Rusbridger the Worst Editor in the World Part II

by craig on June 28, 2014 2:19 am in Uncategorized

Good grief!! This is absolutely beyond parody!! There is yet another terrible puff piece in the Guardian – the fifteenth in the last month now I think – about how Gordon Brown will save the union and what a great and respected sage Brown is. This one claims that Brown is the only man to have perceived that the independence referendum must be about the future of Scotland.

No, really, it does, read it through.

I think Rusbridger must be on heroin. Of course I realised something is seriously wrong for anybody to wear that bad a wig in public, but I really had not quite understood just how bad things actually are at the Guardian. I do now.

Freedland is at his most execrable in this piece in the absolute lie that Brown is speaking to packed out halls up and down Scotland. Completely untrue. Actually they might be less empty were it not for the fact that these meetings are strictly no entry except by invite. Not to mention that – and the fact no questions are allowed – shows as if we did not know that Freedland has no claims at all to journalistic integrity, and is just writing pure propaganda.

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  1. So, according to the Guardian, Gordon Brown thinks David Cameron’s case against Scottish independence — that it would be bad for Britain — is futile for the obvious reason that it is not the British but the Scots who are going to decide the issue. Seems a point worth making.

    Brown’s other major contention, as discussed in the article you refer to — about the pound and the desirability of a voice at the table in the management of the currency — makes obvious sense too.

    You say the Guardian report lies in stating that Brown is speaking to packed halls, but Reuters report that Brown recently filled the Old Fruit Market in Glasgow, which suggests he’s receiving more attention in Scotland than you would like.

  2. Craig,
    May I suggest that one of the core issues is the whole matter of nuclear weapons in Scotland.
    The US/English alliance has a vested set of interests in keeping this status quo as it is.
    My view? Stop building nuclear weapons and start deescalating around the globe. Simply put – if you can blow the world up five times over already – what is the great advantage in maintaining expenditures which assure that a nation can blow the world up tenfold and not just fivefold?
    What about the NPT?
    So Iran signed – didn’t they? And the UK?
    So which nation is building more nuclear weapons in Scotland?
    Gordon Brown – if you believe in peace instead of more war ( which we already know the answer to) – then to thine own self be true and continue along your already established trajectory.

  3. So true. At least about that wig. No wonder he’s not keen on country life, if he ever went to a hunt the dogs would tear him to pieces to get at that thing.

  4. No surprises really.

    “‘recently filled the Old Fruit Market”…lolz

  5. I found some STV footage of the Old Fruit Market venue, it certainly looks full to me and the attendance figures and hall capacity seem to match.

  6. If when Scotland gets its independence it ever needs a loan there might be another source other than the IMF.

  7. Andrew Leslie

    28 Jun, 2014 - 7:52 am

    So what? Handpicked journalists and Labour activists “encouraged” to attend. No-one allowed to question. Definitely no-one known to support Independence allowed in the hall.
    Sounds a bit dodgy to me.
    There are pictures available of Brown in sparsely occupied rooms where the above restrictions were not applied. WHY is he conducting this one man band when he could be supporting the main Unionist group ( Chairman, A Darling) . It’s Brown’ s ego again, supported by idiots like Rusbridger.

  8. I googled ‘stv Gordon brown old fruit market’ and got this report plus video of 7mins+ of Brown in close up.

    Could have done without that first thing in the morning.

    No video of the adoring crowds at the Old Fruit Market appeared. Perhaps someone else could find it!

  9. “So what?”

    So Craig claimed the halls where Gordon Brown spoke weren’t full and Jives seemed to be ridiculing the suggestion that the Old Fruit Market was full.

    Yet when I check I find that the Old Fruit Market was, in fact, full.

  10. I thought Jives was sniggering at the carry onesque double entendre. Made me laugh.

    Brown filled the old fruitmarket? Even when fully stuffed the old fruitmarket has a limited capacity. !000 or so. An embarrassing size for someone off the tele.

    Anyway happy ww1 start day.

  11. I want to share with you this short video of seven year old Ben reading his thoughts to a packed house and standing ovation on Thursday, and all the racist shits in this government of ours should learn something. Children do not share their prejudice. Out of the mouths of babes . . .

  12. I am in hiding today lest I hear any military bands or the sound of armies marching.

    Today is Armed Forces Day created by the ghastly warmongering Gordon Brown. He sat alongside BLiar writing the cheques and voting for war and then had three years at it solo. NuLabour was the worst thing to befall the UK.

    It is also a business.
    I see the main event today is in Stirling. I wonder who engineered that?

  13. “I think Rusbridger must be on heroin.”

    This is unfair. It is perfectly possible to sustain a life of heroin addiction without becoming a corporate serving, royal cock sucking, war crime propagandising, elitist, statist, hypocrite fraud and keep your hair.

  14. I have always thought that there is something of the tragi-comic about Gordo.

    But having f’ed up our economy, he is doing pretty well on the personal side I read. There is some story that all his earnings from speeches (who would pay to hear him!?) go to The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd. Sarah Brown is one director and a David Boutcher the other.

