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Lord Coe went to a great deal of trouble to make sure he turned up to the House of Lords to vote in favour of the tax credit cuts which would damage millions of ordinary people who struggle financially.

Coe was Chairman of the Organising Committee for the London Olympics. At a salary of £365,000pa. At the same time his sports promotions company – majority owned by Seb Coe and William Hague – made over £12 million from organising VIP hospitality packages, for which they were allocated the tickets by – the Organising Committee.

If that happened in Brazil or South Africa, the media would be screaming corruption. Remember the London Olympics were funded with £9 billion of taxpayer money. In Britain, it all passes with a nod and a wink. Normal business practice, old boy!

From 2011 Coe was on the board of Nike, one of the Olympics’ sponsors, and a brand ambassador for Nike, receiving a very substantial salary from them. He was vice-President and now President of the International Association of Athletics Associations and in that capacity met with executives of Nike – his employers – to discuss the award of the World Athletics Championships to Nike’s home town of Eugene. It stinks.

He managed to be Vive President of the IAAF for years without noticing that it was as corrupt and rotten through and through as FIFA, and the President, Diack – with whom he claimed to work closely and repeatedly praised – was taking vast bribes to cover up industrial scale doping. If Coe had no idea this was happening – of which I am deeply sceptical – it can only be because he has been far too concentrated on stuffing his own pockets to look.

It is quite extraordinary to me that the British media, who have led the charge on Blatter with a distinct undertone of “laugh at these comic corrupt foreigners”, cannot spot corrupt enrichment when it stares them in the face.

Coe may be a Tory Lord, but he is a disgrace not fit to lead international athletics. When will the British learn that corruption is not something that just happens abroad? If the standards of British public life were ever higher, we have the living breathing examples of Sebastian Coe and Tony Blair to show us what a sleazy entity Britain has now become.

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48 thoughts on “The Immaculate British

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  • Alex Birnie

    As ever, Craig – to the point. If we listen only to MSM, there is not the slightest hint of this. If even one of these statements is true, whatever happened to investigative journalism?

  • glenn_uk

    Beware of Coe, he appears to be particularly litigatious. Even Private Eye couch stories about him in the most careful terms, being sure not to imply he was at fault.

    And how could he be? “Lord” this-or-that is clearly above questions or criticism, we all know that in Britain. As soon as they are elevated to the super-human status of “Lord”, they become incorruptible, flawless in judgement, and ideally placed to handle huge amounts of public money balanced selflessly with their own business interests. Happily, these invariably coincide to produce the most favourable outcome for the grateful, cap-doffing, forelock-tugging seething masses British public.

  • craig Post author


    Thanks. If any of the statements were untrue, I should be in big trouble. Lord Coe is very rich and very litigious!

  • Alcyone

    When the doping scandal broke, Jon Snow gave “Lord’ Coe a particularly hard time on C4 News, fundamentally questioning how he could possibly be elevated to President of the IAAF.

    There’s still something about that programme that often makes it worth watching.

    Stay well Craig and keep up that brisk walking for exercise, assuming that spur has regressed.

  • nevermind

    Everything about this doping story has been covered up in Britain, the MSM is stumm, there is no smoking gun here, nothing to see move on.
    It was the university of Tuebingen who , in a large research evaluated the test results and raised the alarm. Lord Coe refused two interviews with the German media six month ago, and his cagey remarks alleging no knowledge of the affairs sounds hollow and obfuse.

  • giyane

    The FOC “ignored” rendition and didn’t want to be reminded by Craig. In my own tiny scale of problems I recently pointed out to a customer that his ‘new’ electrical installation on his 7 bedroom house was 50 years old – just new socket fronts added, and not even an RCD trip switch.

    Well I was roundly criticised for pointing out that, told I was incompetent and talked too much. The job went to some other electrician who looked the other way. What happened to Building Regs Part P and my sub to NAPIT, or for that matter the Geneva Convention?

  • Robert Crawford

    “What a sleazy entity Britain has become”.

    Where have you been all your life?

    It was ever thus!

  • Mary

    Nice one.

    I have been on his case here a few times going back to the militiarised Limp Ics. Remember the Rapiers on top of tower blocks? Remember the G4S scandal?

  • Anon1

    “Jets from RAF Lakenheath attacked and killed the IS leader in Libya.
    We seem to be flying all over the Magreb now.

    Does Parliament know?”


    It was a US jet.

