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    And while everyone watches Rafah, Moscow summons the Ambassadors of GB and FRANCE and in harsh tone demands an end to their escalatory rhetoric. Not reported by almost anyone in the West.
    For sure not in Germany.
    According to THE DURAN at least THE GUARDIAN in GB.

    Which however makes it an alarming event.
    French threats to send several thousand troops to the frontline, and GB suggesting to th AFU to use British long range weapons against targets within RU had eventually caused a response by RU.

    The announcement of a RU WMD drill was part of this. You could also muse over “red lines” which have now been defined by RU it appears.

    Most of this has first and only been reported by one source, Stephen Bryen on his Substack.

    Bryen also says that if Biden wins the election he might sign off on US troops in UKR.

    We´ll see.

    THE DURAN here:
    Bryen here:

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    AG, this news circulated in our media and, frankly, scared and puzzled many of us. Nobody wants escalation, most people want this madness just stop as soon as possible.
    Tactical nukes drill announced in my region!
    This is what an excerpt from the article looks like:
    “The Russian Foreign Ministry, explained that any F-16 aircraft transferred to Ukraine will be considered as a carrier of nuclear weapons.
    The ambassadors of France and Great Britain were also summoned to Smolensk Square. The British representative was specifically informed that any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders could become a target in response to Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory with British weapons”

    The article itself says interesting facts:
    “Today European countries celebrate Victory Day in World War II. This sounds, of course, like an oxymoron.
    Celebrating France, which surrendered almost its entire territory to Hitler in a month and a half, sent tens of thousands of its military to the Eastern Front, and handed over Jews and communists to the Gestapo in batches. Celebrating in Austria, the birthplace of the famous artist, which joyfully became part of the Third Reich through the Anschluss. Celebrating Holland, which submitted to the Germans in five days, and Denmark, which managed to surrender in six hours (no, that’s not a typo).
    Only when the Soviet army rolled across Europe, liberating concentration camp prisoners, did it become clear that something had gone wrong. Suddenly it turned out that Hitler was wrong and no one supported him. The collaborators started a fight to be among the winners. Some even succeeded. The rest also somehow leaned in: diehard fighters against the Hitler regime appeared everywhere in commercial quantities.
    Washington skillfully and technically walks around European revanchism and their historical hatred of Russia.
    It was under the sauce of revanchism that the Warsaw Pact was destroyed and countries were drawn into NATO. Under this sauce they re-ignited the “Russian threat” in 2022 and began to push Europe to the Eastern Front again.
    The 8th of May should be made a day of Europe’s repentance towards Russia, a day of realizing its historical mistakes. But no! They want to fight us again!
    The uncomplicated naivety of European leaders is simply amazing. For some reason, it seems to them that the Russian Armed Forces will deal with their military in the same way as with the unfortunate Ukrainians. But this misconception is not based on anything.
    The Ukrainians are our brotherly people, we still have to live with them, it is quite natural that it is much more profitable for us to take the AFU prisoner and do everything to save their civilian population. But the attitude towards the French, Germans and Poles will be completely different. Military responses on their territory are also guaranteed.”

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    another problem is NATO sort of stating two “red lines” of their own, now openly:
    -Belarus entering the war while UKR surrendering
    -RU attacking Moldova or threatening Baltics

    What kind of fucking defensive alliance does that??!! (Not that NATO ever WAS defensive but for the sake of argument.)

    The biggest problem over all these things – it actually is meaningless WHAT anybody in fact says.
    Because the only thing that matters is destroying Russia. They just have to work around that rhetorically.

    But as far as any such conditions / red lines are concerned – they are meaningless because the media will report anything it is fed after the security services have prepared the forgeries.

    So even if the Baltics were threatened in a way NATO claims as a raison de guerre – you can be sure that the facts presented are not true. And that Baltics are NOT threatened in reality.

    So you Tatyana live in one reality, and we in another. As far as our media lies are concerned.
    That´s what I am frightened of. Because then reality and truth do not exist any more. And you cannot argue. You become a puppet. Or cannon fodder. I mean in essence we already have that state now. However with risks of WWIII so far they were cautious.
    But if war becomes more and more necessary for NATO our media will scrutinize and question even less. And whatever will be written is 100% fiction.

