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Kim Sanders-Fisher

In the Guardian Presentation of “Politics live with Andrew Sparrow,” as always the painfully obvious critical bias is well and truly ‘baked into’ the reporting. There must be a preordained script for all Guardian reporters to religiously adhere to on all occasions. When introducing a comment from the progressive Left of the Labour Party, it must be prefaced by a derogatory qualifier, such as ‘hard-left,’ ‘Corbynite’ or ‘Corbynista;’ just inferring support for the democratically elected, unjustifiably vilified former Labour Leader if woven into current fabricated slurs is often enough to discredit the opinion as factional troublemaking a seditious comment worthy of removing the Party whip as the witch-hunt against the Labour Left ramps-up. In stark contrast, rabidly hateful pro-Zionist alt-right individuals, seeking to destroy her Majesty’s Opposition on behalf of Apartheid Israel, are quoted with the deference of respected scholars! No wonder the general public are rapidly losing faith in the Mainstream Media as this has become universally prevalent.

The Guardian and other news outlets assume we are all too stupid to see through this relentless propaganda bias, but ‘know thy enemy’ and read on. They wrote, “UK coronavirus live: Keir Starmer tells self-isolating Boris Johnson to make process affordable for others,” as the “Labour leader tells self-isolating PM that others cannot afford to do the same.” Then the news that, “Labour will not restore whip to Corbyn. Starmer denies Corbyn Labour whip despite end of suspension.” A Tweet from Richard Burgon is quoted after including the obligatory slur, “the Corbynite Labour MP and chair of the chair of the Socialist Campaign group in parliament.” Richard Burgon MP (@RichardBurgon) Tweeted: “Jeremy Corbyn has rightly been reinstated to the Labour Party. That decision must be respected & implemented across the Labour Party. Jeremy should immediately have the whip restored. At a time of national crisis, division in the Labour party serves nobody but the Tory Gov’t.” Burgen will be rising to the top of Starmer’s hit list!

Sparrow reports that, “At his post-PMQs briefing Sir Keir Starmer’s spokesman said that the decision to speed up Jeremy Corbyn’s disciplinary case was taken by party HQ.” Of course, another thoroughly unconvincing “not me Gov” denial of responsibility for his vindictive actions aimed at totally discrediting his inspirational predecessor. The Captain of Capitulation is far too cowardly to admit the disgraceful truth that is so insecure in his Leadership role that he relies on ranting about the ‘fantisemitism crisis’ his only goal in propping up his “New Management!” fiasco. Sparrow noted that, “The spokesman also refused to say what Corbyn would need to do to regain the party whip. ‘I’m not going to pre-empt any of that,’ the spokesman said, when asked if a clear retraction and an apology would be sufficient. The spokesman also said Starmer and Corbyn have not spoken since the night before the publication of the EHRC report last month. This morning Corbyn was told he was not having the whip restored by Nick Brown, the chief whip.”

As if linking him to a common criminal Sparrow describer “Ian Lavery,” as “a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn’s and chair of the Labour party under his leadership,” before reporting that he, “told the World at One that Sir Keir Starmer should have accepted the decision of a national executive committee panel to reinstate Corbyn as a party member. He said: If you’ve got committees in place – and these committees are individuals elected by the membership – if you’ve got committees to deal with disciplinary, they come out unanimously with something how on earth is it correct that anybody in the party can overrule that? But Lavery ruled out resigning the whip himself out of support for Corbyn. He went on: What we want to do is exactly what Keir wants, exactly what Jeremy is saying: we want to root out antisemitism from the Labour party, undoubtedly so, and by prolonging this issue, by what the leader has done this morning, doesn’t really help because it just continues the pain in every constituency.” Lavery still hopes to salvage the broken Labour Party!

In what the Guardian might laughable consider ‘balance’ Sparrow then quotes the Tweet of arch Zionist “Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle,” who he says, “is not impressed by Sir Keir Starmer’s announcement about Jeremy Corbyn. Stephen Pollard (@stephenpollard)” who Tweeted: “Afraid I won’t be jumping for joy over Starmer withdrawing the whip. Apart from anything else, that weasel phrase ‘I will keep this situation under review’ is typical. How might the situation change? Will Corbyn be able to travel back in time and act differently?” For Pollard, who hypocritically claims to champion free speech as I highlighted in a previous post, anything less than resounding public support for the Apartheid policies of the Israeli Government constitutes antisemitism and a SLAPP suit will be on the way. The fact that the Jewish Chronicle have been found guilty of promoting hateful propaganda and fake news they have been forced to retract does no reduce Pollards venerated status in the eyes of the biased right-wing Media.

