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    Jack – “Hopefully Trump will be watching this and stop sucking up to the israeli lobby”

    Trump is very unlikely to do that because a lot of his voter and support base are Christian Zionists.

    Christian Zionism is an incredibly cynical ideology. Based upon a handful of words from the bible, they believe that Jews must retake control of the entire territory of ancient Israel before God will launch Armageddon. They want Armageddon to start because they will then be taken to Heaven – no, seriously. But they further believe that at Armageddon, the Jews that retook Israel will be given a choice between conversion to Christianity or eternity in Hell. Christian Zionists are merely using Jewish Zionists to further their own objective of getting to Heaven, and they don’t give a shit about what happens to anyone in the process – so they clearly take zero notice of the way Jesus reportedly lived.

    Most unfortunately, these selfish, delusional fools are Trump’s potential voters in multiple swing states; they’ll only vote for him if he furthers that end – not that they’re likely to vote Democrat.

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    And they’re not fussy as to whether Armageddon consists of God breaking through the clouds in a fanfare of trumpets as prophesied in Revelations, or is actually just an all-out nuclear war. Widespread superstitious belief in an afterlife is proving immensely dangerous.

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    Yes christian zionist eschatology is absolutely senseless and paradoxically as these type of christians are the real, actual antisemities.
    Not too many people in the west know what you just said even though this nutty, irrational, dangerous religious idea is the driving force for a considerable part of the U.S. political support for Israel. They do not fear “Armageddon”, they want it to happen.

    Netanyahu Says Israel Has No Better Friends Than US Christian Zionists

    Just the other day I read this:
    Republican congressman suggests nuking Gaza

    Instantly when I read that I thought to myself that this man must be a christian zionist and sure he was:

    Walberg is a former pastor and began by discussing his religion. He said despite being a Christian, he has read the Torah, and a large reason he is adamant about the United States supporting Israel is because he believes God supports Israel.


    Apparently God will take care of the climate change too, so kind of him:
    Republican Congressman Says God Will ‘Take Care Of’ Climate Change

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    Crackdown against pro-palestinian protests in Jordan
    He added that most were affiliated with the Islamic Action Front (IAF) party, the political wing of the Hamas-allied Muslim Brotherhood and Jordan’s largest opposition party.

    The IAF has gained popularity in Jordan since Oct. 7, presenting a worrisome scenario for Jordan with parliamentary elections suspected to be held between July and November.

    On March 31, former Jordanian Information Minister Samih al-Maaytah accused the Hamas movement of trying to stir unrest in Jordan in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood. He cited a March 26 speech by Hamas political leader abroad, Khaled Meshaal, which called for people, “especially in Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco” to take to the streets.

    Just another proof how politically corrupt these arab states really are. Not even when palestinians face acts of genocide they blame Hamas for anything just like Israel itself.

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    Our dear friends from AGENCE FRANCE-PRESS – AFP, as reported by out other friends BERLINER ZEITUNG:

    “Because of sexual violence on October 7th: EU imposes new sanctions against Hamas

    The decision to impose new sanctions against Hamas is part of an agreement between EU states that also includes punitive measures for violent Israeli settlers in the West Bank.”


    “The EU has imposed sanctions on the armed arms of the radical Islamic group Hamas and Islamic Jihad because of “widespread” sexual violence in the attack on Israel on October 7th . The “militants” “systematically committed widespread sexual and gender-based violence and used it as a weapon of war,” the EU said on Friday. Both groups have already been classified as terrorist organizations by the EU.”


    ELECTRONIC INTIFADA on Patton´s report:

    “UN report launders Israel’s fraudulent “mass rape” propaganda
    Asa Winstanley and Ali Abunimah The Electronic Intifada 7 March 2024”


    the money quotes:

    “Patten’s visit was not a formal UN investigation, and the resulting report presents no new evidence. It is conspicuously vague on specifics and admits to being based almost entirely on Israeli government and military sources.

    A key conclusion buried in the report concedes that the UN team “was unable to establish the prevalence of sexual violence and concludes that the overall magnitude, scope, and specific attribution of these violations would require a fully-fledged investigation.”