    So far the only thing that saves us from the destruction are Russian nuclear missiles. M.A.D. still works. Which is of course horrible, If you think of it.

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    p.s. Today depending on the source it is said 200.000-500,000 French were in the underground fighting the Nazis. Out of a nation of 40 mio. So that´s about 0.5-1%. 3% or so were reading underground press.
    So much about the nation of resistance.

    on French resistance:

    “The only thing irresistible about the World War II French Resistance was Hollywood’s romanticizing of the small, secret, disorganized, movement.”

    “Such mythmaking abounds in French, British and American postwar accounts. Resistance records claim that ultimately there were 400,000 resisters. But official French government numbers say 220,000, while Porch’s research shows 75,000. The truth may never be known.

    Among the most caustic comments on the Resistance was uttered by German Reichminister for Armaments and War Production Albert Speer. When asked by British economic historian Alan Milward to comment upon the effectiveness of the Resistance in hampering German wartime efforts, Speer responded, “What French Resistance?” And when General Alfred Jodl, operations chief of the German Armed Forces High Command, in November 1943 outlined for Heinrich Himmler the military situation on the Western Front, the only guerrilla group Jodl saw fit to mention was the Yugoslav partisans. To Jodl, the French Resistance was irrelevant.”

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    Asked on May 8 why the US is sponsoring Ukrainian Nazis, Biden’s spokeswoman reads from a prepared script: “Seventy-nine years ago the United States and our Ukrainian allies joined forces to combat the oppressive regimes of Hitler and Stalin..”

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    * * *

    This too very very embarrassing:

    “Berlin: Police harassment of people who visit Soviet memorials on Victory Day.”

    I would guess that those individuals of city councils who have decided over banning RU/USSR memory today, May 9th, if asked in private, would reveal a very limited level of knowledge about the war in UKR and all that´s connected to it.

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    michael norton

    It would seem we are entering an era of brinkmanship between the U.S.A. and Russia.
    Russia knows it must defeat NATO in or near Ukraine. U.S.A. thinks it must defeat Russia, everywhere.
    Something will have to break.
    What will break, is Ukraine.
    It will almost certainly not remain as a state, only subordinate to its own electorate.
    On 20/05/2024 the dictat of Z ceases.
    After that date Ukraine will no longer be a functioning Democracy.
    My guess, is Z will flee, soon.

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    These are 2 journalists reporting on May 9th in Berlin and the USSR/UKR flag/symbol issue with bans by police vs. no bans. And how that played out in reality.


    Of course the ones responsible, the ones who could have prevented the bloodshed are not there. And no, I am not talking about V. Putin.

    p.s. having major trouble. Not working properly for two days now. So above link might not work by tomorrow any more due to paywalls.

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    here the above now archived:

    “May 9th with bans and protests: “This is a provocation! This is forgotten by history.”
    As last year, the Victory Day commemoration was accompanied by Ukrainian protests. A report from the Tiergarten and Treptower Park in Berlin.”
    Sophie Marie Schulz, Carola Tunk

    lets hope will operate smoothly again soon (it is not now)

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    Speaking of flags, interesting that the same westerners that have put the ukrainian flag on display exactly everywhere, now whine about palestinian flag or whining about the flags being used in the Russia Victory day. This is really tribal, they do not even notice their own hypocrisy.

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    michael norton

    Zelensky has sacked his lead personal protection officer.

    “Serhiy Rud has led the president’s security detail since 2019.
    No reason was given for his dismissal, which was announced in a brief presidential decree.”

    The Americans are saying the Russians want Z rubbed out.
    The Russians are saying the Americans want Z rubbed out.
    Maybe it is not the Americans or the Russians, but actual Ukranian people who want him gone?

