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18 thoughts on “Injured

  • Warren Peace

    Sorry to hear of your ill fortune. If you use a Mac, there’s an ‘freemium’ app called MacWhisper that is powered by the latest, best, open source Ai transcription, and it runs locally on your Mac (unlike Siri, which happens on Apple servers). It will transcribe audio and video files and transcribe from microphone.

    No affiliation. I’m a filmmaker and rely heavily on transcription which is always a pain, so unlimited, free, ‘disposable’ transcription is a joy. Use the free version.

  • Laughingsong

    I’m really sorry to hear that, I hope that you recover quickly and don’t suffer any long term damage from this. Don’t try to do too much too soon! I also hope that you have family or friends nearby to assist you.

    Get better! I check your site every day and I won’t stop or be put off by delays in posts.

  • Tom Welsh

    Please put your health first! We look forward intensely to your articles, but we would much rather wait until you are well enough to write without strain or pain.

    There seems to be no need for hurry in commenting on the glacial pace of British “justice”.

  • Baron

    The best for you, Mr. Murray, is to switch off fully, stop working, get better, long term that’s what not only you but your followers want, too, you in rude health fighting. Good luck and more.

  • harry law

    I have just heard Craig Murray on George Galloway’s MOATS he had his arm in a sling, but delivered a wonderful analysis of the Assange appeal hearing, together with Julians prospects going forward, watch him here on MOATS Wednesday Episode 329. Bravo!

  • Ingwe

    Get well soon Mr Murray. We need your well-written analyses particularly now in the light of the High Court’s perverse decisions on Julian Assange’s struggle against extradition.

  • Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett

    Well – despite health challenges – you seem to have run to George Galloway and made a presentation in fine form – so all is not lost.

    Please get out of bed mate and get on with it.

    Speedy recovery wished.

  • TPaine

    The curse of growing old is the realisation that while we may remain active both physically and mentally, we also become more fragile. Please recover swiftly, look after yourself, and meanwhile my prayers and best wishes go with you. Yours aye, Tom

  • Ewan2

    When I dislocated my shoulder I got the electric treatment – about 7 minutes with a pad either side of the joint with a current running through. 7 sessions in all. It felt like water inside the arm, but it has done the trick. It’s good to get some advice from the Physio.
    Lying down was difficult for the first 3 days, slept in an armchair. Painkillers for 3 days too.

    Happy healing !

  • Robert Dyson

    Take proper rest. We need you for years to come. I had an elbow strain injury and thought I would try supplementing with glycine. I had a hypothesis about it – we make it but not enough because we have not evolved much from our high glycine food hunter/gatherer days. I didn’t expect much but it worked like magic, first in days the background ache had gone, then within two weeks there was no pain in using my arm stressfully. That’s on three teaspoons a day – I add to food. The other crucial item is supplemental magnesium, depleted soils means we don’t get enough in our food, and magnesium is needed for hundreds of physiological processes. Had I lived nearby I would have brought both for you to try as I have for my friends. I hope not impertinent but 20 years on from you I am still going strong.

  • nevermind

    Falling over or coming off one’s bike in Greece, outside major urban areas, is dangerous as most rural roads are rough stone and little tarmac.
    I remember my now-deceased friend Peter coming off his Royal Enfield Interceptor and losing his thumbnail on the rough rocks, as well as ripping his leathers. He was not going fast, merely ambling along, with me following.
    He received an excellent service from the local doctor, but decided to ride back home to Germany the next day…
    Wishing you a swift recovery from your injuries. Your knees are important, and considering a form of swimming/gently treading water of the side of a pool or boat might help with recuperating and getting some fitness back. You are needed by your family more than by us. Take care Craig.

  • glenn_nl

    Dang, very sorry to hear this. As my Dad used to say, give injuries plenty of time to rest and don’t push it in the meantime. Everything else will have to wait, your body has to be respected and put first.