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    Fat Jon

    Am I the only person who is shocked at the idea of the electorate in one of (many in the west would say THE…) most powerful countries in the world having the choice, towards the end of the year, between a senile geriatric 78 year old, and a senile geriatric 82 year old – to lead them over the next four years and have the (theoretical) “power” to press the nuclear button throughout that time?

    Is it not possible for the population of the USA (~335 million people) to find anyone under the age of 75 capable of becoming president? And can’t they see this as political madness?

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    Or: the choice between “Genocide Joe” and “Mr. Grab-em-by-the-pussy”.

    I am sure the Russians envy the Americans with their great choice in leaders! (ok: <end sarcasm>)

    (not that the choice in Britain is much better, just a bit younger)

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    Fat Jon, no you’re not the only person. How must it seem to people in their teens and twenties?

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    People as old as those candidates have little to lose from global disaster; they’ve had their lives.

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    Good question but is there a perfect candidate though? I was a bit fooled when Obama came to power – here was a man that seemed humbled and rational, he proposed “Change” from the Bush-years but as soon as he became president, he began to backtrack because of the pressure by the powerful forces within the society. From the banking sector to the Israeli lobby.

    So, perhaps the problem is the ‘hidden’ bureaucracy/deeps-state running things in the background that have their own specific self-interests, forces that will make sure no one threat their power?
    Left, Right do not seems to have any meaning anymore. The issue seems to be how good a candidate could maneuver with/against the powerful interests in their society.

    Biden, someone that have the backing of journalists, media, the military, the intelligence services, the western world etc will easily rise to the top.
    Trump on the other hand coming more with an oppositional bent to these above named forces. Wanting to make a clean break, ending the corrupt bureaucracy and their power: that is why he face so much hatred (setting aside his obvious bad traits/policies/buffoonery).
    That is why we will never see a real oppositional candidate in the west, there are simply too many people with too much power idling in the background that will hinder real change. Almost like the “Nomenklatura” in the Soviet times.

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    “…but is there a perfect candidate though?”

    No there isn’t. The structure itself is wrong; such immense power should never be invested in an individual.

    “So, perhaps the problem is the ‘hidden’ bureaucracy/deeps-state running things in the background that have their own specific self-interests, forces that will make sure no one threat their power?”

    The entire surveillance system needs to be reversed so it points the other way. It spies on the powerless on behalf of the powerful.

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    good conversation between Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn from their regular Podcast “America This Week”. This time on the RFK-CNN interview which apparently has caused the Biden media attack RFK.

    It´s 30 min. about censorship of simple opinions and hypocrisy by Democrats through their media that only allow “yes”- answers when asked whether Trump is a danger to the world while Biden is not and in general are able to only regard any subect under the specter of Trump.
    And RFK said the wrong thing.

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    THE INTERCEPT podcast
    “No to Biden, No to Trump: Insights From Swing-State Voters
    Analyzing double-haters’ criticisms of both presidential candidates with campaign adviser Anat Shenker-Osorio.”
    51 min.

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