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    a short interview on the flag topic and celebrations on May 9th in Berlin, with a member of the German Communist Party (which is more of an activist civil right group, and no major party in the classical sense any more, for a very long time)

    “This is a humiliation of our liberators”
    May 8th and 9th in Berlin: Police martially enforce anti-Soviet bans. A conversation with Stefan Natke”

    p.s. “young world” – Junge Welt – is the name of the paper doing the interview, one of the smallest German dailies, I think circulation of 20,000 – the only one standing up for truly left democratic values (they are regarded as Marxist and thus dangerous by German FBI). Their staff are not perfect (some of them buy into the child abduction story persecuted by the ICC and call it a plausible scenario. I don’t know if they heard of the stories about connections between the US State Department and Yale University propaganda stunt on this providing much of the evidence to ICC. But considering the other papers’ incompetence, this is a fringe issue, alas.) But on Gaza it’s e.g. the only paper you can read which is trying to tell the truth consequently.

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    AG, I’ll add up to your comment.

    Yesterday on Pikabu a video from Latvia was shared. On May 9 a man was detained brutally by 2 policemen, very much like Mr Floyd was, with policeman’s knee on the neck. People filmed the action and persuaded the police to let him go.

    The place is Salaspils, ex-concentration-camp Kurtenhof in Latvia, it’s known as a place used by Hitlerists for captured kids, more than 3,000 children under the age of 5 were killed there. The camp was liberated by Red Army and then used for German PoWs. The place was turned into the remembrance memorial in 1967, but in 2006 someone decided to put a cross there in honor of German PoWs, too.

    The Latvian government has established special rules for May 9 celebration, explaining what exactly is allowed and what is strictly prohibited to do, say, sing, demonstrate, etc. on this day. I.e. in Latvia you can no longer honor the liberators in the way it used to be since the Victory. Latvia distances itself from the liberators.

    Here is the article

    “Three persons were administratively detained in Salaspils. The men were under the influence of alcohol and were singing songs praising the aggressor state in a public place. One of them was wearing a banned George ribbon.
    Two other persons were detained in Daugavpils and Rezekne. One arrived in Daugavpils Dubrovina Park with a rucksack bearing a banned symbol. Physical force had to be used to apprehend the offender. In Rezekne, a person was detained for placing flowers on the site of the demolished “Alyosha” monument.
    Most other administrative offenses were also recorded in connection with the placing of flowers on the site of Soviet monuments that had already been dismantled.
    State Police Chief Armands Ruks said that even after dark the police would be alert and ready for any situation. He admitted that the reinforced security measures and warnings of zero tolerance in case of any offenses have had an effect. Although it is not forbidden to go to grave sites to lay flowers, it has been recorded that flowers are arranged in the colours of the Russian flag.”

    Not sure if my tags will work here; I highlighted what Latvia considers unacceptable – songs, signs, colors, monuments.

    Now, let’s see what they consider acceptable:
    March 16 is SS Commemoration Day in Latvia. Police guards them, they wear symbols, and they hold banners, and bring flowers, and wear military uniforms, and they go to lay their flowers to monuments. The event is organised by Daugavas Vanagi (the Daugava Hawks), a neo-Nazi group in Latvia.

    Compare to this:
    A man with the banner came to protest honoring SS. The sign on his banner says “The Latvian legionnaires of the Waffen SS swore an oath to Adolf Hitler! The division of the Latvian Legion near the village of Zleku in Kurzeme killed 160 Latvian residents.” The man is detained by Latvian police

    Latvia is EU 🙂
    Have you seen Borrel or von der Leyen condemning Latvia for this? Like, Hey Latvia, UN resolution which is international law, forbids glorifying Nazism! We will put sanctions on you! We will ban you from the Olympics! Have you seen anything of that kind? Me neither.
    You guys in EU are somewhat weird, to put it mildly.

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    thx Tatyana

    “You guys in EU are somewhat weird, to put it mildly”

    Many of these “guys in EU” think this themselves. Help! Schizophrenia! 🤣

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    You guys in EU are somewhat weird, to put it mildly.