    The note about Sarah Brown says:
    Sarah Brown holds 4 appointments at 4 active companies, has resigned from 2 companies and held 1 appointments at 1 dissolved companies. Sarah began their first appointment at the age of 28 and their longest current appointment spans 12 years and 1 months at THEIRWORLD PROJECTS LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Sarah holds a current appointment equals £206,448,368, with a combined assets value of £361,891,863 and liabilities of £1,273,121,464. Roles associated with Sarah Brown within the recorded businesses include: Director’

    Interesting that she has a directorship of Harrods Group Holdings Ltd. Who owns Harrods these days?

    I also came across this and felt sick.

    ‘Indeed, that Brooks’s friendship with Sarah Brown, ex-PM Gordon Brown’s wife, was so close that she attended a “pyjama party” hosted by the PM’s wife, with Elisabeth Murdoch and Rupert’s then wife Wendi Deng, at Chequers, is (just about) fine in isolation. But seen as part of a bigger picture, in which a closed circle of elected and unelected power brokers make deals over sausage rolls warmed in the Agas in Chipping Norton, or the expense-account specialist restaurants in the City of London, is something that should be of concern to those of us who cherish democratic decision-making and oppose the increasing concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands.’

  15. Mary
    Are those figures correct? Over 200 million pounds? Jesus.

    The pyjama party story reveals Brown’s image to be nothing but PR. Just another establishment scumbag politician targeting the lefty demographic.

  16. I can see The Proclaimers filling it but Gordo? No.

    He’s having another go there tonight under his stage name Stu Brown.

    ‘Glasgow International Jazz Festival presents: Stu Brown’s Twisted Toons Septet
    Sat 28 June 2014, 8.00pm, Recital Room’

  17. That sum would be the total across the five companies and you can guess the Harrods part of it.

    I found this David J Boutcher. A person with the same name is the company secretary of The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd.

    I forgot to say that Brown is a confirmed Zionist and I damn him for that alone. His daddy the Church of Scotland minister used to visit Israhell twice a year.
    Gordon Brown Speech Zionist Federation–BYNQ
    Emetic warning.

  18. Fred,

    Oooooh Matron!

  19. Absolutely brilliant. Four brave women.

    Finnieston Crane Occupied on Armed Forces Day – The Editors Today, 8:29 am
    Four women reported to have climbed crane as part of protest – The Editors Today, 8:58 am
    Utterly fantastic!!! – John Hilley Today, 9:13 am
    Re: Utterly fantastic!!! – The Editors Today, 9:18 am
    Re: Utterly fantastic!!! – The Editors Today, 9:31 am

  20. Brown is England’s political reject. The Guardian expects the people of Scotland to believe the words of England’s reject. The Guardian can get lost.

  21. Anyone in London today looking for something to do before heading over to pride? How about a historical tour to counter the establishment ww1 narrative? The tour guide really knows his stuff. Educational and fun, ending with a picnic and a surprise. Hopefully see you there (although I can’t stay the duration).

    Remembering the victims and opponents of World War 1
    Saturday 28 June,

  22. Rusbridger has an interesting agenda. Promoting the No vote and hence Gordo on one hand and dissing BLiar on the other.

    Tony Blair accused of conflict of interests in Middle East
    Critics unite to demand his sacking as Quartet’s envoy as evidence emerges of his private business interests expanding in region

    Iraq’s latest bloody crisis and its links to the 2003 war brought Tony Blair back into the headlines this week, along with calls for him to step down as a Middle East peace envoy – but new evidence has emerged that his private business interests in the ever-volatile region are expanding.

    Aides to the former prime minister confirmed that he was actively considering opening an office in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, which is in the frontline of the struggle against political Islam. But a spokesperson denied suggestions by a leading Arab economist that he was being considered for a job advising Oman on its long-term development, after his controversial £27m consultancy project for the Kuwaiti government in recent years.

    Retired diplomats and political enemies united to demand Blair be sacked as the envoy of the Quartet – the UN, US, Russia and EU – after achieving little to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace in seven years.

    Blair’s Middle Eastern activities cause some irritation in Whitehall, where officials say they are not always aware of what he is doing and exactly who he is representing in meetings abroad – even though he is routinely briefed by British embassies. “He moves in mysterious ways,” quipped one senior figure.

    “The Blair organisation is like a sort of government with different departments doing different things,” an ex-employee said. “His office is run on Downing Street lines. It’s like he’s never not been PM.”


    But think of all the thousands of times he used to promote BLiar and his wars!

    A hypocrite with a wig. Not ‘lipstick on a pig’ or even ‘a haircut in search of a brain’ like Kerry! I think Kerry has his own.

    Go bald like Hague Alan. It’s the trendy thing to do.

  23. There is no news. It’s all untouchable, from Al Qaida fighting petro wars in Iraq, to Australia locking up immigrants.
    Bilderberg Brown having an idea is just another version of One dog died in North Korea.

  24. People are not stupid. They realise that Scotland’s day has come and they are doing everything in their power to prevent independence. It will hopefully backfire on them because the general canny wee Scottish public are not going to have the wool pulled over their eyes (Masonic expression) or be hoodwinked (Masonic expression) into doing anything but what their brave hearts tell them.

  25. Phil, if I was in London and was free I would be on your bus. Sounds like a good tour.

  26. Matthew Williams

    28 Jun, 2014 - 11:48 am

    As a Guardian reader I have found their coverage of the referendum utterly shocking. Both half-assed, misleading and at times just plain biased. There have been a few exceptions of course, but by-and-large the ongoing coverage often consists of retyping press releases by those aligned with the No campaign. Seldom is there any critical journalism (or even sceptical thinking) employed.

