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    AG, I like the site because it reviews various web tools such as search engines etc and gives an insight on how they snoop. The reality is that if you are gonna use the internet someone somewhere is recording it. Whether that’s your ISP, the VPN you might use, search engines, the CIA, MI5/6, NSA, a whole host of advertising agencies or whoever, who gives a fuck tbh. I’m still going to use the internet and search whenever it suits me. It is worth searching for advanced search techniques so you can better hone your searches. Often you’ll have to go beyond the first few pages of search results. I am sure someone informed as you AG can immediately filter out the usual MSM crap from search results quickly. For what it’s worth I currently use QWANT though they fall back on Bing when their own crawlers/network doesn’t cut it. See for why that’s an issue. If you get creative with your search terms (and that’s not always necessary) you can usually get what you want to find; and from those sites you do find, you’ll often get references to other sites and so on. It does take some time and a little effort.

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    thx a bunch!

    I simply have to get used to using sources like
    Because eventually I get lazy. For the same reason I gave up on using TOR the way I used to for a little time.
    And I have given up on finding a free-of-charge VPN after Proton turned out to be a CIA-friendly service.
    I have gotten used to the fact that anything I do most likely could be monitored (considering me visiting e.g. this site.)
    The issue is more as you say, finding what I am looking for. And here the situation has really deteriorated seriously.
    And that simply annoys me.
    In fact the impediments of gathering info for building some knowledge base in the age of “info” are a scandal if I think of it…

    p.s. CIA and Co. apparently have an internal discussion going on over using textbook/printed knowledge or only internet sources. Those argueing in favour of the former – and I don´t know how anyone in the service can not agree – are stressing that researching e.g. Chinese newspapers for them is of high significance. Well of course it is. If anyone in the CIA research says otherwise I would simply fire them.

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    And the farce continue, the new US house speaker that were allegedly against spending more money on Ukraine and other uncessary wars, have now folded after speaking with the CIA. What a puppet!

    US House Speaker supports Ukraine bill, announces new ‘Axis of Evil’
    US House Speaker Mike Johnson says he is willing to take “personal risks” regarding the aid funding to Ukraine.

    This is considered a clear shift in his stance over the bill to Ukraine, as over the past few months, Johnson has stood against bringing the $95 billion foreign aid bill to a vote and made it clear that just like other Republicans, he cannot back the bill that would give $14 billion in military aid to “Israel” and $60 billion to Ukraine, without it being linked to an overhaul of US border security.

    This change in stance comes after a series of recent meetings Johnson had with US intelligence chiefs.–announces-new–axis

    Regardless who they vote in, it is always the deep-state running things in the background.

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    eventually the money will flow back in some form

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    … as is perversly confirmed and repeated by these two clones of idiocy (12 Apr 2024) – 1h 5m 36s

    Mearsheimer (and his buddy D.L. Davis) “debating” with them, one from German Marshall Fund, one the former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs.
    Have fun pulling the hair off your head while watching.

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    Thanks – just watched most of it… hah yeah pulling my hair alright. The women on the panel acted very arrogant and of course got applause by the hawkish Council of foreign relations-cheerleader-crowd sitting there. Pathetic.

    The women asked how the world could trust Russia by making any deal with it.
    Ever heard of Minsk 1? Minsk 2? Ever heard how Poroshenko, Macron, Merkel all admitted that they were not serious about it? Why should Russia believe the west?
    Ever heard about the grain deal, ever heard about the Istanbul deal that Zelensky/Boris Johnson botched?
    Ever heard that Nato, although verbally, “promised” not to to expand further? They did, countless of times, thus again, why/how could the Russia trust the west?

    And what is the problem with neutrality? Ukraine was neutral as Mearsheimer pointed out up until somewhere 2014. That worked out fine. Ukraine had peaceful relations with both Russia and the US/EU.

    How can the women believe that Ukraine could retake all these regions, and even Crimea, what world are they living in? The hyped up counter offensive did not lead to anything. So exactly what is going to be added to the war that will make Ukraine somehow beat Russia? It is possible.

