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    if you can use Google Maps, you can locate 376 km of Kiev highway (there’s something already in the name itself, er?). You’ll see a dotted line, it the border of Bryansk and Kursk regions. Crossing borders of the regions you have to pass by traffic police post, that is when and how the terrorists got detained. Also, if you have eyes attached to your head, you’ll see the road goes straight to the Ru-Ukr border and has no exits. If your head has some brain in it, you probably come up to the same conclusion – the terrorists were heading to Ukraine. Not to Tajikistan, whose natives they are, and not to Afghanistan, whose ISIS branch followers they declared themselves to be.

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    I really do believe many of these public figures, like Piers on his show, and those behind him/them, with him/them and in general those who are well-off and conduct fulfilled lives where they may do all kinds of relevant/fascinating-to-them things simply do not care to question their own views regarding Russia (but also Israel, or China.).

    In fact Their lives #1 are not really upset by any of the current events, #2 from the purely professional POV often such war-mongering, crisis-ridden public atmophere is “good for business”. Be it to sell weapons or pseudo-analytic political/strategic assessments, be it a life as an op-ed writer or journalist or in fact HISTORIAN.

    Who would be interested in a historian who says “why can´t we just get along with the Russians?”.
    That´s boring. Nobody wants to hear that. Ergo you can´t sell it either to advertisers or to politicians.

    I think this – inherent to the systemic nature of public life – self-interest in this whole situation now is extremely important. After all occidental popular narratives need an adversary. This of course along all the hardball geopolitical interests.

    So it´s not merely stupidity. Much of this is subconciously conscious. Or just: consciously done. Or to put it in entertainment context: Acting is a major part of the show. On but especially off stage.

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    Telegram channel of the Investigative Committee today:
    … terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall

    The initial results of the investigation fully confirm the planned nature of the terrorists’ actions, careful preparation and financial support from the organizers of the crime.
    As a result of working with detained terrorists, studying the technical devices seized from them, and analyzing information about financial transactions, evidence was obtained of their connection with Ukrainian nationalists.

    <b>The investigation has at its disposal confirmed data that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine</b>, which were used in preparing the crime.

    Another suspect involved in a terrorist financing scheme has been identified and detained. The investigation will petition the court to select a preventive measure in the form of detention in relation to him.
    I have a feeling, like … premonition? Ukraine + radical + islamism + Turkey (2 of the terrorists arrived from there on the same flight) = are Crimean Tatars standing behind that? There’s a radical pro-Ukrainian wing in their political movement, recognised as extremist here in Russia.

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    Putin show once again he it the mature, moderate, adult one:

    ‘Russia for Russians’ slogans alarming – Putin

    Putin calls for ‘humanism and mercy’ after Moscow terror attack

    West have no idea what a good counterpart they have in Russia. It is senseless all this anti-Putin talk in the west, they pave the ground for hawks inside Russia.

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    Interesting read from M. K. Bhadrakumar on Indianpunchline Ukraine’s survival hangs in the balance.

    I haven’t seen that President Putin has laid the entite blame on Ukraine but he has said that they may have had a hand in it. Of course, no one will believe any evidence Russia puts forward and they will hark back to soviet style show trials, at least, those who get their information only from MSM sources.

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    Experts from German parliament have issued a legal assessment which states that troops from NATO countries in UKR attacked pose no grounds for invoking Art. 5 of NATO Treaty. Only attacks onto NATO territory itself from non-NATO countries.

    While some express relief over this I don´t. It could decrease self-restraint to escalate. An act which eventually brings us closer to the ultimate threshold with or without Art. 5.

    p.s. the US attacking another ally would thus not qualify as an attack according to Art. 5.
    That´s sort of funny..

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    What is Zelensky up to?

    Zelensky sacks closest ally
    The Ukrainian president has dismissed a long-time aide, Sergey Shefir, as well as several senior advisers

    Days earlier:

    Zelensky fires security chief
    The head of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (SNBO), Aleksey Danilov, has been relieved of his duties

    Last month:

    Zelensky changes Ukraine’s chief of General Staff

    Zelensky fires army chief in major shake-up of Ukraine’s military


    Ukraine could need dictatorship to survive – Zelensky party MP
    The president is already “making most of the decisions” in the country, Sergey Demchenko has said

    If Putin kicked, fired so many aides etc the MSM would label it a “stalinistic purge” that Putin is “crazy” “totalitarian” etc. But now when Zelensky actually do it, MSM do not cover it as such.

