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Lord Coe went to a great deal of trouble to make sure he turned up to the House of Lords to vote in favour of the tax credit cuts which would damage millions of ordinary people who struggle financially.

Coe was Chairman of the Organising Committee for the London Olympics. At a salary of £365,000pa. At the same time his sports promotions company – majority owned by Seb Coe and William Hague – made over £12 million from organising VIP hospitality packages, for which they were allocated the tickets by – the Organising Committee.

If that happened in Brazil or South Africa, the media would be screaming corruption. Remember the London Olympics were funded with £9 billion of taxpayer money. In Britain, it all passes with a nod and a wink. Normal business practice, old boy!

From 2011 Coe was on the board of Nike, one of the Olympics’ sponsors, and a brand ambassador for Nike, receiving a very substantial salary from them. He was vice-President and now President of the International Association of Athletics Associations and in that capacity met with executives of Nike – his employers – to discuss the award of the World Athletics Championships to Nike’s home town of Eugene. It stinks.

He managed to be Vive President of the IAAF for years without noticing that it was as corrupt and rotten through and through as FIFA, and the President, Diack – with whom he claimed to work closely and repeatedly praised – was taking vast bribes to cover up industrial scale doping. If Coe had no idea this was happening – of which I am deeply sceptical – it can only be because he has been far too concentrated on stuffing his own pockets to look.

It is quite extraordinary to me that the British media, who have led the charge on Blatter with a distinct undertone of “laugh at these comic corrupt foreigners”, cannot spot corrupt enrichment when it stares them in the face.

Coe may be a Tory Lord, but he is a disgrace not fit to lead international athletics. When will the British learn that corruption is not something that just happens abroad? If the standards of British public life were ever higher, we have the living breathing examples of Sebastian Coe and Tony Blair to show us what a sleazy entity Britain has now become.

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48 thoughts on “The Immaculate British

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  • Habbabkuk ( combat cant))


    “‘Prince’ Charles’s boyfriend Michael Fawcett”


    Coming after your claim that Hague and Coe were boyfriends, this seems to indicate an unhealthy preoccupation with allegedly gay men in your part.

    So to repeat my question: are you homophobic?

    Or perhaps a self-hating gay? 🙂

  • doug Scorgie


    25 Nov, 2015 – 1:22 pm

    “What is the point of talking about Hague and Coe if the fact they used to be boyfriends with each other is kept quiet about?”

    Hague Coe, Hague Coe, it’s off to bed they go!

  • Ken2

    Remenber Hague shared rooms with his aide and buried the the Report on Westminster child abuse. Why? Left Parliament as the Police investigations got closer. Events hidden under the Offical Secrets Acts to silence former Police personel who wanted to report on the cover up. The ‘D’ ‘ notices imposed on MSM.

    No disclosure of British athletes doping. The Russian witch hunt diverted attention. The bribes made abroad used to cover up (illegal?) payments at home. Where is the total disclosure?

    Spanish footballers, tennis players and others were doping at a Majorca Clinic. It was covered up. It was reported there is minimal testing in football and the tennis circuit. Could the ‘champions’ be doping and there be a cover up. Sport is big business. Football (Sport) and shopping , the Opium of the people.

  • Sixer

    Tom Welsh – 2:01 pm

    They even have nice little songs explaining it all, especially for the children to sing:

    The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them high and lowly,
    And ordered their estate.

  • LordSnooty

    One piece of very good news yesterday though: the deeply repulsive Yeo got landed with a court costs bill of four hundred grand.
    Fairer than that one cannot say.

  • Mary

    These pieces are of interest and concern.

    Olympic legacy ends in lethargy as sporting participation plummets
    • Number of people playing sport once a week down 222,000 in six months
    • ‘It simply isn’t good enough. It’s time for a change,’ says sports minister
    11 June 2015

    That was June. Now we learn that Tracey Crouch gives more squids for the Limp Ics medal candidates. Joe Bloggs and the kids down at the park (if still in existence) lose out.

    Olympic athletes boosted after sport escapes the worst in autumn statement
    • UK Sport given 29% rise over next five years following spending review
    • Concerns remain over effect of local authority cuts on sporting facilities

  • Mary

    Lord Snooty LOL I saw that. The judge was not very complimentary was he?

    Here’s one report.

    Ex-MP Tim Yeo gave ‘untruthful’ evidence in High Court libel action, says judge
    Mr Justice Warby describes part of Mr Yeo’s evidence against the Sunday Times as “unreliable” and “untruthful”

    ‘The judge said: “When a fish wriggles on a hook, it goes deeper into the mouth and guarantees that the fish will not escape.

    “So with Mr Yeo’s evidence on this issue. His twists and turns in the attempts to escape the obvious served to emphasise the problem that the 22 May email presented for him.

    “The problem is, of course, that his own contemporaneous account of his state of mind during the meeting tends to support TNL’s case and undermine his own. His evidence on this issue was in my judgment unreliable and untruthful.”‘

  • Ken2

    Andrew Mitchell, ‘plebgate’, got left with £Million of expenses when his legal action failed. As much as had been fraudulently claimed?

  • glenn_uk

    Sixer: I have to agree. Never liked Coe. Altogether too filled with an air of sneering entitlement, a very poor sport, clearly more concerned with honours and money than in the Olympian spirit. Not to mention being an exceedingly poor loser. I recall how Ovett won what was expected to be Coe’s event, the 800M, and Coe behaved as if he’d been cheated out of it it. Coe refused to shake Ovett’s hand.

    When Coe won the 1500 meters, Ovett (who was expected to win) was the first to offer his congratulations.

  • AdrianD

    Plenty about Coe in Private Eye.

    His chairing with CSM Strategic who are deciding on who should be allowed to bulldoze Crystal Palace athletics stadium is particularly distasteful.

    His lawyers have been intouch with this local website on the subject:

    Plenty of work with Azerbaijan too. If this was Blatter, Platini, Warner or anyone remotely dark-skinned, our intrepid media would be inuendoing all over it.

  • Mary

    Really? Not plausible.

    Too busy with the Limp Ics apparently to do anything about it.

    Lord Coe: IAAF vice-president defends role at world body

    Lord Coe was appointed IAAF president in August

    Lord Coe has defended his record at the IAAF but says there have been failures in detecting blood doping during his time at athletics’ governing body.

    Coe was vice-president in 2007 before becoming president in August, with The Sunday Times claiming widespread doping occurred between 2001 and 2012.

    Coe told a select committee on Wednesday that as vice-president he had not been oblivious to doping claims.

    “Were all our systems good enough – I doubt it,” he said.

    Coe said that much of his time as vice-president had been spent delivering the London 2012 Olympics.

    “I was aware we had a problem, but the specific numbers, I did not,” he said.

    “Every six months the anti-doping unit would deliver its progress – that was the extent of information we were given. Was I aware the problem was escalating? Yes.”

    Accusations about doping in athletics in recent months have included an independent World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) report that alleged “state-sponsored doping” in Russia.

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