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Steph: – ” I promise not to post a link to anything lengthy which I find interesting again!”

I suggest that you summarise, or find a transcript. But even before that you should be suspicious when someone who knows how things are done in the scientific domain tries to influence public opinion directly, rather than presenting their idea to other scientists via the scientific literature, because this is the proper method by which the scientific consensus is forged. In the USA, the drug companies are permitted to advertise directly to the public; Yeadon is doing something similar.

You should also learn to recognise the structure of conspiracy theory. It goes “Mr Big wants so-and-so, and therefore all the so-called experts are just falling into line. Look! They are all hiding or denying this special knowledge which I am revealing to you; their mendacity proves that what I’m saying is true. Anyone who contradicts me is either in on it or duped by the mainstream media“. Nonsense like this is all over the Internet; it varies from mild to extreme but it all has the same basic structure.