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    I do not understand how the Houthis are able to strike shipments like this or even managed to strike Israel the other day:

    Houthis hit Israel for first time
    The Israeli military has failed to intercept a cruise missile fired by the militants at the port of Eilat


    In my view Houthis seems to be very…simple, poor, impoverished, lacking high-tech arms, lacking military intelligence, lacking basic armour etc, still they are able to carry out quite effective strikes. In my view they are a partisan, resistance force like any other in history trying with small means hurt an oppressing force, thus they get all my support. They have proven to be more humane, more pro-human rights, more pro-international law than the whole of nasty collective west.
    I believe Finkelstein summed it up well:

    ‘I Totally Support The Houthis, As A Jew’ – Norman Finkelstein

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    Jack, I recently listened to a podcast by Karine Gevorkyan and Mikhail Khazin, where the Houthis and weapons were mentioned.
    Mikhail, in a very Russian manner with sarcastic jokes, commented that in the Middle Ages it was believed that mice can spontaneously generate from dirt. Now the main mystery of science is from what the Houthis’ hypersonic weapons spontaneously generated, when only 4 countries own such technology: Russia, Iran, North Korea and the United States, who have learned to accelerate missiles to supersonic speed, but have not yet learned to control their flight.
    There were some thoughts about the confrontation between London and Washington, and a funny comment:
    If an uncontrolled Houthi missile accidentally hits Gibraltar, then someone will publicly express regret, but privately they will applaud and rejoice.

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    City of Frankfurt may not ban slogan “From the River to the Sea” Court says:


    I guess ICJ had its effect in this case.
    After all the judges did surely read the ruling of their colleagues in The Hague closely and discussed it.
    And this is the case with every major court.

    Look at the explanation last paragrpah (not a biggie but still…):

    The rally was called »From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free! For a free Palestine for all people!” registered. The city of Frankfurt banned the statement “From the river to the sea”. The organizers, however, successfully applied to the administrative court for interim legal protection. The 8th Senate of the Administrative Court argued that when classifying the slogan under criminal law, it should be taken into account that it expressed the desire for a free Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean, including the territory of Israel within its current borders. But the slogan says nothing about how this goal should be achieved.

    In principle, different political means and ways are conceivable to achieve this abstract goal, for example through international treaties, a two-state solution, a unified state with equal civil rights for Israelis and Palestinians, or through armed struggle. According to the Kassel judges, it is irrelevant whether these paths are politically realistic.

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    loooong conversation by JACOBIN:

    “How the West Remade the Middle East
    An interview with Ussama Makdisi by Daniel Denvir

    “Western media often characterizes the Middle East as a region eternally riven with sectarian conflicts. In an interview, historian Ussama Makdisi says this is wrong, starting with the fact that the region has a rich history of multiethnic coexistence.”


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    Some leftists, actually quite a few unfortunately, have really showed their true colors during this massacre by Israel. It is like many leftists are as ignorant of palestinian history as the extreme-far-right is and take every claim by Israel as a fact!

    Take Zlavoj Zisek:

    What the left gets wrong about Gaza and “decolonisation”
    The West needs to remember that not all freedom movements are progressive or democratic.
    By Slavoj Žižek


    Do you condemn Žižek?
    Amid the genocide in Gaza, the incoherence of western philosophers has come to the fore.

    It was the same with his view on Nato, suddenly Nato is wonderful:

    Pacifism is the wrong response to the war in Ukraine
    Slavoj Žižek

    The least we owe Ukraine is full support, and to do this we need a stronger Nato

    Slavoj Žižek’s slavish support of NATO

    Compare the leftists or even socialists stance on Israel just 15-250 years ago. Totally different.

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    to get a gist of German realities among the “educated” – Zizek last year fall at the world´s biggest (?) book fair in Frankfurt was “critical” of Israel (in ways we are familiar) – in the audience several wanted him to stop his speech, wanted to boo him off stage. While there was clapping too. But such kind of openly political behaviour in Frankfurt is usually totally absent by the selected audience there… So Zizek was the good guy that very day… imagine that…

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    The silence by ICC is really something – the crimes being committed by Israel surpass those of Russia in Ukraine by multifold times both in quality and quantity, still the ICC get away with their inaction, silence. I would have hoped that the global south would protest and make a unified exit from this corrupt pro-western institution.