    As Patten’s report itself notes, Israel has consistently refused to cooperate with independent UN investigators.

    Crucially, Patten and her team were unable to locate a single victim and did not speak to any alleged survivors of sexual violence or rape – despite making a public appeal for such survivors to come forward and speak confidentially and with assurances of safety and privacy.

    Notwithstanding all these limitations, Patten’s report claims that there are “reasonable grounds” to believe rape took place during the 7 October events. She bases this conclusion on “circumstantial” information which she claims “may be indicative of some forms of sexual violence.”

    The report alleges that Patten’s team saw “clear and convincing information that some hostages taken to Gaza have been subjected to various forms of conflict-related sexual violence.”

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    (sry my typo: It´s Patten not Patton, which is sort of funny in the geographic context and all…)

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    2 itmes:

    From the section “blog”

    11 April 2024

    Selma Dabbagh

    (on Gaza, people, data, small stories)

    1st paragraph

    Last December, the Israeli actress and TV presenter Tzufit Grant described Palestinians in Gaza as ‘disgusting, stinky losers, walking with flip-flops. Repulsive people.’ Flip-flops and other cheap footwear undoubtedly exist in Gaza – a friend of mine who travelled there with a team of volunteer doctors from the UK told me he had met men in Rafah who were out looking for food supplies and ‘wearing slippers’; many of them spoke excellent English; some had worked as university professors until last October – but as with previous genocides, Grant’s language is part of a dehumanising discourse that helps to make killing at such a scale, and in such a visible way, possible.

    * * *
    nice one:

    Leaked NYT Gaza Memo Tells Journalists to Avoid Words “Genocide,” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and “Occupied Territory”

    Amid the internal battle over the New York Times’s coverage of Israel’s war, top editors handed down a set of directives.”


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    This got to be fake?

    EXCLUSIVE: US makes failed bid for Iran to allow ‘symbolic strike’ by Israel

    Washington used diplomatic backchannels to ask Tehran not to retaliate to an Israeli strike, which would allow Tel Aviv to ‘save face’ following the massive retaliatory attack launched by Iran


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    Intercept report leaked memos from NYTimes :

    Leaked NYT Gaza Memo Tells Journalists to Avoid Words “Genocide,” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and “Occupied Territory”


    Of course there are of course are no such orwellian rules when NYTimes journalists report on Russa/Ukraine.

    In other “news”
    UK says will keep selling arms to Israel anyway

    Even though..

    Lawyers Call on U.K. Government to End Arms Sales to Israel

    The government is coming under more pressure to suspend arms sales to Israel after the strike on a convoy in Gaza that killed seven aid workers, including three Britons.


    Not to mention the UK government legal advisors warn that Israel breach international law!

    Reportedly, legal advisors from the UK government have suggested that Israel is violating international law.


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    Lunacy that this man rule the world:

    Biden suggests his uncle was eaten by cannibals after being shot down during WWII

    Biden warns Israel against attacking Israel
    In his latest gaffe, the US leader described how he told the Jewish state not to attack the city of Haifa

    If he was not this senile he/US would have stopped Israel long time ago.

    Norman Finkelstein on Gaza: The US could have stopped Israel on day one

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    “Leaked Cables Show White House Opposes Palestinian Statehood”

    Despite Biden’s pledge to support a two-state solution, cables argue that Palestine should not be granted U.N. member status.


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    “Under UN Charter, Iran’s Attack Was a Legal Response to Israel’s Illegal Attack
    Iran’s attack on Israel was lawful self-defense carried out in compliance with international humanitarian law.”

    By Marjorie Cohn


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    Well, friends, in the Russian news today, on the United Nations:

    Palestine has UN observer status, while Israel has been a full member since 1948.
    UN, April 19, 2024
    Algeria, on behalf of the Arab states, put forward a proposal to give Palestine full member status.
    Twelve members of the UN Security Council voted in favor.
    Two countries abstained: Switzerland and Great Britain.
    US vetoed.

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    This is like a farce by now, war crimes commited every day, still US have no problem or shame by selling more and more arms to Israel!

