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    The Obsessive Groaniad publishes a lot of complete bollox.
    Let’s bring it here for tears of laughter or wtf remembrance.

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    I’ll start with this wtf? Anyone else notice it?


    Rebbecca who????? That was her ONLY cartoon in the Groan.

    Who made the award?

    The Political Cartoon of the Year Awards 2019

    They are ‘head hunters’ doesn’t say who set up, owns or runs them – all a bit spooky if you ask me.

    Oh by the way
    ‘we would like to thank Ken Clarke and Kate Hoey (who) presented the awards at our gallery in Westminster.’

    Golly a one cartoon cartoonist – Rowson and Bell must be over the moon to not have been invited to join THAT club.

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    I think she has more than one cartoon but they all seem rather boring.

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    February 16, 2020 at 00:12
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    [ Mod: This piece is off-topic, as it isn’t related to the current UK government. You’re welcome to share it in the discussion forums, though. ]

    I hate to share anything from the Groaniad but This is too brilliant not to share. The too early taken Jeremy Hardy. A snippet…

    Someone once said that seeing is believing, which is not the case. I’ve seen Tony Blair.
    Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, 2007

    Some comedy fans just want the stuff about how hard it is to find the end of the cling film. I’d rather be doing that, to be honest. But sadly I’ve been cast a bum steer in life because I’m a political comedian. And it’s a miserable time to be a political comedian… People say: “Oh it must be good for you. Trump must be good for you comics.” But you know what, I think an untrammelled, expanding Israeli state is a high price to pay for some fake tan gags really.
    MAP Comedy Night, Feb 2017


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    February 16, 2020 at 11:49
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    Thanks Mod’ by all means move it to where it may be better posted. I don’t mean to divert the thread – however Jeremy Hardy in my opinion was the most consistent political comedian on the BBC and his statements were always relevant to the government of the day and the media bias against genuine anti neolib/cons. Being dead a year means no quips on that period but there are many which still zing!

    Also that article seems to have been disappeared from todays Obsessive web front pages – quelle surprise!!

    [ Mod: Unfortunately there’s no facility for mods to move a comment into the discussion forum (or even onto a different comment thread). We’d have to log out, post the text using your username and email address, then log back in as a mod and approve the new post. So it’s actually easier for you to do it yourself. ]

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    For these readers who are not familiar with the satirical cartoonist Steve Bell of the Guardian I recommend this weeks daily strip panel that he has provided since the 80’s ‘If…’ .

    This week he is skewering Starmer and the continued crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn for FAKE accusations against him of anti Judaism by the usual suspects.

    However venerable Steve Bell is, the Guardian has ‘evolved’ past his sensibilities and regularly censors his output online. Many of his Opinion cartoons have not appeared and many of the ‘If…’ strips are missed out, not put up on line until very late in the day or just have NO COMMENTS turned on.

    The management and editors in effect have declared war on their elder statesman, ‘soul’ of the Guardian, in an effort to push him out by such CENSORSHIP.

    I have attempted to keep track of the Guardians DS betrayals and daily propaganda at that supposed alternative site Off-Guardian, which turns out to be merely a ‘shadow of the On-Fraudian’ joined at the toes like a real shadow.
    It was obviously set up as a red/brown site, with primary focus on ensuring a supporting platform for a hard BrexShit. Mutated now into Covid denialism. Aimed squarely at that same red/brown readership.

    Recently Off-G escalated their censorship and propaganda just as the On-Guardian did a few years ago when it silenced many a online readers voices and disappeared them. Criticism is not allowed. Countering fake facts is not allowed. Comment is not free. A choir maintains an echo chamber btl and mods barefacedly lie , delay and censor while claiming the opposite. ATL, articles appear without accreditation and by non experts – fully fronting what are obviously PR/Propaganda agitprop pieces.

    Both On and Off Guardians operate in the same controlled manner. My direct first hand experience is proof.

    I recommend catching up with Steve Bell’s brilliant strip this week and if today’s wasn’t the punchline tomorrow’s should be even better. All available at Steve’s own site.


    Please ‘whip me …’ ?

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    Latest is shadow banning. Have you experienced that? It is difficult to prove unless you get someone with a different up to check. You can tell because the comments don’t get any answers or no downticks.

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    Jonathan Cook on Off-Guardian’s “coverage” of covid-19:

    Doubt is a treacherous path. We must avoid being diverted towards terminal cynicism.

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    Thanks for reading guys.

    Besides from Cook (who I rate as high as Craig and only a few others) can you give me your opinion on the recently deceased Vltchek?

    I had pretty much decided he was for real, Off-G had stopped publishing his pieces (as they have Roddis’s).
    Then they put up what I thought was a crass ambulance chase, crocodile tear piece about his demise. Which for some reason really pissed me off!

