David Hare and David Tennant “Murder in Samarkand” Broadcasts Today 71

This is the big day, and I confess to being much too excited about it for a person of my advanced years.

Murder in Samarkand broadcasts today on BBC Radio 4 at 2.30pm.

It has been adapted as a radio drama by David Hare, and I am played by David Tennant.

Do spread the word, and do leave me some feedback when you have herard it. And do buy the book!

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71 thoughts on “David Hare and David Tennant “Murder in Samarkand” Broadcasts Today

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  • Hatari


    The dramatization brought out all the emotions and passions in the listener.

    Hope the play will help your efforts to raise the plight of the people in Uzbekistan and our government’s collusion in maintaining such regimes.

  • Mark

    Superlative stuff, enjoyable and powerful; Hare coaxed a wonderful performance out of David Tennant, of whom I’ve not hitherto had a very high opinion. Most of the supporting roles were well done also.

    I saw the excellent ‘The Power of Yes’ earlier this week , and noticed many of the actors in that were also used by Hare in this production- and it showed. I particularly liked the fact that he used the same actor to voice both Karimov & the US ambassador !

    Both the Beeb, and David Tennant, have gone up in my estimation today. I hope this performance raises your profile- perhaps the Beeb will now put you on the Any Questions/QT rota (from which you appear to be excluded at the present time) ?

  • technicolour

    haven’t even heard it yet (am waiting to listen with a friend later) but am so happy for this obvious point of light. Thank you, and Nadira, and everyone involved.

  • Neil

    I thought the BBC did an absolutely superb job, very impressive and inspiring. Tennant may be on the young side, but he did a brilliant job representing Craig’s passion and commitment. Some things I don’t recollect reading in the book – unfortunately I can’t check just now, as most of my huge library is in storage.

    We definitely need more people like Craig around.

  • nmj

    Just want to add that often BBC radio plays are quite dull & you can’t listen for more than a few mins, but this was so listenable and the humour kept you from feeling total despair. I had a tear in my eye at the last line. David Tennant had the right mix of cheekiness and strength.

  • eddiehight

    As a 62 year old East london bloke who is totally not interested in politics at any level purely because I pervceive al politicians are interested fundamentally in only temselves and making money ( I have felt that long before it was the accepted wisdom), I have just listened to the play on Radio 4 and am stunned. It was excellent on many levels but it forced me to google you as I’d never heard of you-sorry!!(I would never bother normally as I can’t be asked- I am sure you get the pattern)and would say please move to Chelmsford and stand in the upcoming election and I wil get off my bum to vote for you.

  • Just me

    I have to admit that I listened to the radio play for David Tennant and his yummy Scottish accent (I’m just a girl …) and now I have even more respect for the man, because by picking this job he promoted a story that I feel is very important and has to be told.

    And my copy of your book is on the way – bless the new online shopping world 🙂

  • margaret Sellwood

    I stayed up late to listen to the play last night. Well worth it. I read the book some time ago, when you came to talk in Truro; so I was gripped by your story again. We need to be reminded of how lacking in backbone and values our system is. The night before, ( another late night)I watched “on expenses” on BBC4. Another drama with an important story to tell.Have you seen it?

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