    And for arguments sake, these women do not want diplomacy they only want the war to going on until Ukraine win. Ok, so lets assume for arguments sake Ukraine win and by that humiliating Russia. Would that make Russia a lesser threat? No! That is why a diplomatic soultion is the best for every party here.

    What I also found gross is how the women put it like US business/companies win from this war and that ‘we americans do not have to fight’. That is a cynical, disgusting view viewing ukrainians just as cannon fodder.
    In fact if the pro-ukraine crowd in the west actually cared about ukrainians well then they would stop the war instantly not keeping the war ongoing killing and maiming more and more ukrainian lives.

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    Jack, I don’t think the USA and its allies care at all about Ukraine or it’s people. It’s all about damaging Russia as much as they can and secondarily boosting their arms industries whilst they can.

    The Grayzone had a piece today about how UK insurers are refusing to pay out on Nord stream 1 on the basis that its destruction was under government orders.
    UK insurers refuse to pay Nord Stream because blasts were ‘government’ backed.
    Switzerland-based Nord Stream AG filed a lawsuit against the insurers for their refusal to compensate the company. So, in court, the insurers will have to present evidence to back their claim that it was state-backed rather than the ludicrous story of a team of rogue Ukrainian operatives in a small boat. The last paragraph in the article suggests that such a court decision could backfire.

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    An important small piece of info from Gordon Hahn´s latest update, which I fear won´t make it into our media. Hahn links to RU source only.

    “UPDATE 2 TO “Did the West Intentionally Incite Putin to War?”

    It concerns Lavrov´s interview of April 19th and his comment about (non-)negotiations with Blinken 2021/2022 about medium and short range missiles in the vicinity of RU.

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    US House approves Ukraine aid bill
    Lawmakers have authorized about $61 billion in additional spending to support Kiev in the conflict with Russia

    It is sickening how easily billions after billions is sent for for war, destruction. Meanwhile poverty in the US is on the rise and now almost 40 million americans live in poverty. Instead of sending all these money to war US could help millions of people out of their misery:

    The Surprising Poverty Levels Across the U.S.

    The U.S. poverty rate saw its largest one-year increase in history. 12.4% of Americans now live in poverty according to new 2022 data from the U.S. census, an increase from 7.4% in 2021. Child poverty also more than doubled last year to 12.4% from 5.2% the year before.

    The U.S. poverty level is now $13,590 for individuals and $23,030 for a family of three. The new data shows that 37.9 million people lived in poverty in 2022.

    This is how the situation look like in Oakland, California:
    The Oakland, California Homeless Problem is Beyond Belief

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    A short political essay by Boris Kagarlitsky from prison. It´s not that good but nonetheless in order to document and share it (I am not acquainted with Kagarlitsky´s work):

    “Boris Kagarlitsky: The Hobbesian World of “Multipolarity”
    By Boris Kagarlitsky

    “Translation by Renfrey Clarke

    Russian political prisoner Boris Kagarlitsky writes in Jacobin from his jail cell at Zelenograd SIZO-12. He discusses the need for an alternative to the “individualist logic of modern liberalism and the totalitarian aggressiveness of the new conservatism.”

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    Sipri study: Germany is becoming Europe’s arms giant – and dictatorships benefit from it

    Europe now spends more money on armaments than Russia. Germany is exporting weapons to supposed “values ​​partners,” criticizes a military expert.

    April 23, 2024

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    “Two years of war have impoverished many Ukrainians – Economist

    In 2023 Ukraine’s GDP was 72% of what it was in 2021. Millions have either lost their jobs, or had their pay cut by struggling employers. But walk around any of the big cities set back from the frontlines and today you would hardly know there was a war on. Last month a huge new bookshop opened a few minutes’ walk from where the volunteers of Sant’Egidio, a Rome-based charity, distribute their food. Shops, businesses, cafés and restaurants are packed and plenty of people are driving fancy cars.

