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    Finland want to keep the door open for troops in Ukraine. Funny, as soon as they joined Nato they became so tough, it is so ridiculous to watch. Their foreign minister, like most western foreign ministers, have no experience, education in foreign policy topics.
    New NATO member supports French position on troops in Ukraine
    Finland’s foreign minister has argued that nobody knows how “serious” the conflict could become

    I checked what education/experience the Russian foreign minister have and also what education/experience the chinese foreign minister have:
    Lavrov have studied international relations since 1972
    The chines foreign minister Wang Yi have studied foreign policy topics since the early 80s

    You cannot compare these seasoned, experienced minister two with the pathetic, cocky, arrongant, dangerous foreign ministers of the west.

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    The purpose of all this, I believe, is to discredit Russia and the ongoing ban on Russian media for the West. The further this war goes, the more confirmation there is of what exactly happened in Ukraine, and why exactly the West does not want the truth to come out.
    Nazi ideology really spread widely there, and that country was really actively developed by NATO, and the Kiev regime actually provided its territory and its “subhuman” citizens as a testing ground for its curators.

    We have already heard about biolabs.
    Today’s news includes findings from a hospital in Mariupol. Medicines that could cause cancer as a side effect were tested on patients. The subjects included infants. The hospital had a psychiatric ward, and its patients were fed experimental drugs too.
    The news mentions the experimental drug SB4, Biogen Idec Denmark manufacturing ApS, Catalent Pharma Solutions (Belgium) and Fisher Clinical Services UK Limited (UK). The study was sponsored by South Korean Samsung Bioepis.

    Other protocols mention Pfizer (USA), AstraZeneca (UK, Sweden), Celltrion (South Korea), Novatris International AG (Switzerland, USA), IQVIA (formerly Quintiles and IMS Health Inc, USA, UK), Sanofi (France), Galapagos NV (Belgium), Janssen Pharmaceuticals (now Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, Belgium), Abbott Laboratories (USA), Covance (now Labcorp Drug Development, USA), Merck KGaA (Germany), Centocor Biopharmaceutical (Netherlands).
    Boxes were found containing many ready-made envelopes from logistics companies and containers for biomaterial with recipient addresses in laboratories in Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

    Documents with gratitude to Ukrainian doctors from Catalent Pharma Solutions and Fisher Clinical Services UK Limited were also discovered.


    If my guess is correct, we soon will see Nuland in high position in Ukraine, perhaps she even will go as candidate for presidency. There must be elections in May.

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    Thanks for that post AG, this is symptomatic for the western press: use a BIG, BOLD, THREATENING HEADLINE WHICH IN TURN HAVE ZERO EVIDENCE FOR X CLAIM. And most westerners buy it unfortunately.

    It is like western media could write whatever lie, disinformation, half-truth and there are nontheless any real pushback, regulation etc, and the more bad news coming from Ukraine the more extreme bs we will see against Russia to unite the western populations for becoming even more hawkish on Russia.

    Professor Richard Sakwa just put out this book on the subject:
    The Russia Scare: Fake News and Genuine Threat

    And Diesen as you mentioned earlier put out a book on the same subject a year or so back
    Russophobia: Propaganda in International Politics

    Perhaps the biggest factor why there is a war to begin with is because the biased, deceitful reporting of the west.
    If you would ask the general westerner they would have no idea about the Coup of 2014, they would have no idea how divided Ukraine is, they would not be able to tell the history of Ukraine for the past 100 years, they know nothing! Still they are obsessed with this Ukraine war like it is a matter of life and death for them personally because media told them so, it is insane!

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    thx Tatyana

    I will put it into my UKR archive (which by now is of the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica).
    It could become useful, you never know.
    (Also why this forum is so important)

    As you say – post factum almost everything about this war has been verified. BUT: at least we know it and we can prove it.
    Not to be underestimated for the discussions that will take place 2024/25+.


    The dangerous aspect: If we look into the fake nuclear threat alert of 2022 that is now again being floated around by said CNN piece and the NYT (9.3.24) –

    “Biden’s Armageddon Moment: When Nuclear Detonation Seemed Possible in Ukraine
    For a few weeks in October 2022, the White House was consumed in a crisis whose depths were not publicly acknowledged at the time. It was a glimpse of what seemed like a terrifying new era.”