Despite the venom and controversy surrounding his reinstatement Corbyn maintains his dignity and focus. Sparrow quotes input from the vindicated, correctly reinstated man who should now be able to resume his important role as a Labour MP without the toxic intervention of the Zionist Lobby. Sometimes I think MPs forget that this is not Israel and the Israelis have no right to interfere in our politics. Labour members need to strongly resist the dictates of this dangerous pressure group. Sparrow says, “Jeremy Corbyn has been tweeting – but not about his relationship with the PLP. He has just posted this. Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) Over eight months into this pandemic and statutory sick pay in the UK is still just £95.85 per week – and 2 million don’t earn enough to qualify. How can people be expected to self-isolate on that? We need #SickPayForAll that meets the cost of living. #Covid19UK.” Selfless as always Jeremy is focused on the real needs of ordinary people while Keir Starmer is still failing to achieve relevance.

Sparrow insists on reminding us that, “Andrew Scattergood,” is “co-chair of the pro-Corbyn Labour group Momentum,” as if anything and everything pro-Corbyn should be viewed with suspicion as corrupt. Making sure to include the Labour Leader’s title Sparrow quotes Scattergood describing, “Sir Keir Starmer’s decision not to admit Jeremy Corbyn to the PLP as ‘farcical’.” Sparrow reports that, “In a statement he said, ‘A disciplinary panel found that Jeremy Corbyn had not broken any rule, so now Keir Starmer is making it up as he goes along. This is not only farcical and incompetent, it is a blatant political attack on the left at a time when Labour should be united in taking on the Tories. The recent national executive committee election results show that there is a clear socialist majority amongst the membership. Together we will fight for a socialist Labour party, committed to getting rid of our broken system and transforming Britain in the interests of the many. They can’t remove the whip from our movement’.”

In other news, the Guardian reveals, “Nissan boss says without UK-EU trade deal its Sunderland business will not be sustainable.” Are the turkeys still looking forward to Christmas? This was inevitable. They say, “Nissan has warned that its future in Sunderland will ‘not be sustainable’ if there is no Brexit deal. With fewer than 10 days to strike a trade deal, Nissan’s chief operating officer, Ashwani Gupta, told Reuters that the prospects of tariffs on cars it exports to the continent would be ruinous to its plant, which employs 7,000 people. He said: If it happens without any sustainable business case, obviously it is not a question of Sunderland or not Sunderland, obviously our UK business will not be sustainable, that’s it. He denied reports it was seeking compensation for the financial cost of a no deal. ‘We are absolutely not thinking that and we are not discussing it,’ he said.” It seems that it’s not just the Tory rats leaving the sinking Brexit ship of doom, but the PM could locate a few new weapons factories up north – the UK’s top export to foreign despots!

In a Labour Heartlands Article entitled, “Labour reinstating Jeremy Corbyn after 19 days showing it’s just playing politics with anti-Semitism after all,” Paul Knaggs dissects the machinations and gross injustice that portent a “Labour Party in civil war.” Knaggs writes, “We welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement to the Labour Party, however, the fast track hearing for the former Leader has shown how much the Labour Party is playing politics with Anti-Semitism. Nineteen days ago Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labour Party hours after the report by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission into Labour Party Anti-Semitism. In response, Jeremy Corbyn claimed ‘the scale of the problem’ was ‘dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media’,” (a fundamentally true statement.) He says, “within hours, he was suspended pending an investigation, a decision his successor Sir Keir Starmer claimed he had no involvement in but supported.”

Knaggs asserts that, “It is clear that the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn was wrong, what is even more clear is the fact that the Labour Party and Sir Keir Starmer could not maintain this war of attrition and the haemorrhaging of Labour members resulting from the suspension. The overwhelming support by the membership for its former leader was unprecedented. What is also clear is that Sir Keir Starmer does not have a clue what he is doing. It was both politically stupid to suspend Jeremy Corbyn but even more stupid was to then make adversary comments upon his pending reinstatement.” However Knaggs then raises a little mentioned injustice within the Labour Party disciplinary process saying, “what is most unjust is the fact that there are thousands of members still waiting and have been for months if not years to have their cases heard by the NEC.” He says, “It seems within the Labour Party the common people don’t matter, to them its just politics.”