    On the note about Brown’s ‘packed houses’ I don’t doubt that he could fill the Old Fruitmarket. If an ex-Prime Minister and leader of Labour in a tradtional Labour stronghold on the eve of massive political upheaval, and with a new book to flog, can’t fill a mid-sized Glasgow venue something would be very odd. What’s stranger though is that the Guardian continues banging on about ‘political apathy in Britain’ whilst Scotland is seeing massive grass roots movements and huge participation in political debate, often of course on the Yes side which te Guardian appear to deliberately overlook.

    Meanwhile the Guardian’s Miliband piece this morning (yet again conflating independence with possible SNP first-term government policy – or rather allowing Miliband to do so) notes that Ed’s speech was given to ‘political journalists in Edinburgh’. Which puts him roughly on a par with Osborne and Alexander’s cut-and-run antics. Why the hell isn’t Miliband filling the Old Fruitmarket with admiring spectators, No campaigners and undecideds? The Guardian doesn’t ask this question, so we’ll just have to speculate.

  27. Resident Dissident

    28 Jun, 2014 - 12:13 pm

    Yet another personal attack against those who are arguing fro a no vote – perhaps we could hear some engagement with their arguments or even some positive arguments for Scottish independence. I don’t think it is just the Guardian that is writing pure propaganda – or perhaps someone can post me to the content in Craig’s post or the subsequent witterings of his camp followers.

  28. Resident Dissident

    28 Jun, 2014 - 12:21 pm

    Freedland’s article did at least put across one substantive argument(admittedly only one – but one more than we hear from Craig in his response) – perhaps that could be addressed for those of us genuinely interested in politics rather than indulging in the customary five minute hate sessions, which most normal human beings find intensely boring.

    “The right way to argue it, says Brown, is to ask what’s best for Scotland: to use the currency of a country you’ve just left and whose rules you no longer have any say over or to retain your seat at the table, with some control over your own money. The former would be a “semi-colonial relationship”, says Brown, Scotland using a currency shaped by officials in faraway London. Framed like that, it’s suddenly Brown who’s putting Scottish interests first and, oddly, Salmond who’s left defending a supine relationship to London.”

  29. News from the USUKIsNATO axis:

    They’re back!
    US Armed Drones Take To The Skies Over Iraq
    The US military is flying manned and unmanned aircraft over Iraq to protect American troops and diplomats in the country.


    10,000 police to be drafted to Newport for the NATO meeting in September.,000-cops-will-police-Nato-meet#.U66QHbHYFVc

  30. BiBiCee fail to report protest on Finnieston crane in Glasgow.

    No mention on BBC Weekend News a few minutes ago

    Posted by The (Medialens) Editors on June 28, 2014, 12:20 pm, in reply to “(no subject)”

    Of course not.

    Caroline Wyatt, BBC ‘defence’ correspondent, reported live from Stirling with David Cameron, Princess Anne, Alex Salmond and others in the background.

    Ironically, Wyatt said at one point:

    ‘There may be no politics on obvious display…’ (her emphasis)

    Well, no – not if you ignore the obvious politics that was on display not so far away in Glasgow.


  31. Location of BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay Glasgow and
    Finnieston Crane just across the river.

  32. Why should four prats climbing a crane deserve media attention?

  33. Resident Dissident

    28 Jun, 2014 - 12:42 pm

    Tsk Anon – you just do not understand the politics of street theatre!

  34. The Guardian – Rusbridger,Severin Carrell,Martin Kettle etc – are desperate hypocrites.
    What they’re choosing to focus on is,of course,a side- show and a subversion of the real debate.

    The debate and referendum concern the principles of self determination and democracy.
    The clue is in the word “self” (determination).

    The interests of Westminster/the establishment/BetterTogether/Gordon Brown in his role as a “North Briton”…..are a subversion of the debate proper.

    Presenting Westminster,the Treasury,the Civil Service,and pro-union/establishment think tanks and “statistics” as impartial is part of their agenda to control the framing of the debate from an illegitimate perspective – the outside interests,as distinct from the core principle of SELF determination,democracy,and the legitimate and sole interests of the people of Scotland.

    It’s also obvious that Brown should indeed fill medium sized venues – but that these events,like most “BetterTogether” events are ticket-only shows confirm the fact that the unionist agenda is a subversive sideshow,sealed off from the real debate in order to reframe the focus to what is in fact a Unionist debate on the Union,rather than a Scottish debate held under the core principles of self determination and what is in the best interests of the people of SCOTLAND – rather than the UK Unionist vested interests.

  35. Resident Dissident

    If one of them falls off does that represent a victory against fascism?

  36. Crikey Eslo has transmogrified back into Resident Dissident! How do they do that?

  37. A great deal of energy and expenditure has gone into the production of the Scotland Decides page on the BBC website.

    They show the You Gov poll result although there is a choice of 5 others.
    The Don’t Knows range from 9% You Gov to 28% on TNS-BMRB.

  38. Thanks A Node. Good for STV and well done the White Feather women.

    The STV board


    Saw this ref Miliband. He’s moving North until Sept 18th. Good riddance and bad luck for the Scots.