    – you see that one lie is constructed on another lie – THE PUTIN was threatening (sic) to use WMDs because the RUs were in danger to be overrun by the UKR in the fall of 2022 (sic sic) losing EVERYTHING. This is now official history. (As is the idiotic term “stalemate”).

    Naturally this is not a new procedure. But it is new with events potentially leading to the end of the world.

    As mentioned some months ago – the West has reignited its tradition of using fiction instead of hard facts and skepticism and analysis. This method reminds me of the famous WWII episode where British Intelligence used a fake backstory and a corpse and a fake letter to deceive German secret services over the Allied landing in Italy 1943.

    The deceptive operation was first adapted into a 1956 movie “The Man Who Never Was”. And 2 years ago remade into a movie, that should have been much better “Operation Mincemeat”.

    The people involved were Ivy League romantics, amateur poets and writers in their free-time. Which came in handy.
    But with nuclear missiles using the same logic as poems and poets is rather destructive.

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    watch Macron in the first 27 seconds + Christoforou TC: 14:30 – 18:00 / 21:00+
    It is a remarkable – sry, Orwellian – spin of language.

    LE MONDE, NYT, CNN, WH, Macron – this is all a mediocre choreography (I could make a !– clichée –> pun using “Bolshoi” here but I won´t).

    TC 24:00 – RU released figures on mercenaries in UKR with 5,962 killed of 13,387 who travelled there

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    Jack, re. provocations and belligerent statements of some states. Yesterday I came across an opinion that could explain this strange phenomenon.

    Karine Gevorkyan, a translator and observer of international events, expressed the following idea:
    some American politicians (Nuland and her “Jewish squad”, even before 2014 in Ukraine) could work with nationalist and radical communities, promoting the idea that the US is going to destroy and subjugate Russia. Since the US is on the other half of the planet, they need local Russian-speaking Gauleiters on the spot, to manage the subordinate colonial remnants of Russia.

    In my opinion, there are too many pieces of the puzzle that fit into this theory.
    Firstly, it’s unlikely that the leadership of small states could afford to do what they are doing if it were not for the belief that the Big Boss had prepared a plan and a gun.
    Secondly, it also explains why Ukraine relied specifically on Nazis, and it also becomes clear what Nuland meant when she said her famous “fuck the EU”.
    Thirdly, (this time I should apologise, there’re too many sensitive people around nowadays) it can explain this strange large quantity of active participants with Jewish roots in this whole mess. As you may know, after USSR broke up, many olygarchs appeared as if from nowere, most of them (if not all of them) were Jewish. They’ve lost much after Putin came to power, so perhaps now they support this war hoping to return their lost assets.
    Fourthly, this fully explains why Ukraine allowed NATO into its territory, although it was supposed to remain a neutral state according to the post-USSR treaties. They were unable to build a successful economy and by the time of the Maidan they were literally in dire straits. I think it’s quite possible that the prospect of gaining access to Russian resources after the US defeates Russia militarily, seemed quite real and pleasant to them.
    What do you think?

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    I am not being addressed but this I may add, sitting on the fence:

    e.g. Nicolai Petro 1 year ago :

    All this hints at the existence of a long term U.S. foreign policy strategy that outside observers can only guess at. I would not be at all surprised if, thirty years from now, future historians learned of the existence of a new NSC-68—America’s 1950 blueprint for conducting the Cold War—cooked up within the Biden administration in anticipation of just such a confrontation. After all, the contents of NSC-68 itself, although rumored about for years, were only revealed in 1975.

    Said NSC-68 in the words of Noam Chomsky extensively summarized and quoted, below:
    (NSC-68 being the core strategic document of US post WWII policy, drafted 1949, which still forms the heart of US posture and planning towards RU today)

    „(…) The “fundamental design of the Kremlin,” NSC 68 author Paul Nitze explains, is “the complete subversion or forcible destruction of the machinery of government and structure of society” in every corner of the world that is not yet “subservient to and controlled from the Kremlin.” “The implacable purpose of the slave state [is] to eliminate the challenge of freedom” everywhere. The “compulsion” of the Kremlin “demands total power over all men” in the slave state itself and “absolute authority over the rest of the world.” The force of evil is “inescapably militant,” so that no accommodation or peaceful settlement is even thinkable.