Highlighting unequal treatment Knaggs justifiably claims that, “JC’s reinstatement is political, if not why are other members pushed back in the queue waiting for a fair hearing? There are literately thousands of Labour members suspended from the Party at this moment in time, many have been suspended over a year. Where we are sure many members are deserving of their suspensions many members are not and many more have been victims of right-wing Labour staffers shown in the #LabourLeaks dossier, Staffers working within the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit who bragged of carrying out a Stasi type cull of Left-wing Labour members. These members have been living in a form of purgatory unable to hold any Labour Party position, vote or attend meetings. Members are even banned from discussing their suspensions especially online. Those targeted with suspension from the Labour Party were essentially ‘gagged’ and unable to defend themselves.”

Meanwhile Knaggs highlights the injustice of trial by Media, saying that, “With many suspensions unduly reported in national and international newspapers along with online media outlets where they have been treated unfairly without due process or the customary innocent until proven guilty, this has meant they have had to endure social media attacks from people ignorant to the facts yet willing to cast aspersions, knowing the suspended members are tied in their response to accusations of racism or being an antisemite. The fact that Jeremy Corbyn did not deserve to be suspended is neither here nor there, it is about due process fair hearings, equality and justice that thousands of other members have been denied. If these members are guilty of Anti-Semitism then they should be removed from the Party but to leave them without any form of recourse to plead their case for what has been for some, years in waiting, then this is justice denied, guilty or not.”

According to Knaggs, “It is not even fair to say that Jeremy Corbyn’s position has an MP was a fair and understandable reason to fast track his hearing, other high profile MP’s and political personalities have had to wait month’s or years to have their cases heard just like the common members. In February 2019, Chris Williamson was notified of a formal investigation and later suspended from the Labour Party for his comments about the party’s response to criticism over its handling of allegations of antisemitism within the party. After an investigation, Williamson was reinstated in June 2019 with a formal warning but was resuspended two days later when the party decided to review the disciplinary decision. In October 2019, Williamson won a High Court challenge to the legality of the review of the disciplinary decision but similar charges had been made on 3 September 2019, involving a further suspension, and the High Court ruled the Labour Party’s disciplinary procedure with regard to these charges should run its course.”

Knaggs elaborates on Williamson’s long drawn out case and the destructive political consequences saying that, “The judgement was reserved until October. Chris Williamson was then issued with the third suspension six days prior to the hearing, just 36 hours after the third preliminary hearing about the court date. Labour bureaucrats were trying to get it delayed, but the judge decided after their third attempt, didn’t just throw out their objections, he actually named a date. So the bureaucrats panicked as they knew their case was very weak and so issued a further suspension. In November that year, Labour’s National Executive Committee blocked Williamson from standing as a Labour candidate in the 2019 United Kingdom general election.” This was a purely political decision to sabotage a well liked progressive Left Labour candidate whose seat fell to a Tory. Knaggs also reminds us that, “The case of both Jackie Walker and Ken Livingston was just as long and again with more twist and turns than a Tarantino plot.”

Knaggs points out that, “Sadly thousands of members have been suspended over the last nineteen days for showing their support for Jeremy Corbyn or in many cases have simply left the party. They will find themselves forgotten victims waiting for months if not years in the vain hope of a fair hearing. If there was any justice in this world and we know there is not, that’s why we fight, Labour must now immediately reinstate all members suspended for expressing solidarity with Corbyn or condemning his suspension. This is not over by a long stroke and the rabbit hole the Labour Party are so submerged in will never see an end.” Knaggs warns that, “It is clearly Civil War,” and he highlights, “Sir Keir Starmer’s lack of diplomacy and experience.” Knaggs wrote that, “It is yet to be officially announced that Jeremy Corbyn will have the whip restored.” Not technically correct as it’s automatic, but Knaggs says, “it has been reported a group of MPs have threatened to resign if Jeremy Corbyn is readmitted to the parliamentary Labour party.”

Knaggs elaborates on why he thinks, “Starmer’s short five years as a Labour Party MP is telling in his response to Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement. Instead of trying to build bridges he is painting himself, and subsequently the Labour Party, into a tight corner. Sir Keir Starmer tweeted this evening that today’s decision marked ‘another painful day for the Jewish community and those Labour members who have fought so hard to tackle antisemitism’. He added: ‘I will not allow a focus on one individual to prevent us from doing the vital work of tackling antisemitism. When I stood as leader of the Labour Party, I was clear that my first priority would be to root out antisemitism. It still is.’ I know that this has been another painful day for the Jewish community and those Labour members who have fought so hard to tackle antisemitism. I know the hurt that has been caused and the trauma people have felt. Sir Keir Starmer’s comments came after Jeremy Corbyn called on Labour to ‘come together’.”