    ICC Prosecutor shows clear double standard when dealing with situation in Palestine

    Israel could face separate case for war crime of starvation in Gaza: Experts
    ‘It will not be surprising if starvation allegations feature prominently in any future action that the ICC prosecutor may take,’ legal expert Michael Becker tells Anadolu


    The war crimes are so obvious, Israel deliberately, openly stop humanitarian aid. How could there be any doubt what their aim is!?

    And yeah more problems ahead:

    UK lawyer to oversee ICC investigation into alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories
    Andrew Cayley, previously Britain’s chief military prosecutor, to run operation of the complex case


    Just look at this judge’s face^. You could see the corrupted nature in him.

    One should not be surprised if ICC actually open a case on Gaza… but not against Israel but against Palestinians/Hamas.

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    “Israeli “commission” on 7 October rape claims exposed as fraud”

    The Commission that allegedly had collected evidence about the rape cases doesn´t exist.
    Even the NYT is now distancing itself from its own reporting.

    The worst thing: This was all pretty obvious on day#1. But it took 6 months to admit it. And of course in Germany this will probably never be reported.

    It turns out that Elkayam-Levy’s “civil commission” – described by the White House as if it were an official Israeli body – does not even exist.

    And nor has the imaginary commission produced a long-promised report documenting Hamas’ supposed sexual violence.

    “People disconnected from her because her investigation is not accurate,” a government source told Ynet, the media outlet affiliated with Israel’s mass circulation newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

    The government source cited how Elkayam-Levy disseminated a story about Palestinian fighters “slicing the belly of a pregnant woman – a story proven to be untrue, and she spread it in the international media.”

    “It’s no joke. Little by little, professionals have begun to distance themselves from her because she is unreliable,” the source added, citing the damage such false accounts do to Israel’s already battered credibility.

    It had previously been exposed that Elkayam-Levy also tried to pass off an old photo of a deceased Kurdish female fighter in another country as a victim of the 7 October violence.

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    “Meta Refuses to Answer Questions on Gaza Censorship, Say Sens. Warren and Sanders

    In the days after October 7, Meta said it removed more than 2 million pieces of Hebrew and Arabic content, but didn’t break down the data.”


    “Meta insists that there’s been no discrimination against Palestinian-related content on their platforms, but at the same time, is refusing to provide us with any evidence or data to support that claim,” Warren told The Intercept. “If its ad-hoc changes and removal of millions of posts didn’t discriminate against Palestinian-related content, then what’s Meta hiding?”

    p.s. it´s obnoxious that an idiot like Zuckerberg who apparently never grew up is courted by the likes of Sanders and Warren, is in the centre of these power affairs. What does he know about the ills of the world to be entitled to act as if he were an emperor. A moron for a horse.

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    Thanks for that link.
    Surprising that Elizabeth Warren have the courage, honesty to look into this subject. I thought she was a die hard Israel apologist like the rest of the Democrats.

    Yes social media have been joke on the war, accounts by israeli military, gov. persons could freely boast in text and stream videos how they carry out war crimes, meanwhile, pro-palestinian’s voices are banned or “shadowbanned” in various ways:

    Revealed: The Former Israeli Spies Working in Top Jobs at Google, Facebook and Microsoft

    Facebook under fire for using Israelis from notorious unit to spy on users

    Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight board

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    my problem/worry over these things: It´s all in open daylight.
    The Gaza massacre is in open daylight.
    The genocidal Amalek-speech happened in open daylight.
    The social media colluding with genocide is happening in open daylight.

    So it couldn´t be much more obvious than this.
    And still it makes no impression on the media and political class.

    The mass can only protest, unsubscribe to papers and vote every 4 or 5 years.

    Emerson would have suggested a #4: To clog prisons by every citizen getting arrested.
    But thats not realistic I assume.

    * * *

    “Germany: New citizenship test to include questions on Holocaust and Israel’s founding
    Applicants must know how Holocaust denial is punished and explain special nature of German-Israeli relations”


    I haven´t checked the matter myself yet as domestic reporting goes.

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    Bernard of MOON OF ALABAMA with a longer post today on the US vs. the Rest of the UN

    Quoting Ted Snider (from antiwar.com and Responsible Statecraft) and Arnaud Bertrand


    At The UN It Is A Rogue U.S. Against The Rest Of The World

    Ted Snider asks:
    Is America a Rogue Superpower?