    However, the war has tipped many into poverty, especially those who were hard-pressed before, and above all those whose homes and livelihoods have been lost. A World Bank survey last November found that 9% of Ukrainians had run out of food at some point in the previous 30 days. In March, according to the Centre for Economic Strategy, a think-tank in Kyiv, 23% were in a state of food insecurity. Some 14% were unemployed.”


    “Two years of war have impoverished many Ukrainians
    The elderly, the displaced and the disabled are the worst affected”

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    A bunch of crazy, lying idiots


    Europe—but Not NATO—Should Send Troops to Ukraine
    To Halt Russia’s Advance, Kyiv Needs More Boots on the Ground

    By Alex Crowther, Jahara Matisek, and Phillips P. O’Brien

    April 22, 2024

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    Ever since west put sanctions on Russia west said that the Russian economy was to break and collapse any minute, now 2+ years into the war the reality is completely different:

    Russia to grow faster than all advanced economies says IMF
    An influential global body has forecast Russia’s economy will grow faster than all of the world’s advanced economies, including the US, this year.

    …and now the west changed their tune, now they suddenly claim that Russian economy benefit from the war and as soon as the war is over the Russian economy will break.

    This is how propaganda works.

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    Jack, I recall that when the war began and unprecedented sanctions were announced, the Mother of all the Sanctions, you asked about my opinion how the Russians would perceive this. I remembered that conversation, because it seemed to me inappropriate to discuss the economic aspects earlier than those general humanitarian ones.
    I also remember that for myself I personally decided to leave foreign handmade marketplaces and switch to the domestic Russian market, especially since the government facilitated the sale of precious metals with canceling VAT on investment bullion, which allowed me to leave my copper and brass crafts, focusing my efforts to develop my Silver business.

    Today I can say that in Russia there was an unprecedented business boost.
    Places vacated by foreign competitors were taken by local business people. Small businesses flourish.
    I use their services and I have friends among the owners of the smallest of them – atelier, bakery, coffee houses, beauty salons. These people now can afford a decent housing, a decent car, education for children in good institutions and spend vacations abroad a couple of times a year. This was not here before.
    I myself used to often think about leaving 500 rubles in a hairdresser or saving and dyeing my hair at home. Now I do not consider spending 3,000 rubles in a hairdresser as something significant. Or, earlier I hesitated if I should save on the cost of gasoline, going to visit my family by train. Now I don’t even think about these expenses choosing comfort, although the cost of gasoline and paid roads is about twice or even 3 times as much as the trip by train.
    The whole country accepts for granted standard of living, previously considered too “luxurious.” Now people think of spending less and are ready to pay for convenience.

    The room above me is an online order pick-up point, my window goes to their staircase, and their door never closes. One of the most popular areas of a small business is to rent a room and buy franchises from several large marketplaces or logistics companies at once. They are literally in every multi-storey building.
    Self-service checkout with card payment terminals are now standard in all supermarkets. It’s almost impossible to find a retail point without digital forms of payment, probably only in distant villages there are still payment in cash.
    We are digitalizing everything here on a grand scale, IT specialists are now paid better than other professions and have significant social benefits such as mortgages at a reduced rate. Local ITs are excellent and I even stopped using the Google browser and Google translator in favor of Yandex.

    The media sphere is pleasant changes. Rutube offers the most interesting professionally made videos from science popularizers. Russian cinema began to make entertaining content, such as series or popular films, at a quite decent level, I swear! Even to my demanding taste, I find something to watch and I like it! I even bought a new big TV for this.