    Ed Miliband’s referendum vow: I’m moving up north until Sep 18.. I don’t want to be PM without Scotland
    Jun 28, 2014 08:10
    LABOUR leader Ed Miliband yesterday announced his plan to move north of the border to support the Better Together campaign’s final push.

    He’s another (Zionist) clown and will NEVER be Prime Minister with or without Scotland.


    28 Jun, 2014 - 2:29 pm

    “Yet another…….”

    It’s a slow news year.

  40. “Resident Dissident

    If one of them falls off does that represent a victory against fascism?”

    It’s hard for people like Anon with presumably a short attention span but if he had read to the end of the article he would have seen that, despite his wishes, none of them is going to fall off. They were all arrested by the state police, who might be justifiably labelled fascists for targeting peaceful women who just wanted to make a point about war being wrong. You who glory in war and people falling to their deaths are hardly likely to understand the message.

  41. Offshore wind farm owners pay rent to the CE for the 1500 windmills anchored to the CEs seabed and licensing profits rose 46% last year to £15 million. There are plans to increase generating capacity by 250% by 2020. The Scottish Government hopes to wrestle half of the sea bed lease payments from the Crown Estates to benefit local communities for off shore wind development but will the CE give up revenues from the sea bed leases? The Scottish Affairs Committee criticised CEC for a “lack of accountability, transparency and communication”
    Some hope!!!

    Onshore wind is not much better. Permission was given this month for the largest turbine field yet in the Highlands. It’s the Southern Scottish Electricity Stronelairg site on the Garrogie Estate about 12 miles from Fort Augustus 63 turbines covering 35 sq km with 40 ml of tracks turning wild land into industrial waste land for the benefit of the land owner and SSE shareholders at the expense of the electricity consumer. These white elephants have nothing to do with climate change mitigation nor indeed local community benefits!

  42. OOOps sorry about the acronym lazy writing. For CE substitute Crown Estates for CEC Crown Estates Comission

  43. “The debate and referendum concern the principles of self determination and democracy.
    The clue is in the word “self” (determination).”

    The right of the people in Scotland to determine for themselves that they want to remain part of Britain?

  44. The red deer are yet another curse upon the Highlands but its not their fault there’s no proper fourleg-ed predictor to control their numbers, that onerous job falls upon the the twoleg-ed land owners since they have sole rights to shoot them. But the high fee paying hunters prefer to shoot only the many pointed-racked stag while female numbers sore which results in browsing of all trees and the eroding of the valuable peat covered hillsides (valuable to the environment as a carbon sink and as a medium for the growth of plants).
    Scotland’s Land Reform bill needs serious amendments to change this status quo along with its voluntary deer control code that is currently being ignored by the majority of land owners. Its David Cameron who’s is their representative in chief..of the UK land owners association or whatever they call themselves…
    How depressing!!


    28 Jun, 2014 - 3:23 pm

    It seems the UN may be the best bad idea for Iraq, but the bureaucracy is a very ploddy one. It’s hard to respond to threats that come quickly when decisions are made by Committee. When Veira was assassinated in 2003, they just got out of the way. This time will be worse, and their military decisions (Bosnia-Somalia) are twice as bpggy as their administrative.


    28 Jun, 2014 - 3:24 pm


  47. Yes that’s right, John, the police are fascists for arresting protesters climbing a crane and endangering their own lives as well as others. What a truly awful fascist state this is.

  48. Ms Wyatt, the warmongers’ stenographer, is allowed to insert a little bit of Better Together stuff in her comment on the BBC report of the Stirling AFD gathering.

    Caroline Wyatt
    Defence correspondent, BBC News

    The parade began at Stirling Castle under stormy skies, at a place much fought over by the English and the Scots in the late Middle Ages.

    That echo of battles past and battles still to come hung in the air as Prime Minister David Cameron stood near Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, as Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal took the salute.

    Mr Salmond is the man hoping to lead the country to independence this September – in a referendum that’s not the only one proving troublesome for Mr Cameron.

    During the march past, an Indian-born veteran of the Parachute Regiment, Sergeant Milton Reilly, took the chance to tell Mr Salmond, the Princess Royal and the Prime Minister in person what he thought of the referendum, and his hopes that the UK would remain united, before he was moved along gently by security.

    But most here wanted to keep politics out of a day that they say is here to remind the UK of the sacrifices of the UK’s armed forces in the past and the present, rather than debate the future.

    This afternoon, the Red Arrows will fly overhead – as well as the Battle of Britain memorial flight display, and the Royal Navy Historic flight.

    All this, an unspoken reminder that the future of defence in Scotland – from its historic regiments to the nuclear deterrent base in Faslane – is also at stake when Scotland votes in September.

    Stirling leads Armed Forces Day celebrations across UK

  49. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 3:37 pm


    “Yes that’s right, John, the police are fascists for arresting protesters climbing a crane and endangering their own lives as well as others. What a truly awful fascist state this is.”

    It is indeed conclusive proof, Anon, especially for those of us who have not yet noticed that we are being ground into the dust by a bunch of war-mongering, globalising sadists aka the British govt.

    The expression Mr Goss used was, interestingly enough, “state police”. Leaving aside the question of whether he might prefer “private” police, the terminology is rather totalitarian isn’t it. Wake up John, the USSR has vanished!


