The Ceasefire Now Demonstration – July 5th 1

I usually find that demos are a bit closer to the police estimate of numbers than the organisers’ estimate. But Saturday’s demo against the attack on Lebanon was really big – I was speaking over an hour into the rally, and I could see the march still pouring in.


Click here to watch Craig’s speech in central London.

Video from the other speakers is also available via Nether-World and photos and write up from The Antagonist.

Video images supplied by Ady Cousins from Military Families Against the War.

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One thought on “The Ceasefire Now Demonstration – July 5th

  • retiree

    If I understand the British system, the police don't put out many details about such cases as the alleged bombers for quite some time. In the US, of course, information flows like a flood, well before serious evidence is accumulated.

    Thus, I don't expect many specifics very soon.

    I do share the skepticism, given the mistakes the police have made of late, but, will be patient.

    One line in the blog was odd. There have been daily stories on Iraq in newspapers, on the radio and television, and on the Web. So, I don't know why Craig wonders why there has been none.

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