    Biden Weighs More Than $1 Billion in New Arms for Israel

    Even US own laws forbid this type of transfering of arms to a regime that engages in human rights violations:

    US accused of failing to act on reports of abuse by Israeli forces
    Panel urged denial of Israel funds because of serious human rights violations but state department has not yet acted, report says

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    Unicef: 14000 children killed in Gaza

    “more than 420 children are being killed or injured in #Gaza every day, a number that should shake each of us to our core”
    — Catherine Russell, @UNICEF Executive Director


    – Every day, 10 children lose their legs.


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    Here is the flag of Palestine:


    And here is the flag of Ba’athism:


    They’re basically identical. Ba’athism is pan-Arab socialism, also known as Arab nationalism. Socialist governments nationalise national resources to develop their economies. Iraq and Libya were Ba’athist, so the USA destroyed them. The Syrian government is Ba’athist, so David Cameron tried to bomb it and NATO is supporting Saudi forces attempting to overthrow it. Ba’athism is secular and anti-monarchist. Saudi Arabia is monarchist and theocratic. Monarchies sell their national resources abroad to enrich their aristocracies, so the USA and its vassal states ally with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Monarchies to get cheap fossil fuels, as per the Quincy Agreement, 1945.

    Ba’athism is a one-party political system derived from the USSR Soviet system. Elections are held, but all candidates must be Ba’athist.

    Here is a secret British document from 1958:

    “The major British and other western interests in the Persian Gulf [are] (a) to ensure free access for Britain and other Western countries to oil produced in States bordering the Gulf; (b) to ensure the continued availability of that oil on favourable terms and for surplus revenues of Kuwait; (c) to bar the spread of Communism and pseudo-Communism in the area and subsequently to defend the area against the brand of Arab nationalism”

    Here is an interesting article by Nafeez Ahmed:

    Iraq blowback: Isis rise manufactured by insatiable oil addiction

    That’s from before the Guardian sacked him for writing about Gaza’s gas:

    How I was censored by The Guardian for writing about Israel’s war for Gaza’s gas

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    My description above is deliberately simplistic; detractors can raise a thousand minor deviations from it in an attempt to discredit it. But using it as a rough guide generally works.

    The US Empire, and the European states that were its parents and are now its subjects, are merely using Zionist Jews and Israelis to maintain their beachhead Israel in the oil-rich Middle East; this explains the vast US and European military aid to Israel. Israel allies with Saudi Arabia, and bombs Syria. The Palestinians are merely collateral genocide, just the latest in long list including Iraqis, Kurds and Libyans.

    Curse the USA. Curse capitalism.

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    Macron claim that France shot down iranian drones on behalf of Jordan in Jordan


    In other news, the only(?) supporting company for the Eurovision contest is an….israeli company!


    Here is the official “flyer” for Eurovision. Moroccanoil represented:


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    I don’t know if this is accurate or not. Pepe Escobar has posted this on his telegram:

    “From a very high level intel source.
    In Asia.
    NOT Russia-China.
    Although pthe strategic partnership, of course, exchanges at the highest level 24-7.
    Confirmed and re-confirmed.
    It will be great to know what Sy Hersh hears from his Beltway sources.
    Here we go.
    Israel initially chose to respond with extreme force.
    An F-35 loaded with a nuclear bomb was sent east over Jordan.
    The mission: cause a high-altitude detonation over Iran that would provoke a surge in the high-capacity power lines, crippling Iran’s electric grid, as well as disabling all electronic devices.
    An EMP attack.
    … As the Israeli F-35 was leaving Jordanian airspace it was shot down by the Russian Air Force.
    Hence the publicised version of the Israeli counter response was such a travesty.
    In the end all sides decided not to publicise the real news – to de-escalate what could well turn into WWIII.”

    Sensational (if that’s the correct word) if true, and extremely worrying.

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    re: Nafeez Ahmed
    Would you say stuff of that level of insight is still part of THE GUARDIAN´s foreign reporting or was it too destroyed as part of the “take-over”? (since in Germany e.g. there used to be odd papers, however with particular segments worth the read)

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    JK redux

    The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution that allows further support for Ukraine and (unfortunately) Israel.


    Even better, the House has voted to release Russkiy assets to help Ukraine.


    Very good news..