    In contrast, the “fundamental purpose of the United States” is “to assure the integrity and vitality of our free society, which is founded upon the dignity and worth of the individual,” and to safeguard these values throughout the world. Our free society is marked by “marvelous diversity,” “deep tolerance,” “lawfulness,” a commitment “to create and maintain an environment in which every individual has the opportunity to realize his creative powers.” It “does not fear, it welcomes, diversity” and “derives its strength from its hospitality even to antipathetic ideas.” The “system of values which animates our society” includes “the principles of freedom, tolerance, the importance of the individual and the supremacy of reason over will.” “The essential tolerance of our world outlook, our generous and constructive impulses, and the absence of covetousness in our international relations are assets of potentially enormous influence,”
    The conflict between the forces of light and of darkness is “momentous, involving the fulfillment or destruction not only of this Republic but of civilization itself.” “The assault on free institutions is world-wide,” and “imposes on us, in our own interests, the responsibility of world leadership.” We must seek “to foster a world environment in which the American system can survive and flourish.” Since “a defeat of free institutions anywhere is a defeat everywhere,” no corner of the world, however tiny and insignificant, can escape our ministrations. And surely “the idea that Germany or Japan or other important areas can exist as islands of neutrality in a divided world is unreal, given the Kremlin design for world domination.” Five years after the USSR was virtually annihilated by the Axis powers, they must be reconstituted within a U.S.-dominated alliance committed to the final elimination of the Soviet system that they failed to destroy. (…)“

    The original document as written by the US-officials here:

    In essence everything is already there.

    p.s. Whether Jewish heritage plays an eminent role I dare doubt.

    1)  It doesn´t mean that intra-racist views consolidating group think do not matter. But Israel – would it loose its imperial significance – e.g. would end up quickly as second-tier state. Regardless of Mearsheimer-ian Jewish lobby theories.
    Race takes you only so far.
    2)  As much as some US imperialistic groups today might be homogeneously Jewish – until the 1960s as far as the US academic elite was concerned – and that would include US strategic policy-makers as of NSC-68 era who e.g. also laid the foundation for Nuland-think – hated Jews.
    3)  It also would work the other way around – 1917 by part was a project heralded by many Jewish activists.
    Which is why many anti-Soviet dissidents also regarded themselves as anti-semitic – and why many in the Easter bloc regarded the USSR/Stalinist terror as a result of Jewish malignance. And communism in general a Jewish curse.

    There is too little consistency for a major functioning narrative applicable in enough ways to political phenomena to make Jewish “conspiracy” (sry for the term, I am exaggerating here) workable.
    But no one needs to agree with my 2 cents of course.

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    The problem is the overrepresentation of an ethnic group in high places of power of a nation. But also the personal grievances some polticians have. Victoria Nuland – the architect of the very hawkish attitude past decade against Russia, have jewish/russian roots. She seems to have made her life focusing on getting back for percieved injustices commited by Russia against her forefathers.

    Same with Anthony Blinken jewish/ukrainian. Would Blinken be as supportive towards Israel if he were of… palestinian origin? No of course not.

    Same with Iraq war of 2003 that was very much driven forward by Israel and pro-israel lobby in America.
    Netanyahu himself urged right after the 911 attack the U.S just to target nations like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya. Israel always try to frame their enemies, as the enemies of the west:

    Netanyahu: The international terrorist network is thus based on regimes Iran, Iraq, Syria, Taliban Afghanistan, Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority and several other Arab regimes such as the Sudan.

    These regimes are the ones that harbor the terrorist groups: Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, Hizbullah and others in Syrian-controlled Lebanon, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the recently mobilized Fatah and Tanzim factions in the Palestinian territories, and sundry other terror organizations based in such capitals as Damascus, Baghdad and Khartoum. These terrorist states and terror organizations together form a terror network,

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    The arrogance by the west is breathtaking,

    Ukraine’s survival in danger – Pentagon chief
    “Today, Ukraine’s survival is in danger and America’s security is at risk,” Austin said at a press conference after the meeting.

    Keeping the weapons, equipment and ammunition flowing is “a matter of survival and sovereignty for Ukraine” and “a matter of honor and security for America,” he added.

    What started out as a stable peaceful Ukraine that had good relations with both Russia dn the west (pre 2013) have now become a subject that could lead to WW3, all because the west refuse to take any responsibilty for their acts and their refusal to compromise and make peace. How can they be so foolish that they believe that Ukraine will retake multiple regions or evne Crimea especially since Ukraine so called hyped-up offensive did not lead any real movement by the ukrainian army??