    I had a couple of free hours yesterday and my husband and I walked along the main city street, as the chestnuts bloom this time of the year. I have never seen a city so beautiful, so much has been done for landscaping – neat tiles, benches and empty! garbage cans are everywhere, irrigation systems on lawns, flowers are planted and trees are well maintained. The city really spends money on cleaning services, landscaping and, in general, on comfort and aesthetics.
    Cheese shops offer scamorza, buratta and cachocavallo, and the local producer Abrau has finally launched a very affordable ordinary wine (blended, but still very decent dry red).
    There are fewer people with carts in supermarkets, more uniformed employees of the delivery service. Couriers on bicycles and scooters have already begun to annoy, as we have little or no bicycle paths here, couriers go along the sidewalks and there are too many of them.

    And I do not associate these changes with the war, but exclusively with the sanctions, thanks to which foreign competitors have gone.
    You know, in Russia the word ‘package’ has several meanings, one of them is ‘plastic bag’. In the impoverished days of the 90s, people washed plastic bags and saved them for reuse. There is a popular joke: in every house there’s a plastic bag in which plastic bags are stored (в каждом доме есть пакет с пакетами)
    So, when the West announced the next ‘package of sanctions’, someone joked: we’ll put this package in our package for packages.
    I couldn’t have put it more precisely 🙂

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    michael norton

    It certainly does seem to me that Russia will benefit from these sanctions.
    Lloyds of London was at one time the main ship insurance dealer, in the World but if they refuse to deal with Russia, Russia will most likely insure their own ships.
    Business lost through bad actions, is not usually won back.
    The losers will be America, Ukraine and Europe.

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    Geoffrey Roberts has done some great work as historian, but this makes zero sense to me:
    “Putin’s Trump Card: Ukrainian Membership of NATO”

    “President Vladimir Putin started the Ukraine war and he could – and should – end it by negotiating a peace deal that includes Ukraine’s membership of NATO.”

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    from the news

    “Being abroad does not relieve a Ukrainian citizen of the duty to defend the country, and the Ukrainian Foreign Minister has ordered consular services for compatriots abroad to be suspended. Commenting on his decision, the minister said it was intended to help “restore the proper treatment of men of mobilization age in Ukraine and abroad”. “Men of conscription age serving abroad” cannot receive services from a state they do not want to defend, Kuleba added.

    Ukrainian media are also reporting difficulties in issuing passports in the country’s passport offices. In many places, including Kiev, there have been no places left on the electronic waiting list for the submission of documents for several weeks. At the same time, the Ukrainian state-owned company Document, which produces passports, announced that Ukrainians have been unable to obtain passports abroad since April 23 due to a “technical defect”; the timeframe for rectifying the problem has not yet been determined.”

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    Michael Norton, I agree with you. And I also want to add on sanctions and the description that the AG gives above, about the impoverishment of Ukrainians due to the war.

    IMO, Ukrainians became impoverished long before that, and it was from the USSR that they emerged as the richest republic, but since managed to lose everything. I see the reason for this is that they began to cultivate nationalism with the denial of everything Russian, including history of USSR.

    Otherwise, they would have known well what happened in the 90s here. A clown president came, saying “we have no enemies in the West” and who in the American Congress said “God bless America.” And the national assets of this country fell into the hands of oligarchs, all as one with Jewish roots and London connections (that period is known as the Seven Bankers). Western intelligence agencies sat with their feet on the table in the offices of our officials, Western companies profiteered from our resources, and Western non-governmental foundations wrote books on which our youth studied (how not to remember here DeSantis and the proper way to use anal plugs in school libraries in the USA)

    It describes pre-war Ukraine exactly. Monsanto and Black Rock are now the owners of Ukrainian lands, the American president demands the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor, Nuland is called the most influential woman of Ukraine, old German ideologies are revived, and all this is named ‘Ukrainian national identity’.

    I know that they did not have presidential elections on time and that Zelensky loses legitimacy on May 20 this year, less than in month. Zelensky, an ex-comedian who claims that he is Jewish.
    I don’t know who will be the head of these territories (I cannot call it a state, and even more so a Ukrainian state). It looks like the younger generations grew up on a distorted version of history, made mistakes because of this, and will now lose everything into Western hands.

