Channel 4 Censorship 125

For the 45th consecutive time I have been invited, organised and then blocked at the last moment from a mainstream media appearance.

On Sunday I received this email from Channel 4:

Channel 4 have cleared their schedule for a live, hour long prime-time programme on Scottish Independence at 10pm on Wednesday 17th September in Edinburgh. I was wondering whether this is something you would consider being involved in?

With just hours to go before Scotland votes, the fate of the whole United Kingdom hangs in the balance. Jon Snow is hosting the debate live from Edinburgh, and will be joined by major politicians, voters, campaigners and well known faces from all across the United Kingdom to thrash it out one last time before the polls open.

We will have a panel of guests, and a front row of experts who will all join the discussion and we would love if he would consider coming along.

Do give me a call if you need more information or have any questions, we’d love to have you on the show if possible

On Monday I phoned them and agreed the details and they told me where to go. This afternoon they cancelled me because “the panel was full”. It was not full when they invited me or agreed everything.

Regular readers will know this happens again, and again, and again. I am invited to a programme, then shortly before the appearance am cancelled because some blocking mechanism steps in. The determination of the establishment to keep dangerous dissent off the airwaves is still implacable – even in Edinburgh tonight. By Friday they will look pretty forlorn.


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125 thoughts on “Channel 4 Censorship

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  • doug scorgie

    18 Sep, 2014 – 2:59 pm
    “Even if an independent Scotland were to adopt policies hostile to Israel, why would that mean Jews would have to flee from Scotland?”


    No reason at all Lysias, it’s merely Zionist scaremongering in the hope of getting the Jewish NO vote.

  • Parky

    Scotland’s Future
    Downloadable document:
    Title: Scotland’s Future
    Description: Scotland’s referendum on 18 September 2014 is a choice between two futures.
    File: Scotland’s Future : Your Guide to an Independent Scotland [PDF, 15011.0 kb: 29 Nov 2013]

    So it’s either the RED pill or the BLUE one but with opposite realities as to those portrayed in the Matrix.

  • Gutter

    Doug Scorgie:
    Why will an independent Scotland turn to the right? For the same reason that all those new Eastern European states have turned to the right. It is what happens when the euphoria of independence dies down and people look around them and realise they are worse off. They become cynical, parochial and mean-spirited.
    The hope and optimism you are feeling today is sadly misplaced.
    Scottish and English nationalism is a deliberate ploy to divert our energies into channels that do not threaten the supremacy of neoliberal capitalists. That is where our problem lies, not in the Union.

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