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    Western MSM negligence of the attacks by paramilitary during the RU election is another example of the double-standard occuring on a daily basis.
    Scott Ritter on the attacks:
    “The CIA’s Secret War — Using Russian Fascists to Fight Russia”
    March 18, 2024

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    Skynews set out to interview putin critics in the election queue in London last weekend only to find a Putin supporter:
    Not the best, clercut answering by the woman but as she imply – many russians simply value stability versus any possible wrecking upheaval. It is not at all hard to understand but MSM/west keep covering up this fact.

    You also have the constant denying in the MSM/west of the economic devlopment in Russia under Putin, many russians have rising salary, pensions, RUssia have a better GDP, a decreased national debt etc.
    Some stats under Putin:
    “It’s the economy, stupid! “

    In the arrogant eyes of the westerner, they have no idea how developed Russia is, even though of course there are still developmental issues that are lagging, but again, many russians have gotten a better life under PUtin so it is no surprise that many vote for him.
    If someone like Navalny would be elected it would probably wreck Russia with neo-liberal policies, just like during the 90s.

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    The senseless far-right nationalism seems to have no end in Ukraine, now targeting the names of kindergartens!

    Ukraine targets kindergartens with Russian names
    Nurseries could be forced to alter their signs amid a ‘de-Russification’ campaign by Kiev

    What is so symptomatic for the eastern european/baltic states is their irrational, extreme nationalism, a nationalism that is always taken too far.
    It is like they still the 1930s in those states. I just read about Maia Sandu, the president of Moldova which try to pick fight with anything russian. And always this fascination for nazi and nazi collaborators, always!

    Regarding former leader of Romania Ion Antonescu, Sandu said in 2018 that he was “a historical figure about whom we may say both good and bad things”.

    Hailing fascists and still try to claim to be the good guy. Tin/crackpot leader!

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    former British diplomat Ian Proud with an article on UKR:
    I came across this on a German site.
    Since former British diplomats are rare on alternative German news sites I wanted to share it:

    “Why the West must choose between War and Peace with Russia and be honest with its citizens”

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    Ukraine being Ukraine.

    WW2 museum in Kiev to dismantle Soviet-era monuments
    The museum said sculptures depicting the 1943 Battle of Kursk will be taken down as “a symbol of Bolshevik propaganda in monumental art.” It announced further plans to “profoundly change the architectural landscape by demolishing all monuments and elements of Soviet propaganda.”

    Often described as the largest tank battle in history, the battle of Kursk saw the defeat of elite German SS units and paved a way for the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi occupation.
    Interesting Ukraine never crack down on SS-collaborators monuments, instead build more of them.

    Nazi collaborator monuments in Ukraine
    Many new streets and monuments have been erected since a new government took over in 2014

    Absolute nasty comment:
    NATO tells Ukraine to keep drafting new troops
    There is no getting around the manpower shortage, Admiral Rob Bauer has said
    All these generals in the west could not care less for how many ukrainians being killed, they only use Ukraine as a ramming weapon against Russia for their own interests.
    The reality in Ukraine is that many ukrainians are often snatched off the street violently because they do not want to keep this war ongoing, do not want to die for Zelensky, US etc.
    The Ukrainian regime attacks and abducts yet another civilian. Mukacevo.

    In other news, the ungrateful beggar keep doing his thing:

    Ukraine ‘disappointed’ with Britain – Daily Mail
    Germany has given Kiev twice as much military aid as the UK, and Berlin has reportedly joined calls for London to do more
    Zelensky will not even accept loans, no, he should get all for free.
    Ukraine ‘offended’ by US talk of loans – Politico

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    New documentary show the callous, inhumane nature of the Israeli nationalists:

    ‘Kill them all’: inside the Israeli blockade on Gaza aid
    Journalist Jeremy Loffredo goes inside the grassroots Israeli campaign to block desperately needed aid to the besieged Gaza Strip and elicits the shockingly candid views of the Jewish Israeli nationalists manning the barricades

    Setting out on a bus caravan through illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, Loffredo arrives at the Kerem Shalom crossing to Gaza, filming Israeli citizens as they physically block trucks loaded with flour and other essential goods. There, a reservist who served in the military assault on Gaza confesses to an array of war crimes, including blowing up the offices of UN centers dedicated to providing food to the local population.