     “Unipolar” used to mean that the United States was, at least in theory, alone in leading the world. Now “unipolar” means that the United States is alone and isolated in opposition to the world.

    Snider refers to the recent UN Security Council resolution 2728 which “demands” a ceasefire in Gaza and “demands” a release of hostages and “demands” the unhindered supply of food and other items to Gaza.

    The U.S. has claimed, falsely, that the resolution is not binding.
    The U.S. (plus maybe a few of its minor proxies) is the only state which publicly disputes that.

    Bertrand points out that this will have huge consequences:

    p.s. from Bertrand´s TWITTER in January:

    “Game of Thrones stars and other actors read South Africa’s case file charging Israel with genocide at the #ICJ”
    10 minutes:


    (I dont care about actors, usually most of them have no clue about politics but if it helps… and GB strikes me as an exception to this rule with a strong tradition of left-wing actors adequately informed. Such action would be unthinkable in Germany despite its legendary stage tradition.)

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    …to be fair GoT was actually a US production not British…

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    So it couldn´t be much more obvious than this.
    And still it makes no impression on the media and political class.

    Exactly! I was just to write on this issue. The other day the UN special reporteur on the occupied Paletinstine Francesca Albanese, a courageous woman since the start of the massacring by Israel, said that there is clear signs that Israel commit acts of genocide.

    Rights expert finds ‘reasonable grounds’ genocide is being committed in Gaza


    But what happend after she dropped that bombshell? Nothing. So the UN talk about acts of genocide being committed, the most horrific and severe of a crime…. and there is zero response from the west. Today the news is already forgotten and buried. It is like facts does not matter to the west. It is sickening.
    Is this the rules based order the west talk about? It is so disgusting to watch the cynical stance by the west.
    If it was Russia that was accused of committing genocide Ukraine all these same, now silent, nations would rise up, there would be sanctions and perhaps even military escalation by the west. But now on Gaza they try to ignore the facts on the ground altogether!

    And just look at this western journalist, trying to downplay the killing altogether!

    A German journalist attempts to undermine the assertion of UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.


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    Disgraceful and corrupt Palestinian Authority admit they sit and wait for Hamas to be eradicated to they could move in taking power in Gaza:

    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced the formation of a new government on Thursday, with his premier stating that he intends for the PA to assume “responsibility for Gaza” when the Israel-Hamas war ends.


    Like Gazans would accept the horrible corrupt party that PA/Fatah represents!

    A couple of weeks back Palestinian Authority/Fatah blasted Hamas.

    Fatah condemn Hamas for causing the return of Israeli occupation to Gaza


    A bit odd to condemn your alleged brothers in Gaza when they are facing a genocide. Fatah/PA…nothing but a puppet regime to the west/Israel.

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    Since I don´t follow German “journalism” any more I don´t know who that reporter-impostor-moron-s.o.b. is.

    Just like as you mention the UN report remains unreported here, so did the torture report by UN on UNRWA, this too is down the memory hole.

    This is what used to be called “Übermenschen”-ideology in its purest form, now just modernized.

    You dont say that the others are dumb natives, no more. Nor do you kill them with your own hands.

    Now you attach all what is unworthy an despicable in your own intellectual “culture” at them and turn them into the evil “other”.
    And all those who dare question this manichean shit talk of yours, are regadred as outlaws, as combatants without any rights, be it in the proverbial sense or figuratively.


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    Jan Dirk Herbermann is his name, some asshole from TAGESSPIEGEL which is known to crawl into the German governments asshole. The “dark” counterpart daily to BERLINER ZEITUNG

    A reaction on TWITTER was:
    “First price for daftest question by a “journalist” (international) goes to Jan Dirk Herbermann of Berliner Tagesspiegel.”

    Here the complete conference by Mrs. Albanese:
    Herbermann at TC: 8:00 – 12:20

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    Thanks for finding out his name, I googled him and interestingly he pose in front of the UN symbol on his Linkedin,
    The same UN that made the same report that he just downplayed.

    And yeah, days before that idiotic question in the video, he wrote this:

    Putin’s regime of violence: Russian soldiers systematically torture, rape and kill people


    Not to downplay war crimes in Ukraine but this is very typical of western journalists: Writing 24/7 on Ukraine, taking every claim, rumour as a fact but turning a blind eye to the more severe of crimes being played out in Gaza by Israel when even UN make the accusations.