    28 Jun, 2014 - 3:40 pm

    ” those of us who have not yet noticed that we are being ground into the dust by a bunch of war-mongering, globalising sadists aka the British govt.”

    Irony is a difficult concept.

  51. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 3:43 pm

    According to Mary, the New Old Lizard “Ba’al Zevul” doesn’t post at weekends.

    If that’s so, I suppose we won’t be hearing anything from his twin Afrend either.

    But isn’t it time for the Antipodean “Peter Kemp” to be putting in an appearance?

  52. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 3:45 pm

    “” those of us who have not yet noticed that we are being ground into the dust by a bunch of war-mongering, globalising sadists aka the British govt.”

    Irony is a difficult concept.”

    But easier than self-awareness, Ben.

    (hope that was gnomic enough for you :) )

  53. Will a yes vote ultimately result in an end to the feudalism, some symptoms of which I described earlier? Well its my guess that there’s more chance than with a no vote. But I can not see these oligarchic powers giving up their control without a battle but indeed with some kind of swindle’s more likely!!

  54. It is consistent, in the past, a few, mostly harmless sorts, Urban Explorers, photographers, industrial and social history buffs, have been arrested for climbing up there, but couldn’t say if any were charged. The view, the sheer scale of it, and the nostalgic evocative statement this titan survivor makes towering still over the once thriving industrial heart of the old city and the newer redevelopments for better or worse, a reference point and landmark, unchanged through time, a link that ties the old and new Glasgow. It is highly symbolic, great to see it being put to new, relevant and important, worthwhile use again by these foolhardy but brave ladies.

    Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown, Riding through the glen
    Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown, With his band of men
    Feared by the bad, Loved by the good
    Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown

  55. I’m afraid this puffing of people or events (historical or contemporary) or policies is not unusual or recent. Brown isn’t the only one to whom it happens. It’s only a week or two since Farmer Mandleson opined that Tony Blair was a great statesman. He might even have said “the greatest”, memory fails, but it’s nauseating drivel either way. We have been putting up with this propagandistic tripe for ever, but it may be starting to wear thin even with the gullible masses. Whatever you think of U.K.I.P., the incessant “racist, homophobic, swivel-eyed loons” diatribe to which they were subjected backfired spectacularly and I notice that those pedalling it have eased up a bit since the Euro election.

    I really do wonder what, if anything, that I have ever seen on TV or read in the papers was factual or evidence-based.

  56. No show without Punch!


    I have been using my chipper today. As I have said before, using it is very therapeutic. You can feed all sorts of virtual people into it (including some of the trolls along with the warmongers) and they emerge as little chips of wood and greenery!

  57. “They were all arrested by the state police, who might be justifiably labelled fascists for targeting peaceful women who just wanted to make a point about war being wrong.”

    You are aware that policing in Scotland is devolved. Nothing to do with Westminster. They work for the Scottish SNP government.

  58. I would very much doubt that “Mr. Rusbridger must be on heroin.” It’s just that we don’t have a free press in Britain, and he has to operate accordingly. One suspects that Mr. Rusbridger, like other editors, has to be careful not to offend the establishment and particularly not their security / intelligence services at home, MI5 and MI6, and perhaps those foreign ones abroad as well. Last year I published an article on the subject.

    And there were two further incidents not mentioned in the above article!

    On March 4th 2011, I had corresponded by email with Jeff Stein of the Washington Post about my experiences with “The Guardian” as are outlined in the above article. The following day two hoods, here in Calgary, Canada, skidded a truck across the across the road deliberately and dangerously just as I walked past them. The hoods got out of the truck and told me in a threatening manner that it was because I “don’t know my place”. And there was yet another incident a year later.

    On August 17 2012, I wrote a comment in Media Lens entitled “Guardian is too close to MI5 / MI6”. Later that same day a car nearly drove my eldest son and his fiancé off the road when they were travelling back from work to their home.

    It certainly seems to me that the security services are very protective of the Guardian and possibly other papers. It was Rupert Murdoch who tweeted “No such thing as free press in UK” and my experiences would certainly confirm Mr. Murdoch on this

  59. @Fred – “The right of the people in Scotland to determine for themselves that they want to remain part of Britain?”

    Yes,of course – if that’s what the majority choose.

    Don’t you understand “self determination”?
    In a proper national democracy,it’s the idea that individual “selfs” in a nation agree to follow the majority decision…which then becomes the “self determination” of that nation as a whole.

    However,outside “selfs” in other nations have no legitimate reason to interfere.

    Westminster has no business interfering in a decision making process which by definition applies only to the people of Scotland.

    Gordon Brown is of course entitled to have his say,being a resident of Scotland.

    But for Westminster to interfere “on behalf of the Union”,and to use the BBC and the (English owned) MSM to do so, is a subversion of the fundamental principle.

  60. Resident Dissident

    28 Jun, 2014 - 5:05 pm


    What do you mean by interfere – I take the point that others in the UK should not take part in the Referendum, but as to not expressing an opinion on a matter that affects us all then that would be an abuse of free speech which even a certain resident of Ramsgate might think goes too far. This blog would also be a pretty quiet place if the same rule was applied universally. As for the BBC and the MSM can we presume that you would like the UK Govt to interfere to control what they say about the matter?

  61. @Fandanfan

    Yes I know exactly what self determination means.

    It means everyone in Scotland gets to vote for a representative to go along to Westminster and decide on what people in England do while having our own government in Scotland to decdide on what people in Scotland do.