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    The US voting to ensure that no country will leave assets in any US or western bank and expediting the de-dollarisation of trade and world finance. A spectacular own goal.

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    Hundreds of bodies found in mass grave in Gaza hospital days after Israeli withdrawal

    This^ is also a typical example of the hypocrisy of the west and how propaganda works.
    Mass graves in Gaza = No coverage, no condemnations, no sanctions
    Mass graves in Ukraine = Prime coverage, condemnations, sanctions

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    Surprise Surprise. Seems that Israel have not provided any proof that 450 UNRWA members were part of Hamas.

    UNRWA has robust neutrality steps, Israel yet to back up claims, review says:

    The report said Israel had made public claims based on an UNRWA staff list provided to it in March that “a significant number” of UNRWA staff were members of “terrorist organizations”.
    “However, Israel has yet to provide supporting evidence of this,” it said.


    Western world was played once again by Israel, the result? Hundreds/thousands of palestinians did not get food/aid, some of them most likely perished from western stopping the aid.

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    ICC, ICJ will have such a hard time coming up with reasons not to accuse Israel of gross human rights violations. Oh man if they do…

    Reports of 200-300 bodies buried in mass graves around Al-Shifa Hospital, some handcuffed.
    Video https://twitter.com/JonnyFX1/status/1780643312187154441

    Nearly 300 bodies discovered in mass graves at Gaza’s Nasser hospital

    And no criticism, almost no coverage, no sanctions by the “humane” “rule based” west.
    Instead a debate have been triggered how pro-israeli jews are in fact the victims at US campuses!

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    Clearly those 300 cuffed themselves first and then got lost in the basement after they couldn´t find the keys any more and died of thirst.
    Why are you making things so difficult!

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    good text:

    “Israel’s Architect of Ethnic Cleansing”
    As Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza unfolds, the spectre of Yosef Weitz lives on, writes Stefan Moore.


    “Stefan Moore is an American-Australian documentary filmmaker whose films have received four Emmys and numerous other awards. In New York he was a series producer for WNET and a producer for the prime-time CBS News magazine program 48 HOURS. In the U.K. he worked as a series producer at the BBC, and in Australia he was an executive producer for the national film company Film Australia and ABC-TV.”

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    EUs von der Leyen hail Israel in new speech:

    “You have literally made the desert bloom,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in a video message on Wednesday, hailing the Zionist entity as a “vibrant democracy”.



    Today we celebrate 75 years of Israel’s independence and friendship with Europe.
    A special message from President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen


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    These EU people are worse than the kings and emperors of yesteryear since it was easier to get to those then, like with assassinations, brute attacks by peasants e.g., or take say 1789-execution style. State force, interestingly with the rise of democratic parliamentarianism has in fact increased. By measure of physical force the individual citizen is weaker than he used to be.
    That makes it even easier for such delusional indiviuals like cozy “Little Bear” von der Liar.
    Because I assure you she in fact believes that genocidal idiotic babbling of hers when running around in that castle or wherever she is lollopping around.

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    Apparently that was a statement from last year, my bad, not sure if von der Leyen said the same racist bs this year though, I do not want to know.

    Ursula Von der Leyen slammed for ‘You have literally made the desert bloom’ message to Israel

    EU President Ursula von der Leyen has been criticised for making ‘racist’ remarks in her recent speech about Israel Independence Day


    Implying that Israel was built in the “desert” is incredibly de-legitimizing and dehumanizing of the palestinian people (and other ethnicities) living on that very soil before Israel was built.

    The claim that Zionist settlers “made the desert bloom” is one of the most recognizable Israeli talking points, perhaps second only to the “land without a people for a people without a land” slogan. This line is used so often that it has become a rather parodied cliché. But cliché or not, it still endures to this day and is fervently repeated over and over by Israelis and their supporters worldwide.


    Sounds like her speech was written by the israeli lobby. Speaking of which:

    After House Speaker Mike Johnson Pushed Through Israel Aid Package, AIPAC Cash Came Flowing In

    The pro-Israel lobby donated around $95,000 to Johnson after he led the House passage of an extra $14 billion for Israel.