    I could give advice to elect a Ukrainian as the president, transfer national property to the management of national agencies, find a dialogue with neighbors for the sake of long-term sustainable peace, and then work hard.
    But I’m a Russian and they won’t listen to me.

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    today’s topics by Christoforou:
    Sunak, UK war footing. Szijjarto, EU war psychosis. Europe troops in Ukraine. 2026, EU defeats Putin

    I don’t necessarily take the EU-high-level war-passion seriously, which he describes convincingly in the video – unless they would dare to implement major war to win an election. I don’t know if they are that demented.

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    TATYANA and Co.

    what I found most revealing in that article that I had posted above, was about the ECONOMIST itself – which would confirm that outlet´s reputation – they – the staff – don´t realize that with the “old, sick and poor” it is the usual group of people who suffer anywhere in the world whether its war or peace.

    So frankly there is noting extraordinary about that. Which could lead me to the very unfriendly conclusion that the war has by far not been as horrible to UKR as the urban Western legend 24/7 wants us to believe. And where it has been brutal, it has been so in the very same areas since 2014. Which the West gave a fuck for. So nothing changed.

    If you exclude the Hundreds of Thousands killed and maimed soldiers (the real tragey here)- the others have lives more or less the same.
    What fuckin democracy is in danger there? For Christ´s Sake. If they had been a real democracy we would have never gotten into this mess.

    p.s. a detail I found interesting – this is not the ECONOMIST any more of course – Mark Sleboda I think, articulated this theory, that the new Minister of Defense, the one who likes to sacrifice his soldiers at the front, however not by coincidence is in majority sending Neonazi units into the heavy fighting with the covert intent to get rid of them – so that Zelensky – (who I think is more complex, or was more complex than we might think, or lets say honest, in the first year of his prsidency, or so) – eventually may use the war to wipe out many of those nutheads who made life for him difficult.

    As I said last year, in a worst scase scenario for Zelensky RU would still turn out the safest place for him. Unless Sean Penn doesn´t make him an American citizen.

    I mean Zelensky knows what is true and what is not.
    In his heart and if he sat with his shrink.

    Everything he does is public and therefoe 100% acting and fake. Of course he gets tired sometimes and might take a near overdose – but hell that´s how most actors work in the business. They are all morons. Being a moron in public is part of an actor´s job.
    But in regards to Ukraine he deep inside knows political myths and facts.
    I am not excusing anybody here. Just stating my sober observations.

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    Mark Sleboda wondering if Zaluzhny is not in fact interned in Ukr and never arrived in London. Since he has never been sighted there.
    And pointing out that the new US aid package might slow down things for the RU army a bit.
    Including rocket launchers now capable to reach 300 km. Which confirms the plan to basically terrorize people on RU territory, since NATO can´t do much more.
    On the other hand, AFU army units are refusing to fight in areas which are fit for suicide only.
    27 min.

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    UKR Aid package:


    “The new package of American aid to Ukraine will include armored vehicles, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, HMWWV military multi-purpose vehicles, M113 armored personnel carriers, artillery and ammunition for air defense.

    In addition, British Prime Minister Risha Sunak said that London is preparing the largest aid package for Kyiv. It is planned to transfer 400 vehicles, 60 boats, about 4 million cartridges for small arms to Ukraine, as well as more than 1.6 thousand shock missiles and air defense missiles. Kyiv will also receive Storm Shadow air-to-ground missiles from London.

    ⭐️ This will not change the situation. But the conflict is prolonged.

    Two majors”


    p.s. 20 billion I think however are already reserved for replenishing US´ own stocks (which I assume was the real reason for the House to pass the bill.)

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    michael norton

    United Kingdom to increase defence spending by £80,000,000,000
    eighty billion pounds.
    The best bit is Rishi will be getting hold of the money by sacking 70,000 civil servants.
    Rishi has been in Poland trying to talk the Polish, to get more involved with the war in Ukraine.

    I have written to my M.P. a few times, suggesting Ukraine talk to Mr. Putin to end the pointless deaths, but my M.P. does not answer?