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    does the man possibly provide a link to the UN-report?
    his article is paywallled:

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    Finkelstein with Halper&Maté:

    “Norman Finkelstein: UN ceasefire resolution shows that Biden is scared
    On the long battle ahead and why it’s not time to despair”

    p.s. I am not sure if some parts of the joke Halper is telling Finkelstein in the last minute, @ 55´, escaped my limited understanding.
    But I too found it funny.

    (In fact it proves again that live it is more important how a joke is told than it´s content. Which gives you an understanding of the power of propaganda…)

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    Palestine Action have forced arms manufacturer Elbit to sell off its Tamworth site:


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    Biden quietly signs off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel
    Transfers include 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs, 500 MK82 500-pound bombs, 25 F-35A fighter jets


    Absurd also how the arab world could invite, make deals, strengthen their relationsship with the U.S during these times while their…alleged brothers are slaughtered by U.S weapons in Gaza day out and day in.

    Another step, another treachery making sure Israel will be able to carry out their genocide of the palestinian people.
    It is absurd that this little terrorist-regime could make the whole world keep silent about their crimes.

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    Israeli assassin arrested in Malaysia, most likely he was not the only assassin sent there:
    He was arrested with multiple firearms and multiple passport, including a french one:

    The spy claimed he was about to kill a compatriot,…yeah right.

    From last year:
    Israel Plans to Kill Hamas Leaders Around the World After War

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    The only nation in the arab world that I have seen been protesting against Israel is Algeria, all the other is so disgusting corrupt to put it mildly, they even the audacity to talk about normalization with Israel during the genocide.

    Blinken cites progress with Saudis on normalising ties with Israel

    Considering what Israel have done to the arab world past 6 months, the whole idea of some kind of normalization would be out of question for any sane, compassionate arab state.

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    Keir Starmer involved in Tzipi Livni affair of 2010

    Censored: Keir Starmer’s emails about Israeli war crimes case
    The Crown Prosecution Service is refusing to release files on how Starmer blocked the arrest of former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni over alleged war crimes during the brutal bombing of Gaza in 2008.


    Basically: In 2010 Israel killed 1400 palestinians, majority civilians in Gaza, the UK then changed the law so war criminals from Israel could freely travel into the the UK. Keir was involved in blocking an arrest of Livni:

    In October 2011, Keir Starmer was asked by a human rights group and law firm to issue an arrest warrant for former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, who was visiting London, over alleged war crimes.

    Starmer was then Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). But two days later, he blocked the application for Livni’s arrest, citing a Foreign Office decision to grant her visit “special mission” status.

    Speaking on this issue, how could there be that the israeli president Isaac Herzog could freely travel within europe?? He, who is involved in genocide, he who just days after the 7th october attack, said openly there are no innocent lives in Gaza?!

    Protests over Israeli leader Herzog’s presence at Dutch Holocaust Museum


    And look why he traveled to Europe, to speak at the Holocaust Museum. The gall of him to talk against genocide and commiting it himself at the same time. This is perverse!

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    Horrible testimonies coming out from the destroyed, besieged al-shifa hospital. Executions of hospital staff, shallow burial, bulldozers that run over dead/alive palestinians, horrific acts of beatings, humiliation, deprivation. Senseless.

    And today Israel attaked Iran by launching an attack on their embassy in Syria, killing a high al-Quds commander.

    This is a sick regime that needs to be put down. Israel are the nazis of 2024.
    If the west, arab world would have stood up against this sick regime early on, thousands of lives would be saved today.

    UK government lawyers allegedly said Israel is breaking international law
    Government’s lawyers said that Israel has breached international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip but the government has failed to make it public, according to a recording obtained by the Observer newspaper, sister paper to the Guardian.


    As Craig said on twitter today. Sanctions is not enough, this regime need to face foreign military intervention!

    And to be frank, this is not only Netanyahu’s fault by now. It is the fault of the israeli population, that have voted in this man over and over again and they support the war, they support the senseless genocide. Israelis are the germans of the 40s and should be dealt with the same tactics.

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    Jack and everyone else, you might like to read this essay Israel’s Biblical Psychopathy. He maintains it is how the whole state behaves.