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    Finkelstein in the interview for TRT which I linked in the main section earlier today in fact says, he would spit into Scholz´ face. Despite the admission that Germans might have a more difficult time than others. But this would not give them the right to act the way they do and talk about it constantly. They should simply shut up.
    And in that regard it doesn´t matter how old the statement is. It could be 20 or 30 years old. The problem would still stand because those statements, the mindset behind them is built on such racist, fake formulas that you mention.

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    Very true, as we have seen past months now it does not matter how many massacres being carried out or how many palestinians killed or how many obvious war crimes being commited by Israel – the west will not change their stance because as you say, it is a racist mindset from the beginning, a racist foundation. There could problably be as many aa 100000 palestinians killed and the west will still only respond by the claim ” israel have the right to defend itself”.

    What is telling also how western politicians/journalists cannot in their life understand why their populations have so much compassion for Palestine. Instead they make up stories now that the protests are directed from China, Russia.

    Blaming Russia
    Blaming China

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    …and HAMAS is behind it too.
    I didn´t know about that creative new spin until today. See new post by Craig today, for my link/comment (April 26, 2024 at 10:38).

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    Terrible, and all this is being done under the watch of a Democratic regime. If this is the Democrats, well then the Republican response would be even worse. It is sickening to see the increasing right-wing turn of the Democrats past couple of years.
    In other news: The hypocrisy by the West:

    Biden and 17 other world leaders call for ‘immediate release’ of hostages held by Hamas

    When close to 40000 have been killed, the west have no condemnations against the perpetrator but the victim!

    EU condemn Iran after they legally responded to Israel’s consulate bombing…which the EU did not condemn!

    Members of the European Parliament have adopted a resolution strongly condemning the recent Iranian drone and missile attack on Israel and calling for further sanctions against Iran.

    The resolution was adopted on April 25 with 357 votes in favour, 20 against and 58 abstentions.


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    I agree with the Bucha comment you left (April 26, 2024 at 18:12), it is completely different now when it comes to the Gaza massacre. Almost no reporting, no condemnations, no sanctions.

    Just look how US react when 350-400 palestinian corpses being unearthed:

    It seems that Israel control everything, US will not even sanction a minor IDF unit in the West Bank:

    U.S. Delays Plans to Sanction IDF Unit Embroiled in Alleged Human Rights Violations
    Four of five units under review have undergone proper remediation steps by Israel, according to a letter by Secretary of State Antony Blinken obtained by ABC. The allegations involving the units occurred before the current war in Gaza


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    Not really news but another proof of what Israel is doing:

    Israel struck zones in Gaza it had declared ‘safe’ – NBC
    Investigation claims to have found that Palestinians have been killed in airstrikes on areas of Rafah IDF told public to go to


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    Boston cops clear pro-Palestinian college protest (VIDEOS)

    “What began as a student demonstration two days ago, was infiltrated by professional organizers with no affiliation to Northeastern,” the university claimed in a statement. “Last night, the use of virulent antisemitic slurs, including ‘Kill the Jews,’ crossed the line. We cannot tolerate this kind of hate on our campus.”

    Obviously the chant did not come from pro-Palestinian protesters but pro-israelis that tried to discredit the protests on the campuses!

    The Massachusetts chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), however, claimed that anti-Semitic chants were not started by the protesters, but by “pro-Israel counter-supporters” attempting to discredit the pro-Palestinian side. Video footage shared by the DSA on Saturday apparently shows protesters shouting down someone who tried to start a chant of “Kill the Jews.”


    Always these type of false-flags…

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    Follow up to the comment above, as Jimmy Dore Show hosts said: pro-palestinian protesters do not use such language and are very sensitive not to say something that Israel/supporters could use against them:

    Infiltrators EXPOSED At NYC G@za Protests!

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    Despicable but not a surprising act by Saudi Arabia:

    Israeli plane previously used by Mossad officials lands in Riyadh: Report
    A private plane, previously used by officials with the Israeli regime’s Mossad spy agency, reportedly lands in the Saudi capital amid the likelihood of resumption of normalization talks between Riyadh and Tel Aviv.


    The arab leaders seems to have zero interest in supporting the palestinians against Israel.

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    on the other hand:
    D.C. police refused to clear a protest site:


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