    The fact they are caught in their big lie of claiming to never censor, but have clearly done so to me at least (there are other posters I haven’t seen there for sometime there now too, some may have been sock puppets, I suppose) is a badge of honour that gives me as much pride as my ban from On-G.

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    I don’t think they are shadow banning – I have no evidence – but they are effectively doing so by delaying the publication of a comment.

    After 6-24 hours it appears well down in the comments and often when other articles have been published. So most readers won’t come across it unless they bother reading every comment in a older article with hundreds of comments.

    It is therefore easy the comment doesn’t get seen at all (except by their Guardian Angel mods).

    I did many naive moons ago helpfully suggest that there was no problem in having a comment in ‘mod’ but when it was published it should be posted at the front with a time stamp that it was let out of jail – so that it may be seen as it was written, as a instant opinion to be discussed with other readers who have also just come across the article. But that fell on deaf ears and they ratcheted down in it further as I found more inventive ways of bypassing their attempts at attempted ‘shadow banning’ .
    They have been forced to show their hand.

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    Shadow banning can be difficult to prove. But what happened to me is that I started getting all my comments being pre-moderated, with the excuse that it was caught by the spam filter, sometimes with totally innocuous comments. Then when I commented on this, the filter was removed but my comments which usually attracted many negative comments and downticks, would not be moderated or downticked or commented on. I can’t believe that the various negative commenters just decided not to comment on my post.

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    Something nasty stirs in the On-Groans belly.

    Why has the great seller -outer of the Groan, Rusbridger, turned on one of the papers best old professionals?


    What in fact is revealed about Rusbridger’s cosy relations with the Establishment?

    I hope Craig gets some time to give us his thoughts down the line.

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    Pigeon English

    Maybe O/T but for me this Hard Talk was more revealing.
    He published 5% of Snowden leak in Consultation with NSA MI6 Etc.

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    Thanks for that PE.

    So a classic example of a Limited Hangout.

    The perpetual Harry Potter lookalike, is continuing his Deep Shittery and Wizardry. I wonder if the attack on Greenslade is linkable to the Groans position on the Union and actual Scottish Indy after a half millennia?

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    Meanwhile in the Off they have taken to remove posts that they do not approve of so now it is sheer pats on the back for like minded CTs.

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    200 years old – the vampires are celebrating with gaslighting their zombie readers.

    The fucking Groan this morning puts on its full bloody sheepskin to entice us like little piggies or red riding hoods further into their grasp and lair by heinous cultural appropriation completely ignoring its slave wealth past and ‘liberal’ sentiments above common social democracy of the Labour Party – even as it cries alligator tears over the further demise of the ‘Red Walls’ which it does not want to see re-emerge! No matter what their chicken little Owen Jones’s screech.

    So the tableau consists of
    2 little cartoon figurines of white Top hatted Englishmen one holding a giant banner with ‘universal suffrage’ upon it;
    They are dwarfed by a Jolly piped Einstein (!);
    Who is somewhat smaller than a even bigger photo of ..Mahatma Gandhi – both men overlooking a tiny suffragette requesting ‘votes for women’ banner.
    Next in the list of cultural appropriation comes MLK and Aretha Franklin ( ??? Me neither!)… followed by a smaller JFK, with a fully ‘stylish’ Jackie ‘gold digger’ (I mean just WHY? what great deed or cause does she even represent except the exceptionalism and entitlement?);
    To complete the appropriation of their slave owning past they squeeze a freed White head cuddly Mandela behind princess JakieO and, at the very end with at the front they end with the current woke white elfin princess of the old slavers barons and exploiters – the latest slave/opium resource robbery. (A photo of her pigtailed hoodied little girly from years ago)

    “Join us” they hiss
    “Celebrating 200 years of high-impact ,independent journalism” – they lie with every word except the first.

    Then they tell me how closely they watch me as they count every article I have ‘read’ in the last year – nearly 6,000 apparently – how very good they seem to creepily know –
    Before imploring me to “Join In” & subscribe as long as I’m happy having had my tongue out ripped out because I wouldn’t keep my gob shut about their disintegrity and disingenuity over every aspect of their fake sjw faces selling the liberal neocon lies daily – just like their latest piss taking woke montage.

    Yup I now hate them more than the Murdoch, Torygraph and Fail combined – which must be the actual purpose of the constant gaslighting of their soft hearted and soft minded readership.

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    And just confirm the character of the Warmongering, racist, sexist, pretend to internationalists here is Declassified U.K. with rigorous analyses:

    Like billionaire-controlled media, The Guardian misinforms its readers on the UK’s role in world

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    Thanks for that link DunGroanin; forwarded to a Guardian-trusting friend 🙂

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