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    Nasty racism in full glare

    Russian athletes ‘not welcome’ at Olympics – Paris mayor

    “I want to tell the Russian and Belarusian athletes that they are not welcome in Paris,” Anne Hidalgo told Ukrainian athletes at a training center in Kiev on Thursday, while on a visit to Ukraine.

    and of course the hypocrisy:

    When asked about Israel’s Olympic participation – in the context of the Gaza war, raging since the Hamas attack on October 7 – Hidalgo insisted there was no comparison to be made.

    Then they (the west) wonder why Putin is popular, of course, when russians as such are disicriminated agianst, they will unite with their leader. West thus keeping shooting themselves in the foot over and over again by not understanding basic human psychology.

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    perhaps Tatyana and others –

    positive book review about Soviet households and private property since the 1930s.

    “X. Cherkaev: Gleaning for Communism”

    The study is mainly about the role of private property v. common use and egotism v. altruism in the light of a “deficient” economy and shortage in Soviet daily life.

    Some phrases I still see as slightly spun against the USSR model building on clichés like this one:

    “In this sense, the Soviet system resembled the pre-modern arrangement, when the society was organized not according to the principle of private property and the rule of law, which protected it, but rather around communal use and customary rights.”

    Which provides e.g. no insight into the nature of how private property often in fact violates the rule of law if latter fully deserved its name. So why write this at all if the topic brought up is too large to point out contradictions.

    However the review eventually stands out as one of the very few examples of a review praising a pro-Soviet study.
    Naturally the study in review is not from Europe but Cornell.

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    Finland one of the new Nato member really

    New NATO member backs Macron on troops in Ukraine
    The French president was right in his attempt to be “strategically ambiguous” on the issue, Finland’s foreign minister says

    The other day they banned a new flight company. Why? An ethnic russian allegedly own the company:

    EU bans NATO member airline over alleged Russia ties – media
    The decision came after the Finnish transport authority claimed that Türkiye’s Southwind Airlines is partly owned by Russian investors

    Oh its more:

    New NATO member admits US pact ‘restricts sovereignty’
    A military agreement with Washington comes at a cost, Helsinki has acknowledged

    Look how happy their defense minister is, what is wrong with these people? Giving up rights make one joyful??

    Finland’s new president hails American nuclear weapons

    Absolute crazied people! As soon as these small nations join Nato their true colors come to show directly.
    It is so pathetic to see those small states warmonger against a nuclear power.
    In a war, Finland will of course feel the destruction more than the US. How can they be so blind, not realizing they are just pawns for the americans?

    Their president even created a youtube channel where he tried to “debunk” John Mearsheimer’s argumentation. Hilariously stupid.

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    I have a question for those who use TELEGRAM RU –

    THE DURAN/MERCOURIS in his daily report from 31/3/24 quoted Larry Johnson

    who is quoting RU war reporter Marat Khairullin quoting something Khairullin calls “the INTERCEPT channel” reporting high UKR casualties.

    Mercouris thinks this is THE INTERCEPT investigative magazine which we know in the West.
    But I think this is a misunderstanding.

    Khairullin´s quote by Johnson:

    The first thing you need to start from here is the level of Ukrainian losses. Thanks to high-quality statistics from the Intercept ( channel, we know with a high degree of accuracy that the level of enemy losses has increased almost 4 times since last year.

    So what exactly is “the Intecept channel” quoted here?

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    Absurd how radicalized the west have become:

    The Olympics committee search the internet for statements made by russian athletes:

    “No Russian anthem can be played and no Russian flag can be raised [at the Paris 2024 Olympics],” the IOC president stated.

    Answering a question on whether Russian athletes who support the Ukraine conflict deserved the right to take part in the Olympics, Bach revealed that the IOC has a special commission which monitors public statements by athletes in support of the government in Moscow.

    “We have a special supervisory commission together with an independent company which is monitoring the internet, the media, and public declarations,” he stated.

    “We also offered the Ukrainian side – and not only offered, but also asked to provide us with their knowledge about the behavior of such athletes or officials,” Bach further revealed.

    He stressed that any athletes found to have expressed support for the Russian government will be banned from the Olympics.

    The whole idea that certain nationals must condemn their own state to participate in a totally non-political sports events, it is absurd, especially considering this demand is not put on any other nationals. No western state would of course accept this sick, racist measure being enforced on themselves.

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    Petty actions are not new in geopolitics. Israel is allowed to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest, Russia is barred.
    The coming Olympics in France have also seen rule restrictions on Russian and Belarussian entrants.