    I can only agree. Just take the fact that when Ukraine sent missiles to that cafe yesterday in Donetsk

    Ukraine shells cafe in Russia’s Donetsk

    Hardly any international media reported it at all and here in Sweden the media claimed that it was Russia that attacked the cafe! And then the same media of course could talk 24/7 about alleged Russian disinformation/lies with a straight face.

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    there should be an independent study made on missile attacks in this war analyzing whose missiles caused in what way civil casualties.
    With a focus on unreported damage through UKR air-defense crashing into Ukrainian urban areas which they claimed to be RU attacks.
    As well as gathering which targets in UKR were truly non-military and which were not.

    The RU MoD´s statement that they try to minimize civilians killed by these attacks should be taken seriously. Even if such a study would totally be suppressed it would still be out there.

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    I’d like to share one more thought on this topic, apologizing in advance for the perhaps harsh language.

    So, re. the glorification of the Nazis.
    I have observed Ukrainians defending this. I sincerely and unbiasedly tried to understand their point of view, which sounds something like “we are grateful to them for fighting for the freedom of our nation.”
    I found this point hypocritical, since joining Hitler and establishing the Ukrainian Reichskommissariat within the Third Reich can hardly be called a sovereign national state of Ukrainians. Still, Ukrainians insist on precisely this formulation of their position.

    I also tried to understand the position of the Baltic states on this matter, since they glorify their Hitler collaborators with the same wording – national freedom fighters.
    I also took into account anti-Soviet and anti-Russian sentiments, laws prohibiting Soviet symbols, laws prohibiting the Russian language, culture, and so on.
    And that’s what I want to say. After the story where the kindergarten teacher forced the girl to do squats for every Russian word, I looked at the ensuing discussion. The following idea was voiced: ‘we ban everything Russian, because we are a very small nation and this is a matter of the survival of our culture, our language.’

    This gave me an idea why they prefer Hitler more than the USSR.
    I apologize again.

    Hitler’s policies helped them to ‘cleanse’ their territories, to make them ‘ethnically pure’. That’s why they willingly joined Hitler then. That’s why they still evaluate those events as being done for their national good. That’s why liberation from Nazism was probably rather undesirable and was perceived as a defeat, an occupation.

    To mention Estonia. Recently, a billionaire died there leaving no property to his granddaughter. The woman was going to turn to the European Court on Human Rights, because she said (sorry): he wrote in his will that he would leave both her and her descendants without money, since she decided to “have offspring from a monkey.” Sorry.
    This story was reported by Estonian media Ohtuleht in 2016, the rich man was very proud of his nazi past. I wish I knew what was the outcome.
    Estonia is EU, too.

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    From Andrei Martyanov on CIA/Burns probably in contact with SVR/Naryshkin

    via RIA

    Naryshkin, Director of SVR never says anything “just because”.

    МОСКВА, 11 мая — РИА Новости. Глава Службы внешней разведки России Сергей Нарышкин не исключил контакты с директором ЦРУ в ближайшее время. “Исключать нельзя”, — сказал он, отвечая на соответствующий вопрос для программы “Москва. Кремль. Путин”, фрагмент которой опубликовал в своем Telegram-канале Павел Зарубин. Нарышкин и директор ЦРУ Уильям Бернс проводили личные переговоры в Анкаре в ноябре 2022 года. В январе в интервью РИА Новости глава СВР отметил пользу от контактов между спецслужбами. Он объяснил, что такой диалог способен предотвратить опасные события в условиях, когда обстановка в мире может подойти к очень рискованной черте. При этом Нарышкин подчеркивал, что они с Бернсом достигли взаимной договоренности не допускать утечек о переговорах между ними.

    Translation: MOSCOW, May 11 – RIA Novosti. The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, did not rule out contacts with the CIA director in the near future. “It cannot be ruled out,” he said, answering a corresponding question for the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin,” a fragment of which was published by Pavel Zarubin on his Telegram channel. Naryshkin and CIA Director William Burns held personal talks in Ankara in November 2022. In January, in an interview with RIA Novosti, the head of the SVR noted the benefits of contacts between the intelligence services. He explained that such dialogue can prevent dangerous events in conditions where the situation in the world may reach a very risky point. At the same time, Naryshkin emphasized that he and Burns had reached a mutual agreement not to allow leaks about the negotiations between them.

