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On this, the most exciting day of my life, here is a video by Laura Wadha. She kindly said she was inspired to make it by hearing me speak in Cupar. I am so proud to have been part of this people based movement.

I am watching now as voters walk down to the polling station. Whatever the result (and I believe we will win) the resilience of so many Scottish people in the face of the most concerted and unanimous media, corporate business and professional politician propaganda blitz in western democratic history has been quite extraordinary. Local, people-based, paying no attention to “leaders” and utilising the oldest forms of human communication combined with the most modern of social media, the people’s campaign for independence has been astonishing. Now we can grasp the chance to create a new kind of modern society.

The most important day of my life.

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70 thoughts on “Why We’re Voting Yes

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  • Republicofscotland

    It will be good to see the back of Westminster, getting rid of those 800 odd fat troughing Lords, and the corrupt expenses ridden House of Commons will save us a fortune. Unfortunately we’ll need to put up with that poncing sponging old hag Queen Lizzie, for a while yet, but when she snuffs it,we’ll also be rid of her parasitic brood.

  • Republicofscotland

    Certainly looks like the Israeli Zionist Press fears a ‘ Yes ‘ vote .
    Watch out Scotland with Israel now concerned you could soon be subject to a full scale Gaza-like blockade by land sea and air . The Israeli Airforce always looking for new targets !!

    Well someone’s got to take a stand against the Palestinian genocide, why not Scotland, mind you I’m pretty sure that the Israeli Nazi’s already have several agent provocateurs in Scotland, as I’ve seen Rangers fans waving Israeli flags.

  • ESLO

    “It’s all there, even Rangers tops too.”

    So supporting certain football teams will mark you out for special treatment in an independent Scotland?

  • ESLO

    Brus MacGallah

    Yep lets put nations before people – perhaps you might want to look into the past history of this concept.

  • Ruben

    Good Luck, Craig. Hope to see you having decisive influence in the foreign policies of an independent Scotland.

  • boindub

    If Scotland gains its independence in the forthcoming referendum, the remainder of the United Kingdom will be known as the “Former United Kingdom” ….or FUK.

    The Gov now desperately say “Vote NO, for FUK’s sake”

  • Mary

    I have just been looking at some of the work of Laura Wadha whose video Craig linked to on the Why We Are Voting Yes post. She is extremely talented. This is her video about the Dundee skating rink. She captures the happiness of the children and young people, their exuberance and joy, and their skill and fitness. Sheer happiness. Watch in full screen.



    Also recommend her film on the protest at Raytheon who supply weapons to Israel.

    Brilliant young woman.

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