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Other things that might come under 2 are:

* being allowed to receive medical treatment

* being allowed to get through the front door of a hospital, “GP’s” “surgery”, prison, or school (but once you’re dead they’ll probably allow you into a fast-throughput crematorium)

* being allowed to use a bank’s automatic teller machine
(Not sure about this one. It all depends on the lines along which the financial system cracks. Certainly “borrow borrow borrow” depends on “spend spend spend”. But many people are in such enormous debt and the crash is coming so soon that it might not matter so much to the moneylenders that they borrow a hugely gigantic amount in the next few months rather than only a gigantic amount.)

(Remember – disobedient equals dirty! That’s how Daily Mail readers think!)

Certainly the fact that a fascist government is talking about “freedom passes” should make us very afraid.

“When the rulers talk of peace, war is already being prepared”.