    Loffredo then joins nationalists on a march toward Gaza, where they hope to establish new settlements after the population is violently driven out.


    7 October witness Yossi Landau fails to substantiate claims in Al Jazeera investigation

    If Hitler lived today he would blush if he witnessed Israeli lies and callous killing.

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    I’ll leave this here, since developments show some connection with Ukraine.

    Yesterday in the city of Krasnogorsk near Moscow, in the Crocus City concert hall, a monstrous terrorist attack occurred. Several people in camouflage clothing shot visitors with automatic weapons and set the building on fire. As of March 23, 12 noon, 93 deaths were reported, including three children. Rescuers say the death toll will rise further.

    According to eyewitnesses who gathered in the concert hall and filmed the events on video, at least three people without masks entered the hall through the mezzanine and shot the spectators.
    Another survivor described that the terrorists were shooting people standing in the line in the entrance doors; he managed to escape only because he went to the toilet.

    The Russian FSB today announced the detention of 11 people, including 4 shooters. The arrest took place in the Bryansk region; presumably the criminals tried to cross the border and hide in Ukraine.
    In the very first hours of the tragedy, the United States officially declared that Ukraine was not involved in this terrorist attack.

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    Our thoughts are with Russia in this horrendous terrorist incident. It seems circumstantially to be related to the very active destructive activities by Ukrainian saboteurs in that region of Russia. Here our press have headlines such as ‘The Moscow attacks’ – not referring to them as terrorist attacks. Of course the US also has issued the immediate assessment that it is not Ukraine-related but also that it is ISIS, and as expected ISIS has issued a statement to say that they did it. Of course it would be a very strange timing for ISIS to do this now. Also as someone remarked, Islamic terrorists are usually prepared to become martyrs rather than to run away. The US (im)plausible deniability has also extended to revealing that they warned Moscow of this attack a few weeks ago but with not much detail. This has the dual purpose of saying we knew about it but also that the Russians were so incompetent that even though they were warned, they could not prevent it. News commentators also now call this an embarrassment for Moscow. This is classic information war taking place and pre-empting the real findings.
    Of course this piece of terrible news also serves to take away the heat from the slow genocide taking place in Gaza and deflects from all the other unfavorable news.

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    Craig said on Twitter last night: “I have been explaining for years that the US and Israel are behind ISIS.
    See it now?”

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    I just watched a video of one of the detainees. A Tajik (I apologize if his citizenship turns out to be different) says that he listened to some sermons on the Internet, and the preacher’s assistant wrote to him with an offer to kill people for money.
    His speech is too smooth under the circumstances, and it sounds like a pre-memorized version, IMO.
    According to reports, the terrorists used weapons stored in advance by the organizers.
    Many countries have already expressed condolences to Russia, while Ukrainians leave cynical, sadistic reviews on the Google profile of Crocus City Hall (which in principle is not surprising, we have already seen how they reacted to the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge).
    The death toll is already 143.

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    Sigh, the western media is already awash with conspiracy theories that Putin is somehow beinhd the last night killing. And the same western media claim that is is Russia that spread conspiracy theories and disinformation!?
    Russia has been attacked multiple times by these type of groups, and often related to the Chechen wars – so why make up these loony, sick, cynical conspiracy theories that Putin is behind it?? Moronic to say the least.

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    OMG, Putin just won the election with sky-high approval ratings. Many called these elections a plebiscite of confidence in the current president.
    He had the unconditional support of the people before, and he has just reaffirmed this with an even larger number of Russian people.
    With a rating like that, I don’t know what exactly he couldn’t do with full majority’s approval. Nuke Kiev? Ok. Nuke Washington? Go ahead!

    Why the hell does he need any action? These conspiracists, do they explain how Putin should have benefited from this?

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    TATYANA and all,

    different aspect – but shortly after I asked about Ian Proud THE DURAN brought an interview with said Ian Proud which I am not through with yet but it seems insightful regarding e.g. minutes of the conflict since 2014 and GB´s role which Proud does know being stationed in the Moscow Embassy then.

    E.g. on sanctions, or on David Cameron wanting to participate more in the Normandy-Format but being shut out by the others since he appeared too distracted with other matters.