    Although in my youth I supported sport and cultural boycotts on South African events, I was mistaken to do so and haven’t supported such political action for a long time now…_

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    If I remember correctly Digger, didn’t South Africa refuse to field any black atheletes at the time? Or have I got that wrong?
    You had some justification for your support at the time.

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    Petty actions are not new in geopolitics. Israel is allowed to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest, Russia is barred.

    Indeed which is so absurd considering that west somehow consider Israel a democracy and Russia a dictatorship.
    But if Israel is a democracy that mean that the israeli population are fully responsible for the leaders they have voted into power.

    Speaking on Eurovision, the artist that will represent Israel is of an ardent supporter of the war.

    “It’s not true, Israel does not commit genocide and I don’t wish for any country to go through what we go through.”

    – Eden Golan (Israel’s Eurovision 2024 representative)

    The song itself is about the assault on Gaza.

    Israel seeks ways to compete in Eurovision with politically charged song
    Israel intends to participate in 5-day Eurovision Song Contest beginning on May 7 in Sweden with a song called October Rain by Israeli singer, which is not normally permitted, reports

    *Israel renamed the song to Hurricane, trying to cover up what the song is really about…

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    West helping Ukraine attack deep inside Russia – CNN
    Kiev’s foreign backers are coordinating the flight paths of kamikaze drones, a report says

    Nothing new but incredibly reckless and dangerous by the west. What if Russia helped lets say Iran steering exploding drones into civilian apartment buildings in the US? A clear act of war. There would be WW3.

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    more on the terrorist attack by Moon of Alabama:

    “U.S. Has Claimed Duty To Warn But Did Not Do It
    U.S. intelligence sources have, at times, fed bullshit to Seymour Hersh:”

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    terrifyingly dumb people:

    “Bandera Lobby Blob Summit
    Review of 2024 ‘US-Ukraine Security Dialogue'”

    one moderator on the panel awful Kurt Volker (really sick people)
    Formerly the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine (2017-19)


    “This year’s “US-Ukraine Security Dialogue” took place at an event space located one block from the White House. The annual conference is organized by the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR), an OUN-B front group established in 2000.”

    Almost three hours later, Kurt Volker insisted that “we need to have our own people embedded in Ukrainian fighting forces.” Formerly the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine (2017-19), a vocal opponent of the Minsk peace process, and lobbyist for Raytheon, which produces Javelin missiles, Volker turned his head toward his fellow panelist, a Banderite defense contractor, and lamented “the fact that we prohibit uniformed personnel from being present in Ukraine alongside the Ukrainians means that we are not learning, and getting real time feedback, and knowing what we actually ought to be doing.”

    During the next Q&A period, Col. Vince Mucker, sitting behind Ben Hodges and Christine Balko, introduced himself as the next U.S. military attaché in Kyiv. Philip Breedlove, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe, stressed to Mucker that “a big part of solving the conundrum … is completely about policy, when we get a policy that allows us to shoot the archer [in Russia] … we can put dumb 2000 pound GPS bombs on these sites.”

    Volker, the moderator of this panel, chimed in, “I would add to that [analogy], not only shoot the archer, but shoot the arrow factory.” With Breedlove nodding along, Volker chuckled and continued, “or maybe you don’t have to shoot it, maybe you can go right up to it and blow it up, with a little help from some friends in the Middle East.” He laughed again but got serious. “So I think that’s something, frankly, we should be talking with Israel about.”

    A few minutes later, Volker said to Mucker in the audience, “as you take up your new duties, I hope you’re able to make a persuasive case about how some active duty [U.S.] personnel embedded in Ukrainian forces as observers—not participants, but observers—would actually help us give much better advice and much better equipment.” After the lunch break, the deputy chief of mission at the Ukrainian embassy in Washington predicted that “American soldiers will have to be engaged, sooner or later.”

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    Let’s be realistic for a moment and assume that the EU will send troops to UKR, that RU will kill some of those, that the EU will then – as secretly wished by the EU – send more and better equipped troops which will actively participate fighting RU units. Preferably threatening Belarus to stretch RU frontline and force more reserves of RU.
    Then more EU soldiers will die. And then this will lead up to one side threatening with nukes. Actually NATO is more likely since inferior on conventional level. And then what? Do the governments in Europe actually have a plan? I don’t think so. But this will most likely happen. And no, the US won´t be part of this. Smartly so.