    As I repeat ad nauseam–Russia will talk only with the US. EU is irrelevant here. The contacts, in this case, will be initially through intelligence orgs of Russia and the US. US desperately needs some sort of arrangements which may give it a sort of off-ramp, albeit even this is too late. But against the background of action on Kharkov axis, which is most likely one of several offensives along the whole frontline, the US finally figured out that it doesn’t matter what she or her euro-chihuahuas do, the outcome is going to be the same–merely resign to reality and listen to conditions Russia will impose. VSU is currently on the run in Kharkov area, but most likely the objective is to move frontline further South-West. Nobody is going to be taking Kharkov–it will fall itself as a ripe fruit falls from the tree. Keep an eye on the South, towards Odessa.

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    I assume this is no news to you, but:

    The current German Ambassador to Moscow as you might know is an aristocrat of the family VON LAMBSDORFF.

    To understand the significance of this and what it says about what German elites think about RU as “a constant problem” (my own quotation marks, not quoting anyone) and thus not a friend – is a look at the family VON LAMBSDORFF. The blood line that did survive has come from the Baltics and many of its pre-1917 members had high positions on the old Tsarist Empire.
    Needless to say there is little sympathy in this family for the Soviets.

    e.g. the Engl. transl. of the RU-Wiki Site of the family (because it has more names than the German, actually):

    and here the RU original:

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    Lambs Dorf, like Sheep’s Willage?

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    I´d love that!

    So, even if appears to be not the case, lets stick with your translation from now on:

    The German guy in Moscow is Mr. Village-of-Sheep – VoS.
    Ambassador VoS (easy to memorize like Ursula VdL – another arseistocrat.)

    The true origin appears to be – waaaaay more boring – the tiny 13th century “castle” where the VoS came from is based at the West German village of “Lanstrop”. And by way of wearing off by lingual practice it became VoS. If people however did have the literal meaning too in their mind when saying VoS (like Pistorius for any Russian ear) is rather likely. After all if we see sheep we recognize them, right? Even if they are wearing a wolf´s costume.

    Gosh we are funny today! Remarkable in the light of shit that is going on.

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    Easy, easy, AG! Lanstrop… Slow down, AG, or, you may dig up Lannisters 🙂 Let’s stay at Sheep and Village

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    Our very own German asshole, nominally Social Democrat MP, Michael Roth – anti-RU propagandist big time – now doing Maidan redux in Tbilisi

    “Michael Roth heats up a “Maidan” in Georgia at a demonstration in Tbilisi”

    “The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag speaks combatively to demonstrators abroad: This brings back memories of the Maidan in Ukraine in 2014, when Western politicians even took part in demonstrations against the Kiev government – the result, among other things, of such incitement Ukrainian war. The debate about the “agent law” in Georgia is also characterized by hypocrisy: similar laws are widespread.”

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    This is a new long piece, posted by

    Haven´t checked it out yet:

    “Matt Bivens: Child Snatcher! (re ICC Arrest Warrant Against Putin)”
    “A year into the invasion of Ukraine, an arrest warrant was issued for Vladimir Putin. The crime: Kidnapping!”

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    recommended – Nicolai Petro´s obituary on Ukrainian historian Pyotr Tolochko

    “When ancient history meets a modern conflict
    On the passing of Pyotr Tolochko, a Ukrainian historian, academic, and politician”
    by Nicolai Petro
    May 15, 2024

    – see also the text´s hyperlinks –

    “His hundreds of scholarly articles and more than two dozen monographs led to international acclaim and appointments at several European and international academies, as well as two state prizes of Ukraine in science and technology. Along the way, he twice served as a member of the national parliament, from 1998 to 2006, first in the Hromada Party, then in Yulia Timoshenko’s Bloc. Thanks to his efforts, the country got its first law on the protection of its archeological heritage in 2004.”