    55 minutes, with Mercouris and Diesen:

    #95483 Reply

    p.s. on Proud

    “Ian Proud was a member of HM Diplomatic Service from 1999 to 2023.

    From July 2014 to 2019 he was posted to the British Embassy in Moscow, where he led on politico-economic analysis and sanctions policy.

    He has recently published his memoir A Misfit in Moscow: How British Diplomacy in Russia failed, 2014-2019

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    not totally new but still remarkable considering that the US officially still is not waging war against RU – but especially in the light of the terrorist attack:

    On Dec. 4th 2023 the WASHINGTON POST reported about the war games in Wiesbaden, US training UKR, quoting Gen. Milley:

    “During one visit to Wiesbaden, Milley spoke with Ukrainian special operations troops — who were working with American Green Berets — in the hope of inspiring them ahead of operations in enemy-controlled areas.
    “There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they’re going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night,” Milley said, according to an official with knowledge of the event. “You gotta get back there, and create a campaign behind the lines.”

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    12 min. on why and how Western sanctions did not work:

    “James Galbraith challenges common perceptions about western sanctions and their impact on Russia, revealing unexpected outcomes for its economy and development.”

    Economist James K. Galbraith: Sanctions: To Russia with Love

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    re: Moscow attacks – Seth Harp from ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE tweeted:


    The leader of “ISIS-K” was a contractor at Bagram, then worked security for drug lord Rashid Dostum, a top CIA proxy.

    He later worked for Amrullah Saleh, chief of the NDS, literally the CIA’s righthand man in Afghanistan.

    It’s right there on the Wikipedia page.”

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    p.s. I like that hair

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    This man is so gross and he is so stupid by not realizing that what he is saying is just proof that this is a chosen war by the west:

    West not acting out of love for Ukrainians – Borrell
    The conflict is about preserving the US’ role in the world, the EU’s top diplomat has said

    “We cannot afford Russia [to] win this war. Otherwise the US and European interests will be very damaged,” he added. “It’s not a matter of generosity alone, it’s not a matter of supporting Ukraine because we love Ukrainian people. It is in our own interests and it is also in the interests of the US as a global player, someone who has to be perceived as a reliable partner, a security provider to the allies.”

    Have you seen such pathetic subserviance? Why is he talking about US interests?? Is he not the foreign minister of the EU? And what does he mean by Syria? Was he against the bombing of jihadists by Russia??
    Have he already forgotten Raqaa?

    Syria: Raqqa in ruins and civilians devastated after US-led ‘war of annihilation’

    The EU turning into what Soviet Union once was, an ever creeping militaristic “union” that lack more and more support and credibility, lead by old people that have no idea of the world.

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    The cocky lady in Estonia is at it again: Defeat Russia with heavy arms to avoid WW3

    Kallas: Russia’s defeat crucial to avoid Third World War

    How can one be so stupid, so arrogant and ignorant of obvious escalation if there are even more heavier weapon involved and used by Ukraine against Russia? That, just that fact, is what risk a WW3!

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    EU are truly nuts, they believe they are the good guys and could impose demands on other nations, their arrogance have no end it seems!

    EU warns Russia over Moscow terror attacks
    Europe has warned Russia not to use the weekend’s terror attacks in Moscow as a pretext to escalate its war in Ukraine and crackdown on internal dissent.

    The demands on Monday (25 March), by the EU’s foreign policy chief spokesperson Peter Stano, came as the Kremlin refuses to blame the Islamic State for the Crocus City concert hall attacks that killed 137 people over the weekend.

    Just look how quickly the west blamed ISIS…even before any investigation have been carried out.

    I have zero in common with the people ruling the EU. Absolute zero.

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    Not really a fan of Zakharova emotional outbursts but this on point:

    Zakharova added that, “the [previous] American approach of seeking constructive solutions in international relations has disappeared without a trace.” “Liberal democrats only know how to destroy things, believing that this ability provides a guarantee of [perpetual] dominance,” she emphasized.

    RT have a good op-ed about just this issue:

    This is why EU diplomacy is practically dysfunctional
    The Western European bloc’s representatives no longer try to understand those who disagree with them, instead they deliver lectures dripping with arrogance

    They do not listen, they just want to enforce their own views, interests. Absurd how diplomacy have been tossed to the bin altogether. I assume it started some years ago but the west try to smear and censor Russian news/views. But the obvious trait a diplomat must have is to listen to the other side but the Europeans cannot even do that.

