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    The Obsessive Groaniad publishes a lot of complete bollox.
    Let’s bring it here for tears of laughter or wtf remembrance.

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    I’ll start with this wtf? Anyone else notice it?

    Rebbecca who????? That was her ONLY cartoon in the Groan.

    Who made the award?

    The Political Cartoon of the Year Awards 2019

    They are ‘head hunters’ doesn’t say who set up, owns or runs them – all a bit spooky if you ask me.

    Oh by the way
    ‘we would like to thank Ken Clarke and Kate Hoey (who) presented the awards at our gallery in Westminster.’

    Golly a one cartoon cartoonist – Rowson and Bell must be over the moon to not have been invited to join THAT club.

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    I think she has more than one cartoon but they all seem rather boring.

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    February 16, 2020 at 00:12
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    [ Mod: This piece is off-topic, as it isn’t related to the current UK government. You’re welcome to share it in the discussion forums, though. ]

    I hate to share anything from the Groaniad but This is too brilliant not to share. The too early taken Jeremy Hardy. A snippet…

    Someone once said that seeing is believing, which is not the case. I’ve seen Tony Blair.
    Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, 2007

    Some comedy fans just want the stuff about how hard it is to find the end of the cling film. I’d rather be doing that, to be honest. But sadly I’ve been cast a bum steer in life because I’m a political comedian. And it’s a miserable time to be a political comedian… People say: “Oh it must be good for you. Trump must be good for you comics.” But you know what, I think an untrammelled, expanding Israeli state is a high price to pay for some fake tan gags really.
    MAP Comedy Night, Feb 2017

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    February 16, 2020 at 11:49
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    Thanks Mod’ by all means move it to where it may be better posted. I don’t mean to divert the thread – however Jeremy Hardy in my opinion was the most consistent political comedian on the BBC and his statements were always relevant to the government of the day and the media bias against genuine anti neolib/cons. Being dead a year means no quips on that period but there are many which still zing!

    Also that article seems to have been disappeared from todays Obsessive web front pages – quelle surprise!!

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