  • Mary

    The Limp Ics are a gift that goes on giving but only to some of us. The people are allowed to gawp having forked out massively.

    Brazil is lumbered next year. A country massively in debt is having to borrow $13billion.

    ‘Rio 2016 may, though, end up being one of global sport’s closest calls yet, resulting in a race against time that would inevitably inflate the current 40-billion-real ($13.2 billion) price tag and add to the burden on Brazil’s struggling economy.

    At around this stage in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics, almost 80 percent of venues and infrastructure had been completed. In Rio, only about 10 percent of 56 Olympic construction, overlay and energy projects have been finished.

    While the latter figure excludes 11 existing stadiums that need no renovation, the figures highlight a gulf in preparations that could put Rio in the same league as Athens in 2004, where only half of the venues were ready five months before the start.

    In the Greek capital non-essential parts, such as a roof for the aquatics center, had to be scrapped. Worryingly for Rio, a quarter of projects have still not started and don’t even have fixed time frames or cost estimates.

    “There’s still a lot to be done,” said Michael Payne, who worked at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for over 20 years and helped Rio put together its bid, adding that a last-minute scramble was probably inevitable.’

    500 days out, Rio risks Olympics cost surge as building lags

  • N_

    It’s an irregular verb.

    Foreigners do doping.

    British athletes accidentally take cough medicines that they didn’t know contained ingredients on the banned list.

    What is the point of talking about Hague and Coe if the fact they used to be boyfriends with each other is kept quiet about?

  • eddie-g

    I’m not sure Seb Coe has ever been on the Nike Board (he certainly has been a “brand ambassador” for a while), but everything else about this is absolutely spot on.

    The transparent hackery at the BBC when it comes to Seb Coe has been hilarious – they gave up on it quite recently, but for years, you would have thought he was Jesus. If you recall, right before he was elected (or should I say, “elected”) IAAF head, that was when German newspapers started reporting on widescale doping issues in athletics. This here is the Beeb timeline:

    [on the day the news broke]

    “Lord Coe, currently standing to become the next IAAF president, said the world governing body “takes these allegations extremely seriously” and “will issue a robust and detailed response to them”.”

    [Three days later]

    “Lord Coe has described allegations of widespread doping in athletics as a “declaration of war” and says it is time to “come out fighting” to protect the sport’s reputation.” And, “It is a declaration of war on my sport. There is nothing in our history of competence and integrity in drug testing that warrants this kind of attack.”

    The guy is either a complete chump or corrupt to the core. Just read that second quote again – “There is nothing in our history of competence and integrity in drug testing that warrants this kind of attack.” Just perfect.

    As a reminder, he said this right as he was vying to be Diack’s successor at the IAAF. What a complete tool.

  • Habbabkuk ( combat cant))


    “What is the point of talking about Hague and Coe if the fact they used to be boyfriends with each other is kept quiet about?”

    This is the sort of salacious stuff some of the Eminences and Old Trolls post on here in an effort, I suppose, to demonstrate their “dissenter” credentials.

    Let us assume for a moment that N_ is correct and that Hague and Coe were “boyfriends”. How is that relevant to the thrust of Craig’s post?

    Let us continue to assume that N_ is correct and that Hague and Coe were “boyfriends”. N_ is obviously putting that onto their charge sheet and so it seems reasonable to assume that N_ is against male homosexuality. Are you a homophobe, N_?

    One thing is sure, N_ – you are a thoroughly filthy fellow.

  • Habbabkuk ( combat cant))

    Somewhat off-topic, but never mind (and apologies).

    The Chancellor’s Autumn Spending Statement – which he is announcing as I write – seems to contain a large number of good things.

    I should welcome considered (and polite) comments on the Statement later today.

    Thank you.


    I realise that this might oblige some commenters to do a little bit of thinking for themselves rather than just cut-and-paste (and “globalresearch” won’t be able to help, I’m afraid) but never mind, snap to it and do your best!

  • Mary

    ‘Seb’, the product of a father who was very ambitious for him and the BBC’s poster boy in their huge and costly sports division. His mother was Anglo Indian and an actress. His gran was a dancer and his sister became one. He was a very exciting athlete to watch.

    >His Desert Island Discs from 1981. His voice has not altered but the photo is obviously very different 34 yrs on.

    His HoL register

    Look up Chime!

    Vitality Health, a successor to PruHealth, is now owned by a South African multinational and provides private health insurance etc . They advertise non stop on Sky News with the cute dachshund that talks. Cameron launched his plan for 7 day working for GPs from a practice linked to them.—cameron

    See Cameron and Simon Stevens pushing Vitality.

