ask these questions:

    * though not always so and many of us humans are not what we appear i.e. some of us talk madness but are sane whilst others talk sanity but have lost the plot; so I try not to judge everyone too much just because they wear a particular coat.

    PS I saw someone attack gliding Tony above: Tony’s posts are of variable quality but some of them are bang on and as good as anything on here.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    BREAKING NEWS – and Question to “Republicofscotland” and other cnuts denying terrorism:

    Explosions at Brussels airport and TV chain VTM reports 11 dead and at least 25 wounded.

    This comes a couple of days after the arrest of the main Paris killings suspect in Brussels. He is reported as having admitted that other operations were in the pipe-line.

    Question to “Republicofscotland” and other terror-denying Cnuts: was this real or were they just firecrackers, actors and/or holograms?

  • Ba'al Zevul

    As was drearily predictable, Trump has addressed the presidential scrutineers at AIPAC:

    ,,,,being very, very careful to make the right noises for once. With a teleprompter to keep him kosher. The country which passed details of the F-35 to the Chinese and has studiously avoided overinvolvement in America’s Middle Eastern adventures is apparently ‘America’s most reliable ally’ – so much so that Trump proposes to throw years of diplomacy down the drain and get on Iran’s case again. Pass the sick bag.

    • Chris Rogers

      Ba\’al Zevul,

      Well given the fact Bernie did not attend AIPAC – citing the fact he was ‘too busy’, seems like Mr. Sanders, who actually is Jewish, is now not Jewish enough for the arbiters of AIPAC, whilst Hillary the Liar and mass murderer is their gal. Kinda says it all really!!!!!!

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Stephen Crabb is an idiot who did not have the first idea what he was actually doing when he voted to cut Employment and Support Allowance for new sick and disabled claimants by £30 per week to £70 per week on 2nd March 2016.

    This pillock is now the Work and Pensions Secretary. Great, isn’t it? Here’s Thomas Clark on him:

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