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10 thoughts on “Craig Murray now on Twitter

  • Frazer

    OK…You got me…what the ***** is twitter…you are starting to sound like Bill Oddie !

  • Marvin

    Craig, time to put your money where your mouth is. You claimed students must act. One student has acted, and now faces 10 years in prison.

    TIM DeCHRISTOPHER, a U.S. citizen, made bids at an auction to stop the sale of public land to oil corporations. He succeeded in delaying the sell off for a month, enough time to get a new administration in the White House.

    This fire sale of land would NOT have been acceptable under any other administration, except Bush’s.

    TIM DeCHRISTOPHER, 27, now faces 10 years behind bars.

    If we don’t support him, other students will NOT act over this and other issues.

    YOU CAN DONATE TO HIS LEGAL TEAM, CRAIG – and express your support – or do nothing and be a hypocrite.

    His site is bidder70 dot org.

    Visit DemocracyNow’s site to see an interview.

    You can DO SOMETHING, or keep promoting atheism and Richard Dawkins’ propaganda about selfishness.


    And that’s it – my last post, because, frankly, I’ve had enough of Craig the politician.

    Craig says Obama is a great guy. Craig says kick Labour out, and let’s cheer in the Tories. Craig praises individual Labour and Tory MPs. Craig praises corporations, like BAT. Craig claims “civil servants” get paid too little (they aren’t civil servants, they are corporate servants and deserve jail time, not salaries in excess of £80k for doing nothing but ruining lives).

    And then when Eddie told us that Craig had received £500K, Craig tells us that it wasn’t much, as he had to give most of that money to his ex-wife and the taxman. Your private life, and how you spend or waste that money, is NOT MY BUSINESS. You claimed poverty, yet had received over £500K – that was the point! The way you were talking, it was if ambassadors are a conscientious lot, working for the public good, and getting little reward.

    I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of this political BS.

    And for others on here, if you don’t do something, if you don’t start supporting your own kind, you will be finished. Craig is ex-government, and still has ambitions to be involved in politics. It’s time to start supporting ordinary citizens, like TIM DeCHRISTOPHER. Time for ordinary people around the world to organize to stop the corporate agenda. You can do that, or you can keep cheering on Craig, and see your future – and your children’s future – go down the drain.

  • Ed

    Are you planning to tweet anything which is not already in Atom feed? I.e., is there any reason for anybody who already subscribes to your Atom feed to follow you on Twitter?

    BTW, the worst possible answer is that most but not quite all Atom entries will be duplicated on Twitter and vice-versa.

  • Anonymous


    I am sorry to say that Andrew, Tim and Richard look after the technical stuff – I just write. I have to learn what to do with Twitter. My brother tells me it is good for chatting up girls! Well, that is an incentive to learn, anyway.


    I am afraind that you belong to one of these far left groups that resembles a cult, which is why you can’t get your head round the fact that you don’t have to agree with anything I say in order to read my blog or comment on it, and that this is a space for discussion without fear of iconoclastic perspectives.

    If you prefer places where nobody says anything you disagree with, you must be one hell of a bore.

  • The Cartoonist

    Craig, your brother hasn’t got a clue! Twitter is definitely not good for chatting up girls! 🙂

    But it’s good for everything else, especially with the real-time search engine Google’s interested in.

  • Craig


    Thanks. Just have to stick to Facebook for the girls then. I’ll try to get the knack of Twitter.

  • The Cartoonist


    everybody knows that facebook is way better for chatting up girls than twitter!

    Apart from that: for goodness sake carry on with this weblog, with twitter and facebook. You really are one of the last decent men standing.

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