  • Tom Welsh

    ‘It is quite extraordinary to me that the British media, who have led the charge on Blatter with a distinct undertone of “laugh at these comic corrupt foreigners”, cannot spot corrupt enrichment when it stares them in the face’.

    You don’t seem to have mastered the technique of doublethink yet, Craig. No wonder they didn’t want you working for the government!

    My favourite anecdote about this topic may seem irrelevant at first, but I think it demonstrates the mental failing you have identified in pure form.

    The great chess player Bobby Fischer conducted an energetic campaign back around 1960. He believed that the Soviet players (who dominated world chess in those days) were cheating by agreeing short draws in their games against each other, allowing them all to give more time and energy to their games against Fischer. After a lot of high-profile roaring and screaming, he got his way; FIDE, the world chess federation, enacted a new regulation forbidding all draws in under 30 moves.

    A few months later, at the Chess Olympiad in Varna, Bulgaria, Fischer drew a game in fewer than 30 moves. A referee came up and told him that he had broken the new regulation – and, what’s more, a regulation that had been created at his personal request. Fischer told the distinguished (Communist) official:

    “Those rules are for the Commie cheats, not for me”.

    A better distillation of the American (and British) attitude to foreigners would be hard to find.

  • Tom Welsh

    To approach the issue a little more directly, there seems to be a lot of thinking that is derived from the Protestant doctrine of predestination. That is, some people have been predestined to be saved, and others have been predestined to be damned, from the beginning of time. The key idea is that “works” make absolutely no difference. If you are destined for Heaven, you can spend your entire life committing deeds of the utmost wickedness – and you will still go to Heaven. Conversely, if you are destined for Hell, you can live a life of utter blamelessness, charity and good works – but you will still roast in Hell for all eternity.

    Just in case anyone thinks I admire this doctrine, I personally believe it to be one of the most perverse and wicked products of the human mind – which is saying a very great deal indeed.

    What I am saying is that the attitudes of the good and the great in our glorious Western nations seem to incorporate the underlying attitude: we are good, and it doesn’t make any difference what we actually do. They are bad, and it makes no difference what they do either.

    Stripped of the quasi-religious trappings, this is essentially ape thinking.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    What a surprise! Former Olympic champion, recruited to represent sport at international level, trusted with organising Olympic Game, asslicked by multinational sportware companies spotted pocketing few quids.

    Show me the country where this had not happened. Where there is prey there are sharks. Where there is money there is corruption.

  • giyane

    Protestant doctrine of pre-destination?

    Please don’t forget that the Zionist Calvin and his ilk got hold of Protestantism and gave it a good tweak in the takfiri direction in which pre-destination played an important part in convincing them never to give up striving for wealth. Their good works were working hard at the protestant work ethic. Their children inherited fortunes and became playboys.

    Kurdish Ansar al Islam Mulla Krekar = “worker”. What work has he done? Helped the CIA to control and steal Iraqi oil and called for the takfir of and execution of many devout Muslims. The CIA now controls Kurdistan and Salafis have been brought in with Saudi takfiri ideology to spy on the lives of ordinary non-political Muslims. Kurdish children have left their country for safety, to be corrupted by the West away from home.

    Lord Coe is supposed to be a shining example of someone who pulled himself up by his own boot straps by hard work. If he has succeeded in doing that by becoming a tool for hypocrisy, he is not alone. Nobody rises to the top, Craig, included, with his mission to colonise eastern Europe for multi-billionaires to buy up and farm.

    Not everyone is able to stare into the abyss of their own scary height of achievement, look at the hypocrisy they are now associated with, and find a way down. If Craig had not answered that call to humanity, he would now be UK ambassador to some fascist country or NATO, and be blindly supporting Saudi, Turkey or Ukraine.

  • giyane

    Nobody rises to the top without making themselves useful to the purposes of the elites, that should read.

  • N_

    How about the royal family’s involvement? ‘Princess’ Anne on the IOC; ‘Prince’ Charles’s boyfriend Michael Fawcett (as Private Eye tell us, pronounced “Force it”) was going to be the “events organiser”, or some such euphemism, for the Olympic Games in Athens.

  • Republicofscotland

    I never did like beady eyed Coe, I preferred Steve Ovett, by the sounds of it, Coe and company have amassed a fortune, they almost make Blatter and Platini look innocent.

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