    Also, Caitlin Johnstone’s piece Liberal Finger-Wagging At Netanyahu Is A Phony, Cynical Charade.

    I have to agree with Caitlin Johnstone, Netanyahu is not the sole source of the problem, it’s the whole polity in Israel and the support it has from certain western countries. Getting Netanyahu out of the picture won’t change the problem, someone else just as bad will step in to his shoes.

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    Thanks AG will read that piece, ISIS and Israel is very similar in this aspect. 2 both religious extremsts sects trying with violence cleanse the unclean races from their alleged land.
    It is interesting also that the media, politicians in west can talk about islamic terrorism, but jewish terrorism that have killed between 30000-40000 just paast 6 months is out of the question to bring up.

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    If I defended the RU invasion publicly I might end up in prison.
    If I defended the IDF massacre of Gaza I might end up with an award.

    Germany 2024.

    Latest proof of intellectual greatness:

    BERLINER ZEITUNG reporting:

    “Revocation of the Adorno Prize demanded: This is how Judith Butler reacts

    After student associations, Hesse’s anti-Semitism commissioner and the CDU parliamentary group called for Judith Butler to be stripped of the Adorno Prize, the philosopher spoke out.”


    “The CDU parliamentary group of the city of Frankfurt am Main , the Association of Jewish Students in Hesse (VJSH), the anti-Semitism commissioner of Hesse – they are all calling for the American philosopher Judith Butler to be deprived of the Adorno Prize, which she received in 2012. The CDU parliamentary group submits a corresponding application to the city council, also demanding that the then prize winner should make the prize money of 50,000 euros available to a Jewish organization.”

    But this is the best passage because apparently BERLINER ZEITUNG too still buys the PR bullshit:

    “Contrary to Butler’s claim, October 7th represents a clear case of a terrorist attack. The systematic sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas has been verified by several authorities, and according to information from the freed hostages, sexual violence is also being carried out on the hostages who are still being held . Nevertheless, Butler treats the facts as “unclear”; she is engaging in a classic perpetrator-victim reversal by demanding “documentation” of Hamas’ sexual violence and ignoring the existing evidence.”

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    re: my above comment – I have to give German courts some credit though concerning RU/UKR

    The Berlin based anti-war activist who had given a speech on May 9th 2022 in favour of RU (the opposite would have made little sense on that very date) and therefore was sentenced to 2000 Euros fine or 40 days in prison had appealed and had been declared innocent by the court.

    Then the D.A. appealed against that verdict. On Febr. 2024 this was however rejected by the court. The D.A. apparently has an interest in the case and has announced to appeal a second time.
    So far the courts were on the side of the victim.

    I don´t know the court cases re: Gaza.
    It could well be the case that despite demonstrable breach of Art. 51 by RU German legal system shows more empathy towards the RU cause than the Palestinian. Even though latter is a complicated war, former a clear-cut massacre and the perpetrator is beyond any doubt.

    But one would have to look closely into the court decisions. They are a world of their own. And need not mirror the government´s superficial redderick as reported in the big media. So you have the microcosm and the macrocosm of the law and those can differ quite a bit. So not all is lost.

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    Judith Butler a fine honest intellectual that had much of her maternal relatives murdered in the holocaust, still even someone like she will the nasty apologists for Israel attack and smear for only saying the truth – that what happend on 7th october is not clear yet. How could that be controverisal!?

    I have no words for the crazied things going on, it is like a spell that west have become totally brainwashed by putting and caring for Israel like it is a little baby defending it, justifying their acts even when they obviously commit acts of genocide. Apparenly such facts the israeli apologists will deny, but any crimes commited against an israeli is 100% focused upon!

    It is interesting how totalitarian west have become, revokinga prize given out 12 years ago!? What the heck is this? This is something like Stalin would engage in.

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    p.s. of course I mixed up the terminology in my above comment: “Even though latter is a complicated war, former a clear-cut massacre and the perpetrator is beyond any doubt.” it´s the other way around since there is nothing complicated or “controversial” over Gaza.

    * * *

    I guess the German insanity has mixed causes.

    People have no knowledge about the extent of Israel´war crimes over 80 years at least. And those events that are accepted as such are seen as exception from the humane rule.