    Sounds good to me.

  62. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 6:21 pm


    I have 100 shekels which say that if the separatists do win the referendum, they will nevertheless try to negotiate some kind of residual representation at Westminster.

  63. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 6:29 pm

    @ Mr Scorgie and all

    I think that the following exchange, between Jemand and Mr Scorgie, is so important that it needs to be reproduced here lest it gets lost in this rapid succession of new threads.

    ““I am a secularist Jemand and I stated that in the post you refer to.”

    That’s not really an answer, Doug. You might have also said you are a stamp collector with equal evasiveness.

    Do you have any objections to Iran being a theocracy? I’m sure you would prefer that it were a liberal secular state, but given that it is not, can we count on you to criticise the ongoing retention of Iran’s theological foundations for its government and the inevitable intolerance of minority religions that goes with state-sanctioned primacy of one religion over all others?”


    Jemand’s question echoes a similar one I put to Mr Scorgie. The point of the question was to see if Mr Scorgie opposes the theological regime in Iran with the same vigour and passion as he opposes what he claims is a future theological regime in Israel (Israel as a “Jewish state”).

    This is your chance to clarify in just a minute,, Doug, without hesitation, deviation or your favorite evasion!


    Habbabkuk says down with racism, sexism and hate-speech.

  64. “Habbabkuk says down with racism, sexism and hate-speech.”

    Except when it comes to calling Mary a bitch and general offensiveness,lies and hypocrisy that sounds absolutely spot on Habba.


  65. F off and stop acting as if you own this blog. You pick on people in turn here. Bullying by remote control.


    28 Jun, 2014 - 6:51 pm

    Just like Iraqi troops who run at the first sign of trouble, so too Havasack.

    The Troll bund, if they were a soccer team, would depart the field at half-time while declaring victory.

  67. Jives I hope you realize that comment was not for you!

    Here’s one for the trolls to put in their collective pipes and smoke.

    Surveillance. Latin America. Drones. Border Surveillance. Apartheid Wall……….

    Elbit: Exporting Oppression from Palestine to Latin America
    by Scott Campbell / June 27th, 2014

    What on earth is Rabin’s daughter doing with this bunch of gangsters?

    Note that Elbit’s experience with the Apartheid Wall in Palestine allowed them to produce the technology for the Mexican US border. The Palestinians have been treated as guinea pigs by the Israelis yet again.

  68. Hi, I want to clear up a few things that people outside of Scotland might not know. The ‘packed’ Old Fruit Market was a Labour Party rally which was invite only, other senior Labour Party members were in attendance namely Johann Lamont MSP and Anas Sarwar MP (both Glasgow politicians). This was United with Labour’s second relaunch since its formation last year. Gordon Brown has not been packing out halls up and down the country, he has held intimate meetings of less than 100 people which are invite only, not advertised to the public, not even on his own website. It has already been indentified that many in attendance are Labour Party activists. There is no Q&A session afterwards but Gordon does sign and sell his latest book at these meetings. Currently United with Labour doesn’t have a website or contact details although there is a Facebook page which seems to be run by YES camapigners.

  69. It is also noteworthy that the Guardian’s circulation in Scotland has fallen to 10,500 daily.

  70. I agree. Couldn’t think of a worse , more unbalanced newspaper relying on its dusty laurels. Most of the others don’t count, making the guardian so dangerous. As with everything these days, it’s about the bottom line at the guardian, meaning more trashy stories about relationships written by desperate housewives with no experience and lots of bias. Surely that could all be replaced with more exposure of corruption in all government sectors.

  71. Wasn’t that exciting! Feel sorry for Chile. Well done Brazil.

  72. This must be the book Richard G.

    I had not realized that he has written so many. 21 in total. Where did he find the time? Who buys them?


    Is that a photo of Caerlaverock Castle in your avatar?

  73. So the British state tried to upstage the Bannockburn Live event today by holding British Armed Forces day in the same place, at the same time and giving free admission.
    Reports suggest around 2000 folk turned up at the £250,000 taxpayer funded Britfest, yet the Bannockburn Live event was a 20,000 sell out.
    The Brit event has had wall to wall coverage on the BBC, and the Bannockburn event hasn’t even been mentioned.

  74. OMG serious spelling error in my last post where no should read YES!

  75. “Reports suggest around 2000 folk turned up at the £250,000 taxpayer funded Britfest, yet the Bannockburn Live event was a 20,000 sell out.”

    The Ministry of Defence put the attendance at between 35,000 and 50,000 people.

    Mr Salmond said: “It’s fantastic that so many people came out to recognise those who serve.

  76. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 8:52 pm

    ““Habbabkuk says down with racism, sexism and hate-speech.”

    Except when it comes to calling Mary a bitch and general offensiveness,lies and hypocrisy that sounds absolutely spot on Habba.”

    Good to hear from you again, Jives. How are you – is the treatment working? Persevere!


    1/. “Bitch” is how I refer to Mary everytime she refers to me as “troll”. That’s the rule of the game. But only then.

    2/. I challenge you to find an example of lies or hypocrisy. If you do, I promise not to retaliate by finding an example of your general idiocy and vulgarity.

    3/ General offensiveness: diddums! Grow a thicker skin, Jonathan, you badly need one.

