Rusbridger the Worst Editor in the World Part II 107

Good grief!! This is absolutely beyond parody!! There is yet another terrible puff piece in the Guardian – the fifteenth in the last month now I think – about how Gordon Brown will save the union and what a great and respected sage Brown is. This one claims that Brown is the only man to have perceived that the independence referendum must be about the future of Scotland.

No, really, it does, read it through.

I think Rusbridger must be on heroin. Of course I realised something is seriously wrong for anybody to wear that bad a wig in public, but I really had not quite understood just how bad things actually are at the Guardian. I do now.

Freedland is at his most execrable in this piece in the absolute lie that Brown is speaking to packed out halls up and down Scotland. Completely untrue. Actually they might be less empty were it not for the fact that these meetings are strictly no entry except by invite. Not to mention that – and the fact no questions are allowed – shows as if we did not know that Freedland has no claims at all to journalistic integrity, and is just writing pure propaganda.

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107 thoughts on “Rusbridger the Worst Editor in the World Part II

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  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    (O/T, but there’s a chance Rusbridger may find this useful if he’s reading it, lol.
    As devil’s advocate let me offer that the Guardian’s attitude to Blair is IMO impeccable, and what R puts on his head is his affair, having no place in serious political commentary. Lay off his syrup, Craig. It could come back to bite you…)

    I digress. This month’s Blair Movements abroad follow. G-CEYL is the plane he usually uses. 100% accuracy in reporting its whereabouts is not claimed as this is dependant on several variables.

    May 27: TB Berlin
    May 25: TB , G_CEYL Stockholm
    May 26: TB, C-CEYL, Malmo (?Bilderberg from 29 May -1Jun, just over the water?)
    June 3: Charles Hendry, Robert Dudley (CEO, BP), G-CEYL, Baku
    Jun 10th: G_CEYL reported destination Cork: receiver NI. Cherie B reported Donegal.
    Jun 10/11th: G_CEYL reported Istanbul
    Jun 11th: Renzi, TB, Beijing
    Jun 15th: G-CEYL, Northolt (dep), LHR enroute
    Jun 15th (ca): TB Abu Dhabi
    Jun 17/18th: TB, G-CEYL? Tel Aviv
    Jun 17/18th: TB, G-CEYL Cairo
    Jun 17/18th: TB Kuwait
    (Jun18th; G-CEYL reported Malaga)
    Jun 19th: TB Belgrade
    Jun 19th/20th: TB Tirana
    Jun 23:TB Riyadh

    Mr. Blair will be at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado tomorrow. He will be participating in an ‘Afternoon of Conversation’ starting at 2pm in the Benedict Tent on the 30th June with Hilary Clinton and other speakers.

    Be there or be wrestled to the floor by security…

    Future appearances of the Dear Leader may be found here:

    Though I expect he will be holidaying with someone rich during the silly season.

  • nevermind, viva beautiful football

    My most sincere support and thanks to those four women who made their point by climbing a crane of some stature, they have manifested, once again, that the BBC is a controlled mouthpiece that does nopthing better to lick the bare arses of politicians to get their continuing tax take franchise.

    Thanks to Richard G for the clarifying numbers of our Rusbridger approved old new Labour stooge.
    Looks like he and the BBBC are grooming Brown to be the fall back candidate for PM, just in case something should happen to Milliped.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    A couple of points on topic:
    As editor, Rusbridger is obliged, at least to some extent, to take the word of his reporters on their stories. Laying this kind of rubbish directly at Rusbridger’s door is a superficial response.
    The story is by Freedland. Who is not a kneejerk, but a thinking, anti. Like Brown, incidentally, whose Guardian piece made some cogent points concerning Scottish indpendence, and should, rather than raising hackles, occasioned some critical self-appraisal – even acknowledgement – from the Yes side. Freedland, in pursuit of an easy op-ed, does no original research, but cites Severin Carroll as the source of the untrue/misleading allegations to which you (and I) object.

    Carroll has form on this. He makes shit up:

    Continuing to employ a viciously biased correspondent does not make Rusbridger the worst editor in the world. Relying on him as a source makes him a bad one, but no worse than the employers of Sarah Vine, say, or Melanie Phillips.

    Perhaps it would be more constructive to point out where the bias is creeping in, and to insist that journalists check their sources….this is an industry-wide problem.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    A Node – think you may have failed to link your story properly. Here, in full:

    What he was appointed for in the first place defeats me. And Ha’aretz, apparently.

    The former ambassador will now return to a post at the Doha-based Brookings Institute.

    I doubt it. Ostensibly he’s not much to do with the Brookings Doha Centre. Worth looking at an unusual rivalry there, though:

    Neocons “supporting” the Muslim Brotherhood? Well, well.


    Press the Meat had Valerie Jarrett on this morn.

    Will Hillary run?

    No! —- ( the first definitive answer I’ve heard, why?)

    Will you run?

    Not likely.

    Jeebus. That’s a probe. Gawd help us all.


    Ba’al; The Neocons pushed the Surge in Iraq because of the so-called Anbar-Awakening as locals started to resist the Talibanic prescriptions from AQ.

    ‘Ends justify means’

  • Jives


    The day i take lessons in netiquette from you is the day i give it all up.

    Remind us-if you will Habba-which of the two of us has been banned from this blog hmmm?