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    michael norton

    I expect this view is shocking.
    It seems obvious to me that Russia will win the war in Ukraine, which is mostly about NATO encroachment into the hinterland of Russia. Why doesn’t Britain understand and embrace this change?
    Why not talk, trade and engage with Russia. Our future might be more realistic if we dealt with Russia, rather than toady up to America?

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    michael norton

    Indeed, western world have been gripped by hubris and prestige and have changed the narrative accordingly instead of seeking peace. Now, when the war should be concluded by peaceful means/talks as Ukraine obviously cannot achive their goals militarly, the west have instead escalated and now the argument is not Ukraine anymore but that Russia would go after all of europe if they win in Ukraine. They keep moving the goal posts, they take war, escalation above peace.

    In other news

    US spies believe Putin didn’t order Navalny’s death – WSJ
    The Russian president isn’t likely to have mandated the killing of the imprisoned opposition figure, the sources have told the outlet

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    Unfortunately but probably true: ICC anonymous sources claim that ICC will not announce any charge against Netanyahu if ICC do not get a blessing by the US to do so.

    The source’s comments follow reports in Israeli media this week citing senior ICC sources that the Hague could not consider arrest warrants against Israeli leaders without Washington’s informal consent.

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    Does anyone know how substantiated the allegations regarding RU paper “Meduza” are that they are cooperating with US intelligence?
    About the “Moscow Times” it is known that Dutch government e.g. owns a big part of that paper. However MT never had the reputation of “Meduza” as a serious outlet. (I do not know in how far any of these assessments of quaity were ever true or not or how/why they changed. Since in Germany we know virtually nothing about RU except that RUs drive T-34s drunk.)

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    michael norton

    “it’s not too late for Ukraine to prevail”.

    Jens Stoltenberg is deluded

    Secretary General of NATO

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    michael norton


    Anyday now the term of Z expires, after that he will not be the legite president of Ukraine, there has not and will not be an election in Ukraine.
    The Whitehouse is urging the Ukraine Regime to encourage more men to join the Ukraine Army, probably so they will be slaughtered, just so Biden does not look like a loser.

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    Pears Morgaine

    I wonder you’ve the time to waste to listen to that smug, self appointed ‘expert’. An hour and a half of waffle which anybody else could condense into 20 minutes.

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    3 recommended texts on Western meddling in UKR + GEORGIAN politics via public PR ops:

    Lee Fang from THE INTERCEPT with a good piece on his own SUBSTACK about US influence on several major UKR media outlets
    – (New Voice of Ukraine, VoxUkraine, Detector Media, the Institute of Mass Information, the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine) – and this way meddling in Ukrainian domestic media politics much more than the mainstream media (to some extent THE INTERCEPT too) is willing to admit.

    “U.S. Funds Ukraine Groups Censoring Critics, Smearing Pro-Peace Voices
    American taxpayers are footing the bill for Ukrainian NGOs focused on smearing proponents of a diplomatic solution as “Russian disinformation” agents.”
    April 11th 2024

    “While the funding is officially billed as an ambitious program to develop high-quality independent news programs; counter malign Russian influence; and modernize Ukraine’s archaic media laws, the new sites in many cases have promoted aggressive messages that stray from traditional journalistic practices to promote the Ukrainian government’s official positions and delegitimize its critics.”

    similar topic, re: Georgia

    “Some thoughts about Foreign Influence Law in Georgia and EU
    Reactionary Dual Power in Georgia”
    by Sopo Japaridze

    Without being a friend of RU, the author is very well able to distinguish and point out the nature behind the attempted power grab via NGOs:

    “In the Georgian context, the opposition faction has established its own media channels, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

    Their source of power stems from legitimacy and direct access granted by the EU and US embassy, rather than grassroots support. Unlike the situation in the EU, where parliament members are elected by the people and can theoretically represent their interests, in Georgia, unelected representatives of NGOs hold sway and have access to EU bodies and representatives. They have significant financial resources to fund their activities. They lack the incentive to consider the impact of the policies or demands they advocate for, as they face no electoral accountability unlike the government. Their control over institutions and counter-institutions enables them to propagate propaganda and mobilize thousands of people.”

