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For these readers who are not familiar with the satirical cartoonist Steve Bell of the Guardian I recommend this weeks daily strip panel that he has provided since the 80’s ‘If…’ .

This week he is skewering Starmer and the continued crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn for FAKE accusations against him of anti Judaism by the usual suspects.

However venerable Steve Bell is, the Guardian has ‘evolved’ past his sensibilities and regularly censors his output online. Many of his Opinion cartoons have not appeared and many of the ‘If…’ strips are missed out, not put up on line until very late in the day or just have NO COMMENTS turned on.

The management and editors in effect have declared war on their elder statesman, ‘soul’ of the Guardian, in an effort to push him out by such CENSORSHIP.

I have attempted to keep track of the Guardians DS betrayals and daily propaganda at that supposed alternative site Off-Guardian, which turns out to be merely a ‘shadow of the On-Fraudian’ joined at the toes like a real shadow.
It was obviously set up as a red/brown site, with primary focus on ensuring a supporting platform for a hard BrexShit. Mutated now into Covid denialism. Aimed squarely at that same red/brown readership.

Recently Off-G escalated their censorship and propaganda just as the On-Guardian did a few years ago when it silenced many a online readers voices and disappeared them. Criticism is not allowed. Countering fake facts is not allowed. Comment is not free. A choir maintains an echo chamber btl and mods barefacedly lie , delay and censor while claiming the opposite. ATL, articles appear without accreditation and by non experts – fully fronting what are obviously PR/Propaganda agitprop pieces.

Both On and Off Guardians operate in the same controlled manner. My direct first hand experience is proof.

I recommend catching up with Steve Bell’s brilliant strip this week and if today’s wasn’t the punchline tomorrow’s should be even better. All available at Steve’s own site.

Please ‘whip me …’ ?