  77. Johnstone your serious spelling error made me laugh. Not for the first time today reading this blog.

  78. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 8:56 pm

    “F off and stop acting as if you own this blog.”

    Funny you should say that, Mary, I’ve always had the impression you thought you did.
    I realise that we are all guests on here – do you?

  79. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 8:58 pm

    California Ben

    “The Troll bund, if they were a soccer team, would depart the field at half-time while declaring victory.”

    You’re beginning to repeat yourself, Ben.

    You know what that signifies, don’t you….?

  80. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    28 Jun, 2014 - 9:03 pm

    From Roderick Russell:

    “On March 4th 2011, I had corresponded by email with Jeff Stein of the Washington Post about my experiences with “The Guardian” as are outlined in the above article. The following day two hoods, here in Calgary, Canada, skidded a truck across the across the road deliberately and dangerously just as I walked past them. The hoods got out of the truck and told me in a threatening manner that it was because I “don’t know my place”. And there was yet another incident a year later.

    On August 17 2012, I wrote a comment in Media Lens entitled “Guardian is too close to MI5 / MI6”. Later that same day a car nearly drove my eldest son and his fiancé off the road when they were travelling back from work to their home.”

    Are you related to Trowbridge Ford by any chance, Roderick?

  81. Good, John we all need to have a little laugh now and again for a break from the crying (where are the sad & happy faced icons Craig?)

  82. @Mary …

    Yes, it is Caerlaverock. I think Brown finds the time to write books by not turning up at Westminster. The Guardian certainly has given him an extraordinary amount of publicity over the past few months.

  83. @Mary: Fantastic! Reminded me of the protest of Linus Percy when George Bush came to London Town:

    Notice that in those (pre-Hutton) days the BBC did cover matters which ran counter to the wishes of the state. How could we allow a single retired judge working for Blair to take away our democracy?

  84. Lindus, sorry. Retired nurse. I heard her talk once… truly inspiring!

  85. Mary — Harrods was snapped up in 2010 by the al-Thani family, which owns and runs Qatar in the Persian Gulf. Qatar is rich thanks to natural gas. The al-Thanis have bought many other properties and companies around the world (including 25% of Sainsburys) and allowed the US to build a major military base on their territory which enables Washington to maintain control of the Middle East and its resources.

    Sarah Brown joined Harrods Group (holding) Limited as non-executive director “in charge of corporate social responsibility” in September 2012.

    Meanwhile, her husband is swanning around the world at other people’s expense, pretending to be somebody important. He claims the money he’s paid isn’t “received personally” — “It is being held… to support my ongoing involvement in public life.”

  86. Mary,

    Relaaaax,i got that…:.)

    Keep on keepin’ on sista…;.) x

  87. No Habbakuk, I know my place. Pity you don’t.

  88. Resist Militarism action at Finnieston Crane, Glasgow

    Highest commendations today to the White Feather activists who carried out this brave and imaginative protest against militarism and war propaganda.


  89. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    29 Jun, 2014 - 12:03 pm

    (O/T, but there’s a chance Rusbridger may find this useful if he’s reading it, lol.
    As devil’s advocate let me offer that the Guardian’s attitude to Blair is IMO impeccable, and what R puts on his head is his affair, having no place in serious political commentary. Lay off his syrup, Craig. It could come back to bite you…)

    I digress. This month’s Blair Movements abroad follow. G-CEYL is the plane he usually uses. 100% accuracy in reporting its whereabouts is not claimed as this is dependant on several variables.

    May 27: TB Berlin
    May 25: TB , G_CEYL Stockholm
    May 26: TB, C-CEYL, Malmo (?Bilderberg from 29 May -1Jun, just over the water?)
    June 3: Charles Hendry, Robert Dudley (CEO, BP), G-CEYL, Baku
    Jun 10th: G_CEYL reported destination Cork: receiver NI. Cherie B reported Donegal.
    Jun 10/11th: G_CEYL reported Istanbul
    Jun 11th: Renzi, TB, Beijing
    Jun 15th: G-CEYL, Northolt (dep), LHR enroute
    Jun 15th (ca): TB Abu Dhabi
    Jun 17/18th: TB, G-CEYL? Tel Aviv
    Jun 17/18th: TB, G-CEYL Cairo
    Jun 17/18th: TB Kuwait
    (Jun18th; G-CEYL reported Malaga)
    Jun 19th: TB Belgrade
    Jun 19th/20th: TB Tirana
    Jun 23:TB Riyadh

    Mr. Blair will be at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado tomorrow. He will be participating in an ‘Afternoon of Conversation’ starting at 2pm in the Benedict Tent on the 30th June with Hilary Clinton and other speakers.

    Be there or be wrestled to the floor by security…

    Future appearances of the Dear Leader may be found here:

    Though I expect he will be holidaying with someone rich during the silly season.

  90. nevermind, viva beautiful football

    29 Jun, 2014 - 12:10 pm

    My most sincere support and thanks to those four women who made their point by climbing a crane of some stature, they have manifested, once again, that the BBC is a controlled mouthpiece that does nopthing better to lick the bare arses of politicians to get their continuing tax take franchise.

    Thanks to Richard G for the clarifying numbers of our Rusbridger approved old new Labour stooge.
    Looks like he and the BBBC are grooming Brown to be the fall back candidate for PM, just in case something should happen to Milliped.

