The real bigots are the 51 “entrepreneurs” who wrote to the Times 4

this morning arguing anything but a Tory government would be a disaster. They argue that only massive tax cuts for themselves will save the economy, by “trickledown”. Not one of them opposed the banking deregulation that actually was an economic disaster.

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4 thoughts on “The real bigots are the 51 “entrepreneurs” who wrote to the Times

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    There are going to be massive cuts resulting in a ‘double-dip’ recession after the election. It’s sickening to see the bankers still awarding themselves obscene bonuses for profits based on taxpayers’ bailout money, but they are not going to be punished for the excesses which have wrecked the global economy. You would think that any party that wanted to win popular support would have proposals to tax these bastards to death. There should be the fiscal equivalent of an attachment of earnings order for banking profits and bonuses until the national debt is fully paid off.

  • Cosmetic Brain Surgery

    Ah the famous trickle up economics – the reason the economy faltered is we haven’t flogged the horse enough. We need more and more tax cuts so the money can continue to flow ever upwards…and if that fails, MORE tax cuts – they obviously weren’t enough! We must appease the economy by sacrificing the poor.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Nextus, what a nightmare! May I recommend an oxygen cylinder and other personal protective equipment? Keep on, and good luck to you! Are you a writer, by any chance? … ‘working very hard and not getting paid for it’.

    Actually, I have to say that not all Conservatives as individuals are like that. But the Party, from the incipience of Thatcher, is like that.

    Owen, yes, exactly.

  • nextus

    In a discussion about tax this morning – it’s pure theft from working people, apparently – my Tory chums calculated that their tenants must be getting about a thousand quid in benefits per month, which comes straight out of the pockets of hard-working people. Someone suggested these parasites should be sent to live in a rundown shack and try to support themselves off the land – but no, that probably wouldn’t work because they’d simply resort to stealing. Instead everyone agreed they ought to be tipped into the river. No, wait, a better idea is to send them to Iraq. It doesn’t matter if those fellows get killed, you see – they’re no good to anyone anyway.

    Yikes! Real people actually think like this. If anybody should be denied the vote – which I don’t condone – I think the fascist bigots should be first in line.

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