    “Drawing on his encyclopedic knowledge of Ukrainian history, he pointed to many inconvenient historical facts. First, that Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus had all emerged from a single civilization that for centuries shared a common culture, common religion, and common language. The people who shared this culture defined themselves as Rusichy or more simply Rus.”

    “He described the current nationalist narrative of an indigenous European Ukraine as merely a degraded copy of the narratives created by Ukrainian intellectuals at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their sole purpose, in his view, is to divide Ukrainian and Russians and argue that their separate origins had led them to make divergent political and cultural choices — one in favor of liberalism and Europe, the other in favor of despotism and Asia.
    The danger of such a simplistic dichotomy, he said, is that it demonizes the entire Eastern half of Ukraine.”

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    michael norton

    Completely agree AG

    The initiation of this conflict is Biden and Obama and Nuland, trying to split Ukraine away from Russia.
    They were never interested in Ukraine, they were interested in splitting Ukraine from Russia, then in breaking up Russia, in to smaller fragments, then in releasing the spoils of break-up.
    30% of the Worlds tradable commodoties, lie in Russia.

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    Yeah, but tell that your local newspaper. Or worse, say it on stage in public. You can bring up 1000 pieces of evidence. They still gonna excommunicate you.
    (When Nicolai Petro articulated some hard true facts at a closed VIP panel for some banksters, he caused a scandal, it even made it into the FINANCIAL TIMES. The delusion is “magnificent”. I´ll never get over it.)

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    Western media/politicians attitude regarding Slovakian PM being shot is so gross, they try to justify it because of his peaceful stance on Ukraine.

    UK’s Sky News accused of ‘justifying’ Fico shooting
    The outlet has been called out for saying the attempted assassination of Slovakia’s “pro-Russian” PM was “not surprising”

    Fico shooter protested suspension of Ukraine military aid – Slovak interior minister

    Allegedly, the wife/partner of the pepetrator is ukrainian.
    Imagine if this was the other way around, that a pro-ukrainian head of state were shot. The blame and coverage would be totally on Russia, that they ordered it.

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    michael norton

    Yes Jack, as you suggest if it had been the other way round, the press would be relentless.
    Soon after the shooting of Fico, they wrote the name of the man, claimed to be “Lone Wolf” , now even though he is charged, they seem to no longer know his name?

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    Good 5 min. by Hungarian SoS in the CHATHAM HOUSE about the EU/West´s hypocrisy re: nuclear energy and sanctions:

    #97585 Reply

    Good text by peace activist David Swanson on some contradictions surrounding NATO vs. the UN and the true purpose of WMDs in EU.
    Including useful hyperlinks.

    (I only find the last paragraph on nuclear energy unnecessary.)

    “keeping U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe seems to fail even by the usual standards of deterrence theory, since their most likely use would be in an unlikely secret attack. Some U.S. officials believe those nuclear bombs serve no “military purpose” but only a “political” one, to reassure the host countries that the U.S. government cares about them.

    The argument has also been made that, since Russia would like the nuclear bombs removed from Europe, the U.S. should either keep them there or demand something huge from Russia in exchange for removing them. Another argument is that this is part of making European nations share the burden, along the lines of making them spend more money on weapons. But if the burden serves no purpose, why should anyone share it? European government officials know the bombs are not useful as bombs. They know the bombs are provocative toward Russia. They know, in fact, that Russia is using the U.S. storage of nuclear bombs in European nations as an excuse to put Russian nuclear weapons into Belarus. So a more realistic understanding of the “political” purpose of U.S. nukes in Europe is probably a combination of the idea that the U.S. military will fight for any nation in which it has stored nukes, the perverse prestige that many imagine comes with possessing nukes (even if someone else actually possesses them on your land), and the general U.S. goals of keeping European governments intertwined with the U.S. military, supportive of U.S. military strategies, and willing to spend vast amounts on U.S.-made weapons.”

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    originally German text:

    “Ukraine war: Ukrainians subject to military service abroad are increasingly under pressure”
    “Politicians in Western countries want to send Ukrainian men to war. Weak integration and the deteriorating economy are further arguments.”

    May 21st 2024

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