  91. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    29 Jun, 2014 - 12:52 pm

    A couple of points on topic:
    As editor, Rusbridger is obliged, at least to some extent, to take the word of his reporters on their stories. Laying this kind of rubbish directly at Rusbridger’s door is a superficial response.
    The story is by Freedland. Who is not a kneejerk, but a thinking, anti. Like Brown, incidentally, whose Guardian piece made some cogent points concerning Scottish indpendence, and should, rather than raising hackles, occasioned some critical self-appraisal – even acknowledgement – from the Yes side. Freedland, in pursuit of an easy op-ed, does no original research, but cites Severin Carroll as the source of the untrue/misleading allegations to which you (and I) object.

    Carroll has form on this. He makes shit up:

    Continuing to employ a viciously biased correspondent does not make Rusbridger the worst editor in the world. Relying on him as a source makes him a bad one, but no worse than the employers of Sarah Vine, say, or Melanie Phillips.

    Perhaps it would be more constructive to point out where the bias is creeping in, and to insist that journalists check their sources….this is an industry-wide problem.

  92. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    29 Jun, 2014 - 4:30 pm

    A Node – think you may have failed to link your story properly. Here, in full:

    What he was appointed for in the first place defeats me. And Ha’aretz, apparently.

    The former ambassador will now return to a post at the Doha-based Brookings Institute.

    I doubt it. Ostensibly he’s not much to do with the Brookings Doha Centre. Worth looking at an unusual rivalry there, though:

    Neocons “supporting” the Muslim Brotherhood? Well, well.


    29 Jun, 2014 - 4:58 pm

    Press the Meat had Valerie Jarrett on this morn.

    Will Hillary run?

    No! —- ( the first definitive answer I’ve heard, why?)

    Will you run?

    Not likely.

    Jeebus. That’s a probe. Gawd help us all.


    29 Jun, 2014 - 5:00 pm

    Ba’al; The Neocons pushed the Surge in Iraq because of the so-called Anbar-Awakening as locals started to resist the Talibanic prescriptions from AQ.

    ‘Ends justify means’

  95. Habbabkuk,

    The day i take lessons in netiquette from you is the day i give it all up.

    Remind us-if you will Habba-which of the two of us has been banned from this blog hmmm?

  96. I can’t quite understand what objections there be from Rusbridger and Co to the following, which didn’t make the cut and take a bow with other comments on the subject matter. Well, maybe I am being economical with the truth there and can understand perfectly their fabulous folly. Words control worlds and one doesn’t want to be giving to the masses the seeds of a corrupt systems destruction, does one, although such is bound to be a good thing and much better than it being silently assisted in continuing. And what would be a valid reason for that? Would one be ignorant, or cowed, or cowardly or threatened to toe the line and not make new waves.

    HonourableMember … 29 June 2014 5:24 am … commenting and throwing down AI gauntlets on
    It appears that the Tony Blair is akin to a Jimmy Savile with the hiding of his misdemeanours and perpetrating of crimes in plain sight and with the undoubted assistance of the system which is hosting and protecting and paying him for his troubles. HM government are paying and granting diplomatic immunity to a war criminal if one can believe all that Chilcot has found out and is not yet finding the cojones to print and freely speculate and/or comment on. And that is the problematic enigmatic dilemma and Gordian type knot which needs to be grasped and slashed and smashed to smithereens, for the worldly masses see the problem and it not be solved but rather more aided and abetted and permitted to continue to create greater mayhem which madness will not command and control.

    And that does have one wondering on the culpability and responsibility of politicians/gangs of politicians waging battles against the masses to have them thought relevant and indispensable for their [the uneducated and undereducated masses] comfort and prosperity. The evidence clearly suggests and boldly leads to the conclusion that Parliamentary type democracy is a pie in the sky scam which servers very well just the wishes of a …….. well, media dependent and psychotically quixotic and quite criminally minded few, paying handsomely with pretty printed paper for the privilege of being hidden in plain sight seems like the odds on favourite for that place in the Great Game race.

    Is Chilcot admirably proving that UKGBNI is a banana republic and failed terrorist state? It is certainly proving that its supposed intelligence services are lacking in everything necessary to deliver the goods that postmodern existence/societies/communities/call the future what you will requires whenever it is dictated to by officious prigs in the defence of the indefensible and undemocratic.and some would even venture the insane and despotic with Messianic zeal which be a delusional faith foundation.

    Time for a few new faces on the intelligence bridge, methinks, with a much better understanding and considerably clearer picture of the Bigger Picture and of how things are made to happen and work better for all and not just those desirous of the phantom riches of a chosen few.

    In days of yore, would that have been a right royal task, aided and abetted by right royal knights and masters of the bed chamber. Methinks even today in these times and places of instant global communication and virtually invisible spaces, is that opportunity to excel with sovereign reign and rein still available, and lauded and greatly appreciated because of what it signifies for the future.

    Knock, knock, House of Windsor, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Is there anybody in there, out there, and into Greater IntelAIgent Games Play?

    [Your comment has been posted but is not yet visible on the site. Please check back shortly.]

    Mainstream news really has lost the plot, hasn’t it, with its politically incorrect views and lack lustre plots. Don’t they realise the mortal danger they are putting themselves in with their dogged and rabid support of criminalising elements?

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