    There is no understanding of the fact that Israel´s formation was carrid out criminally. and that the only reason this is still brought up by the Arabs is that IDF forces did not wipe them out the way coloniaists wiped out natives in the centuries before. Bad planning I guess. So the crime has never been truly covered up.

    And since the public here knows nothing about what Finkelstein has written in “Martyrdom” and other scholars as well that makes the Oct. 7th outbreak seem coming out of thin air: The reason Butler – who is not as radical as she could be btw. considering her positions in the past 30 years – is attacked.

    But people like French Eva Illouz e.g. too are attacking Butler, Illouz describing herself a true “leftist” which in this regard is a blatant lie. But that is in the heart of the matter as Finkelstein has again pointed out in Princeton: Israel the “good cause” as seen by the big majority of progressives since 1947.

    In Germany / Europe with WWII and the Holocaust this makes the public opinion more perceptible to lies and defamation of Arabs.

    Perhap here an interview with Benny Morris, machine transl.

    This is the gold standard for 100% of German scholarship.
    NOBODY will scrutinize this (it refers to Morris´ book which only now has been translated into German.)

    “Morris on the founding of the Israeli state:“Terrorism is hardening”
    Israeli historian Benny Morris has written an impartial book about the first Arab-Israeli war. A standard work.”

    March 29th 2024

    German TAZ, the major GREEN daily (started once as an idealist project in Berlin´s better 1980s.)


    One shouldn´t forget that Morris is despite all also a state propagandist. That´s e.g. why he of course suppoorted Oslo.
    Knowing full well and admitting in fact what Oslo truly meant.

    And this interview is to be seen in a clear context of rights and wrongs not to be questioned but determined by Israel.
    At least as German public and scholarship are concerned

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    “Google Won’t Say Anything About Israel Using Its Photo Software to Create Gaza “Hit List”
    Google prohibits using its tech for “immediate harm,” but Israel is harnessing its facial recognition to set up a dragnet of Palestinians.”


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    “Germany is Becoming a Police State When it Comes to Palestine Activism
    The German state is taking extraordinary measures to clamp down on pro-Palestinian activism, including arresting activists in their homes in the middle of the night.”


    Germany is Becoming a Police State When it Comes to Palestine Activism

    Wether it becomes a genuine police state can still be changed by courts and judges.
    It is authoritarian already regarding Palestin/Israel since freedom of speech and assembly are structurally being supressed.

    It is incomprehensible why not a single law firm has decided to take up a case against the laws passed and bring them to the Supreme Court.

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    re-published 2012 text:

    “Origins of Israel’s Anti-Arab Racism
    The anti-Arab racism that pervades modern Israel can be traced back to attitudes of old European imperialism, argued Lawrence Davidson in 2012, in this prescient forecast of today’s Israeli genocide.”


    #95773 Reply
    #95779 Reply

    “I Was a Target of Academic Censorship Over My Work on Palestine”

    Brendan Ciarán Browne, assistant professor of conflict resolution and a fellow at Trinity College Dublin, about how he was disinvited from a symposium by Vienna University and how the Austrians were everything but transparent on their move.
    Eventually the symposium was canceled altogether.


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    “The spiraling absurdity of Germany’s pro-Israel fanaticism

    As repression of Palestine solidarity penetrates every sector of life, the state’s liberal self-image is fast becoming a story Germans can only tell themselves.”

    By Michael Sappir March 21, 2024


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    What is most disturbing with Israel is that they enjoy this. They think this war is fun. Killing, maiming, ridicule and taunting innocent civilians – this is fun according to Israel. I have not seen such personal traits, such pleasure and ugly behavior being so common in any other modern war, sure in other wars you have witnessed bad apples, indivudal soldiers doing horrible stuff, but in Israel the whole basket seems to be filled with rotten apples. The person traits of Israel is that of a sadistic serial killer.

    For Israel’s TikTok serial killers, there is a pleasure in inflicting racial terror in Gaza
    And they do all this openly, filming themselves while they commit the cruelty, like they have no shame at all.

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    Even Tucker Carlson have the honesty to criticise Israel. Hopefully Trump will be watching this and stop sucking up to the israeli lobby:
    How Does the Government of Israel Treat Christians? Christian Leaders in the West Should Care

    It is so absurd seeing all those christian zionists backning not christians in Palestine but another religious sect harassing christians, discriminating against christians and even bomb christian churches!

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