Knaggs quotes Jeremy Corbyn’s Tweet: “I am pleased to have been reinstated in the Labour Party and would like to thank party members, trade unionists and all who have offered solidarity,’ the Islington North MP wrote on Twitter. ‘Our movement must now come together to oppose and defeat this deeply damaging Conservative government’.” In relaying the negative comments Knaggs notes that, “It is very telling these MPs are the same MPs that cried loudest at Chris Williamson’s suspension being lifted…” They are quick to claim that the system doesn’t work whenever it fails to target and remove their enemies! Not mentioned here is the fact that many of these MPs were deeply unpopular despite their status as Labour MPs and some were themselves in the process of being investigated, leaving before they were found guilty to smear from beyond the disciplinary reach of the Labour Party.

Knaggs reports that, “Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge, tweeted: “This is a broken outcome from a broken system. A factional, opaque and dysfunctional complaints process could never reach a fair conclusion. This is exactly why the EHRC instructed Labour to setup an independent process! ‘I simply cannot comprehend why it is acceptable for Corbyn to be a Labour MP if he thinks antisemitism is exaggerated and a political attack, refuses to apologise, never takes responsibility for his actions & rejects the findings of the EHRC report. Ridiculous’.” Of the hundreds of complaints of online abuse that Hodge insisted demonstrated a massive problem with antisemitism in the Labour Party, most could not be promptly removed from the Party because they were never members in the first place! Hodge has never revealed or acknowledged that fact in her disgusting continued aggression targeting Corbyn.

Hate monger Gideon Falter ranted on behalf of his rabid element of the powerful Zionist Lobby, “Chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemitism said Mr Corbyn’s ‘shambolic suspension and readmission’ was ‘nothing more than a media stunt to blunt the blow of the EHRC’s report. ‘By readmitting Mr Corbyn, the Labour Party has once again excused anti-Semitism and proved itself unwilling to address it,’ he said. ‘Mr Corbyn’s suspension should have remained in place until all of our complaints against him were investigated, but no investigation has been undertaken. ‘Once again, we see the impact of Labour’s failure to implement an independent disciplinary process as demanded by the EHRC and Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership pledges that have now gone unfulfilled for almost a year. ‘The Jewish community has been conned. Mr Corbyn must be resuspended immediately pending investigation of our complaint against him under the new independent process mandated by the EHRC. Britain is watching’.”

Jewish Voice for Labour state that: “We welcome the news that Jeremy Corbyn’ suspension has been lifted by the NEC three weeks after it was unjustifiably imposed by the General Secretary David Evans. We strongly urge the Party to apologise to Jeremy Corbyn for the highhanded and public nature of his suspension and the consequent distress he has inevitably suffered as a result of media intrusion and the ongoing attacks that have continued following his reinstatement. We reiterate the call we made earlier for the party to lift the suspensions and investigations into all those who have supported Jeremy and expressed solidarity with him. This would demonstrate that the NEC decision will pave the way to the development of the party unity to which Keir Starmer insists he is committed – and on which platform he was elected by the membership. The people of this country and the world desperately need this to provide a coherent and united opposition to Boris Johnson’s callous and inept government.”

Knaggs points to the inevitable consequence saying, “It is quite clear the war will go on and Sir Keir Starmer looks set for a political hiding that will end with a Labour Party split.” Knaggs reports that “Labour Heartlands fully support Jewish voice for Labour in their statement,” quoted above and also in their article. I am not a citizen of Israel and I have no right to influence their elections, but no foreign power should have the right to interfere in the running of British political parties as the Zionist Lobby clearly does. We must strip the nakedly aggressive Zionist propaganda out of UK politics: Labour isn’t nude without Likude! The Zionist Lobby warped our politics and helped deprive the British people of a truly progressive Socialist Government led by Jeremy Corbyn, but they are not done vilifying him and all he stood for. This was just one of the major reasons the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was shockingly corrupt; the flawed result should still be challenged and fully Investigated. We need strong robust opposition to Get The Tories Out! DO NOT MOVE ON!