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    Funny, this is what we, alleged “russian trolls” have said since the start:
    Ukrainian military leaders know they can’t win on battlefield – Guardian
    Their army’s weakness has prompted Kiev’s strikes on Russian infrastructure, senior officers have allegedly told the London newspaper

    And Zelensky is not getting any popular, his supporting is declining, perhaps setting the stage for a more realistic pro-diplomatic successor?
    Support for ‘authoritarian’ Zelensky falling – German media
    The Ukrainian president’s failure to keep his election promises has contributed to public disenchantment, Tagesspiegel claims

    And yeah even Nato have begun to change the tune, again, this is what “russian trolls” urged from the beginning, when Ukraine was in power of more land.
    Ukraine may have to compromise with Russia – Stoltenberg

    In other news, the claim that was allegedly “russian disinformation” was true:

    Every NATO member has military personnel in Ukraine – Estonia
    Western advisers and instructors are actively supporting Kiev’s forces against Russia, the defense minister has said

    Russia should try to expose these networks more, many of these nato personell are surely involved in attacks on Crimea and Russia proper killing civilians.

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    …according to The Duran Spotify´s 2nd most popular song in UKR is “Yes, I´m Russian”…

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    An excerpt from the autobiography by German Russia correspondent Ulrich Heyden.

    Has been pushed out of German media almost entirely since 2022.

    Ulrich Heyden, born in 1954, comes from Hamburg and completed an apprenticeship as a metal aircraft builder there from 1974 to 1980. From 1981 to 1991 he studied economics and history. Heyden has lived and worked as a freelance correspondent in Moscow since 1992. He is the author of several books – most recently he published “The longest war in Europe since 1945. Eyewitness reports from Donbass” (2022).

    See machine translated text:

    “The superiority of the West always had to be emphasized”

    The Hamburg journalist Ulrich Heyden has lived in Moscow since the early 1990s. In his autobiographical book “My Way to Russia” he also describes his decades-long work as a correspondent for German media in Russia and Ukraine. Multipolar publishes excerpts from it in which Heyden describes which prejudiced topics and evaluations the editors ordered from him, why they ended their collaboration with him and what decisive role the West German dominance in the editorial offices plays.”


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    interesting stuff by Andrei Martyanov with blogger Dima:
    50 min.
    One need not agree with everything but it´s worth the time I thought since it´s a global view in the end offering some understanding or raising questions at least.

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    As a little light relief, I read today that Ireland is paying up to 1 million euro a month to house refugee pets from Ukraine. Yes, that is cats and dogs etc. It’s not a huge sum of money in today’s terms relative to other state expenses but it still gave me a chuckle. I’ll bet no one was expecting to find that out. 🙂

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    Ukraine stokes anti-immigrant tensions in Russia
    Agents are conducting ‘psyops’ after the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack to destabilise Russian society

    Ukraine’s leader says targeting Russian infrastructure including the Crimean Bridge remains a top priority

    What do Zelensky believe will happen if they destroy that bridge? That Russia will somehow give up? THe obvious reaction is that Russia will start target even more critical targets in Ukraine. Zelensky is playing with fire perhaps as a way to lure the west to intervene and save his regime.

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    Moon of Alabama today wrote Russia Expects ‘Unconditional Capitulation’ Of Kiev Regime.

    Russia’s UN rep has said at a UN security council meeting yesterday:

    “This is how it will go down in history – as an inhuman and hateful regime of terrorists and Nazis who betrayed the interest of their people and sacrificed it for Western money and for Zelenski and his closest circle.

    In these conditions, attempts by the head of the Kiev regime to promote his formula and convene summits in support of the Kiev regime cause only confusion.

    Very soon the only topic for any international meetings on Ukraine will be the unconditional capitulation of the Kiev regime.

    I advise you all to prepare for this in advance.”

    I guess Ukraine will try anything at this point.

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    Seems like the west will need a big event now to persuade their population that Ukraine could win this war:

    Majority of Germans do not believe Ukraine can win – poll
    Less than a half of those asked in the NATO country want an increase in military aid to Kiev, a new survey has shown

    At the same time, I have seen polls lately showing opposite number.

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    Ridiculous to see this childish blame game

    Germans should blame Moscow and not Berlin for high energy prices, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview published on Friday

    They constantly flip-flopping: One day they claim that Russia sell gas as a hybrid warfare against the EU, the next day they whine that there are no gas flowing from Russia to the EU.

    Now the EU import LNG from US and Qatar to a higher price than the gas coming from Russia. Still they blame Russia for their very own choices!

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