    I already suggested last year, a long excellent piece on the EU hypocrisy regarding NGOs and foreign agent laws re: Eastern Europa:

    “Foreign agent law fundamentals, part I: we need to be honest with ourselves
    Thoughts on recent events in Georgia”
    by Almut Rochowanski
    March 17th 2023

    ps. see reader´s comment und US FARA.

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    michael norton

    Two years after the war started 10,500 civilians have died in Ukraine (February 2024).
    In the few months that the war in Gaza has been going on, over 40,000 civilians have been killed in Gaza.

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    Abrams and Leopards in Moscow, but not in the way you might’ve imagined 🙂

    We exhibit Western military machines captured in the battlefields in Ukraine. I wish I could invite @Tom Welsh to see this.

    This feeling, when you imagine a Western taxpayer spending their money to provide the Russians with their military secrets.

    If someone is interested to watch more, Russian words for googling
    Выставка трофейной техники на Поклонной горе

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    michael norton

    Exactly, and then, on top of that one should add the ratio of populations between Gaza and Ukraine: it is a monstrous number of people killed in Gaza.
    Sickening how normalized this killing have become.

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    Latvian Foreign Minister Baiba Braze said that a number of Ukraine’s Western partners have already provided Kyiv with long-range weapons, allowing them to be used for attacks on Russia

    I guess the strikes are being planned already, by Britain, Germany and France.

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    I am not interested any more in military gear on open display. I used to be as a kid in the US. There they had all kinds of such exhibitions. But in the USA thats part of everyday culture.

    However concerning the current Moscow exhibits – it is indeed of significance – and any German should take most careful note of that (which they WON´T) – that next to 2023 Leopards, they have 1943 built Leopards.

    I mean just ponder over that for a beat.

    The incredible scandal won´t get more obvious.

    Speaking of historic continuity, and thinking of German expertise in utilizing such exhibits for moral lessons and educating the people – as is being done with the Holocaust – I can only throw up over this heinous double standard und our lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

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    Macron keep doubling down, for what I do not know. Perhaps he try to pose himself as the new leader of the EU week before the EU election?
    Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and even UK have past week distanced themselves from Macron’s sending-troops claim.

    Macron warns about Russian missiles in a defeated Ukraine
    The potential redeployment of Moscow’s military assets would threaten not only Kiev’s neighbors, but France itself, the president has said

    Macron further noted that Ukraine is crucial to France’s security because it is located only 1,500 kilometers from its borders. “If Russia wins, the next second, there is no longer any security possible in Romania, in Poland, in Lithuania and not in our country either. The capability and range of Russian ballistic missiles expose us all,” he said.

    Sigh, Russia could of course already today target the whole of the world (like any other big military power).

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    On May 9th celebration, long text:

    “Remembering A Day the West Wants to Forget”

    “In a few days Russians will celebrate Victory Day, one of the most important dates (May 9) on its calendar, which marks the triumph over Nazi Germany.

    While the USSR played the biggest role in defeating the Third Reich, that contribution has been thrown into question in the West by historical revisionists in recent years who instead seek to blame the USSR for WWII.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of comments emerge from the West this year. It’s notable that Russian representatives (but nor President Valdirmir Putin) have been invited to the French D-Day anniversary at Normandy in June. Importantly, the Liberation Mission organizing committee in its invitation to Moscow noted “the importance of the commitment and sacrifices of the Soviet peoples, as well as its contribution to the 1945 victory.” I haven’t seen whether Russia plans on accepting the invitation.

    Around 25 million residents of the USSR died in the Second World War; yet Western officials and media and think tank personalities now largely use the Victory Day occasion to taunt Russia.”

    Remembering A Day the West Wants to Forget

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