David Hare and David Tennant “Murder in Samarkand” Broadcasts Today 71

This is the big day, and I confess to being much too excited about it for a person of my advanced years.

Murder in Samarkand broadcasts today on BBC Radio 4 at 2.30pm.

It has been adapted as a radio drama by David Hare, and I am played by David Tennant.

Do spread the word, and do leave me some feedback when you have herard it. And do buy the book!

71 thoughts on “David Hare and David Tennant “Murder in Samarkand” Broadcasts Today

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  • Clive B

    Craig …is there any way of downloading it on a podcast or other type of recording if we can’t listen to it live?

  • rh

    I assume it’ll be on the BBC iPlayer for a week after broadcast.

    I was amazed to hear the BBC were doing this.

  • mary

    I am listening and enjoying it very much but have just been made to feel sick by hearing Blair speak when Shock and Awe was enacted on Baghdad.

    Feel better now as Dr Who aka Craig Murray sings my favourite G&S song. You must be fun to be with Craig.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Damn, I just missed it! I’m going to try and get it from the BBC website, it’s usually there for 7 days after broadcast. For some stupid reason, I had it my mind that it was in the evening.

  • peacewisher

    One thing did surprise me – the part involving Clare Short, and her resignation, seems not to have been included. A shame. That would seem to be relevant.

  • peacewisher


    There’s a lot more in it than the book. But at the moment, they compliment each other

  • Ken Hall

    I am listening to it now on Radio 4.

    Superb and I only wish that you could have been called to give evidence to the Iraq inquiry.

    New Labour and their opposames the tories have been supporting abuses of UN law. The truth must be exposed constantly and often.

    Keep up your excellent work.

  • timgbull

    Seemed like a very fair portrayal of your situation, as you have described it over the years on this medium – I hope you also have found it so.

    Tennant was as good as expected.

  • Freeborn

    Excuse me,I don’t want to sound like a “conspiraloon” but the line in Murder in Samarkand where the ambassador(i.e.you)dismisses the idea that there is a serious Islamist threat in the country is rather troubling.

    Why,if it was just unbelievable to hear in Uzbekistan that Islamist fighters were on their way over the hills to commit terrorist acts-why is it possible to believe that this was the case in NY on 911?

    Sorry to bring up this hoary old chestnut again.

  • Hugh Kerr

    Just listened to it Craig it was very well done and hopefully will get more people to read the book and ask the questions you raise.David Tennant was excellent but Nadira would have been much better played by Nadira

  • Anonymous


    Good debating point…

    It’s not! It’s also ridiculous that a few Islamist militants brought the all powerful US govt almost to breaking point. Either gross, gross, gross incompetence… or collusion.

  • mary

    Bravo. Never thought I would hear that on ZBC.

    Very surreal when the credits were followed by the news – first item – Gordon Brown asking voters to give a second look at (Nu) Labour. Never, never.

  • rossmacca

    thought the adaptation was fantastic, i only found out about the play last night, i will have to get the book now.

    I will have to be honest, i had never heard of you before, but now i have heard your story, i do not feel pity, but a sense of strenth within you. You kept your principles to the last moment.

    Thank you to David Tennant for reading your part as i hope it made more people aware of what has went on.

  • stewart

    Governments cannot be shamed – they have no conscience. It’s the same with Companies and Corporations. Human Rights are meaningless to those who pursue power and profit. What a horrible fucking world!

  • Chris Martin

    Just sat and listened to the BBC radio 4. Quite amazing ! I switched on the radio without knowing this program was being played. As I listened I thought I had heard of some of these things going on in the news some time ago…At the end I realised it was based on truth…

    It confirms my suspicions regarding the Iraqi war and the double dealing politicans we have in this country…

    More power to your elbow Craig.

  • Jon

    I thought that was fantastic – I know very little about David Tennant, but he did the official confrontations wonderfully. Found the off switch just as Cameron pops up on the next programme 🙂

  • Pers

    A very thought-provoking story, with some moving moments, and some rather cringe-inducing ones too.

    And I confess to giggling at hearing David Tennant singing “I am the very model”.

  • Wasp_Box

    As a radio play it was both entertaining and gripping. I enjoyed it very much. Did it portray you correctly? It seemed to fit the mental picture of Craig Murray that I have developed but I guess only you and those who know you well can answer that question.

  • Dick the Prick

    Awesome buddy. Don’t ever say never – some of us are high fliers too and treat politics like marbles. A good man is hard to find. Love to the family. As always….

  • Chris Dooley

    Very enjoyable and very moving in places, as it should have been. David Hare did a good job packing in so much into 90 mins. Your book is much better though.

    I was under the impression that evidence from the ongoing Iraq enquiry was going to be threaded inside the play.

    Maybe something for a future David Hare effort ?

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