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SA, November 3, 17:49, #62017

“As to effects on other organs, my belief is that it is minimal, the major effect being on the respiratory tract. Other effects are probably should be taken as complications of being seriously ill and nursed in ITU.”

Blood clotting and renal problems are well established medically. The blood clotting causes heart attacks; there were loads of these in the early New York peak, many found by ambulance teams never made it to hospital.

“I have seen no evidence that it affects IQ or fertility.”

These are from pre-prints; sorry, I don’t have the links. But we know it infects and affects neurons because a distinctive symptom is loss of taste and smell, though not caused by nasal congestion.

My point was that this virus is so new that we can’t yet know everything that it can do, but there are some very worrying indications. We can’t know long-term effects until a longer term has passed for effects to be noticed and for research to quantify them. Meanwhile, transmission should be vigorously suppressed.