  • amanfromMars

    I can’t quite understand what objections there be from Rusbridger and Co to the following, which didn’t make the cut and take a bow with other comments on the subject matter. Well, maybe I am being economical with the truth there and can understand perfectly their fabulous folly. Words control worlds and one doesn’t want to be giving to the masses the seeds of a corrupt systems destruction, does one, although such is bound to be a good thing and much better than it being silently assisted in continuing. And what would be a valid reason for that? Would one be ignorant, or cowed, or cowardly or threatened to toe the line and not make new waves.

    HonourableMember … 29 June 2014 5:24 am … commenting and throwing down AI gauntlets on
    It appears that the Tony Blair is akin to a Jimmy Savile with the hiding of his misdemeanours and perpetrating of crimes in plain sight and with the undoubted assistance of the system which is hosting and protecting and paying him for his troubles. HM government are paying and granting diplomatic immunity to a war criminal if one can believe all that Chilcot has found out and is not yet finding the cojones to print and freely speculate and/or comment on. And that is the problematic enigmatic dilemma and Gordian type knot which needs to be grasped and slashed and smashed to smithereens, for the worldly masses see the problem and it not be solved but rather more aided and abetted and permitted to continue to create greater mayhem which madness will not command and control.

    And that does have one wondering on the culpability and responsibility of politicians/gangs of politicians waging battles against the masses to have them thought relevant and indispensable for their [the uneducated and undereducated masses] comfort and prosperity. The evidence clearly suggests and boldly leads to the conclusion that Parliamentary type democracy is a pie in the sky scam which servers very well just the wishes of a …….. well, media dependent and psychotically quixotic and quite criminally minded few, paying handsomely with pretty printed paper for the privilege of being hidden in plain sight seems like the odds on favourite for that place in the Great Game race.

    Is Chilcot admirably proving that UKGBNI is a banana republic and failed terrorist state? It is certainly proving that its supposed intelligence services are lacking in everything necessary to deliver the goods that postmodern existence/societies/communities/call the future what you will requires whenever it is dictated to by officious prigs in the defence of the indefensible and undemocratic.and some would even venture the insane and despotic with Messianic zeal which be a delusional faith foundation.

    Time for a few new faces on the intelligence bridge, methinks, with a much better understanding and considerably clearer picture of the Bigger Picture and of how things are made to happen and work better for all and not just those desirous of the phantom riches of a chosen few.

    In days of yore, would that have been a right royal task, aided and abetted by right royal knights and masters of the bed chamber. Methinks even today in these times and places of instant global communication and virtually invisible spaces, is that opportunity to excel with sovereign reign and rein still available, and lauded and greatly appreciated because of what it signifies for the future.

    Knock, knock, House of Windsor, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Is there anybody in there, out there, and into Greater IntelAIgent Games Play?

    [Your comment has been posted but is not yet visible on the site. Please check back shortly.]

    Mainstream news really has lost the plot, hasn’t it, with its politically incorrect views and lack lustre plots. Don’t they realise the mortal danger they are putting themselves in with their dogged and rabid support of criminalising elements?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    As previously noted here, Serbia this month was granted an audience in Belgrade with Mr. Blair, who offered his assistance in getting Serbia into the EU (possibly impressed by the coincidence of Albania’s having hired Mr. Blair and made progress in the same direction) However, a day later it was announced that Bl;air would not be retained by the taxpayers of Serbia to waffle on their behalf, and I speculated on this.

    Here is the true explanation (bwahahahaha).

    And Mandy, not Bambi, was invited to Bilderberg this year (though Blair may have been lurking nearby).

    It’s a poisonous-slimeball-eat-poisonous-slimeball world, innit?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    Another Blair project crashes and burns –

    (The surveillance continues.)

    Raytheon, who engineered this fuckup, and New Labour had a particularly cosy relationship:

    Raytheon is a New Labour backer, it paid the Labour party over £5,000 in sponsorship in 1997 and also flew MPs to Paris[39]. In June 1999 the company was rewarded with an £800 million contract for their ASTOR battlefield radar spy-plane system.[40] Overall more arms contracts have been approved by the Blair government than by the Tories and some of these go to countries with appalling human rights records such as Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    Ok, maybe Rusbridger is the worst editor in the world. He printed a column of Michael bloody Gove today.

  • Roderick Russell

    HABBABKUK’S COMMENT @ June 28, 9:03 PM TO ME

    “From Roderick Russell:

    “On March 4th 2011, I had corresponded by email with Jeff Stein of the Washington Post about my experiences with “The Guardian” as are outlined in the above article. The following day two hoods, here in Calgary, Canada, skidded a truck across the across the road deliberately and dangerously just as I walked past them. The hoods got out of the truck and told me in a threatening manner that it was because I “don’t know my place”. And there was yet another incident a year later.

    On August 17 2012, I wrote a comment in Media Lens entitled “Guardian is too close to MI5 / MI6”. Later that same day a car nearly drove my eldest son and his fiancé off the road when they were travelling back from work to their home.”

    Are you related to Trowbridge Ford by any chance, Roderick?”


    No, but I wonder if you are related to a “Larry from St. Louis” who used to comment on Craig’s site.

    Yes, the experience my wife and I had with the Guardian was absolutely shocking and it is right that I should have commented on it. I hardly think that the Guardian is likely to disagree with what I’ve written since the facts are provable. Indeed I have swapped a number of letters and emails with their people over the years and they haven’t disagreed with any of the facts yet. But just in case they want to change their mind and disagree with what I’ve written, they can find my article here:

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