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    I fear with many reporters, and intermediates (OSCE staff, spokespeople, members of parliament etc.) you will find genuine contempt and conviction of superiority, suprematist views towards Russians. So it goes much deeper than just the cold logic of interest.

    In above linked interview with frm. British Moscow diplomat Ian Proud Mercouris quotes John Stuart Mill on British hatred towards RU. It´s from around mid 1800s I think. And the statement (which is critical of GB) however could as well be used this very day.

    Nothing seems to have changed. If so, then it has only gotten worse since 1917.

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    Gilbert Doctorow with a short essay on the academic basis of – as I put it more bluntly and un-academically – Russophobia in Western scholarship in the field of Russia-studies:

    “Responding to the call for ‘de-centering Russian Studies’: the field was ‘de-centered’ from its earliest days”
    March 26, 2024

    At their best and most relevant, these studies were conducted by people who were paid to inform U.S. military and diplomatic officials of the real challenges posed by the USSR and then by its successor, the Russian Federation. Period. Everything else, like studying Russian literature, arts, economy, etc. just came along for the ride.

    My first point to develop is that Russian studies for most of the 20th century were the domain of everybody except Russians. Going back to when I was a graduate student in the 1970s and 80s, the field was almost exclusively taught by immigrants from the MINORITY, borderland peoples of the Russian Empire all of whom had an anti-Russian axe to grind.

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    Yes the whole of the west is awash with a twisted view that they sit on the truth, that they do not have to listen to anyone else – they know it all, they believe in their terrible ignorance.
    Yesterday I saw Jeffrey Sachs exposing this problem very well. Piers kind of representing the childish western view on Ukraine/Russia/Gaza and Sachs trying in a very factual manner try to tell Piers what is going on in the world.

    But as one can see, Piers/west are not interested in this type of mature, fact-based discourse…

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    This TV host is probably a propagandist. He asks a question. Listens to the answer, a good answer to the point, with justification, with facts and dates, the presenter does not find anything better than switching from the logical to the emotional aspect. He constantly asks to say at least something negative, then he directly says “you are very trusting, Professor Sachs”
    As I understand it, his whole role is to anchor the viewer’s negative emotions towards everything connected with Russia and China.

    Additionally, there are legal “th” sounds in the English language. In Russian, this is how people with speech impediments pronounce the “s” sound. This is due to the underdevelopment of some muscles of the speech apparatus or their insufficient training. In short, children with developmental delays visit a speech therapist to correct this defect. And when learning English, it takes time to get used to it and stop laughing every time.
    But this presenter has a face like he actually has defects.

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    if one seeks to single out one cause for the so-far failure of an anti-war movement it´s encapsulated in one phrase below:

    William Hartung has again a long piece about the 2025 Pentagon budget nearing again 1 trillion:

    Much criticism in it of course but also this:

    “(…)And while Putin may have ambitions beyond Ukraine, Russia simply doesn’t have the capability to threaten the “free world” with a military campaign. Neither does China, for that matter.(…)”.

    The narrative itself stands.
    The only question is how you judge it.
    But the good v evil is there.

    p.s. Last year in a regional group of the German GREEN YOUTH organisation a member on TWITTER described “Operation Barbarossa” of 1941 as the attempt of the USSR to expand. I didn´t know about this.
    The young author later apologized after the immense backlash.
    Problem: He simply did not know.
    How many else do not know?

    If they don´t care about politics I don´t care. But these are politicized young people who in fact organize for one of the major German parties among the most popular among young voters.


    #95544 Reply

    Interesting, honest account of a high-level meeting about the US position on the war.
    Of course this is one curtain drawn over the real inner workings, among several.
    But obviously there were morons present.

    “America has no Ukraine Plan B except more war
    US foreign policy establishment blindly intent on beating Russia on the battlefield and crushing its economy. Neither will happen”
    by David P Goldman


    #95553 Reply
    Pears Morgaine

    “Just look how quickly the west blamed ISIS…even before any investigation have been carried out.”

    Yes, almost as quickly as Putin blamed Ukraine; and again without the unnecessary encumbrance of any investigation.

    #95554 Reply

    Same warmongers that talk about Ukraine is a war for democracy is obviously the ones that are not supported by their population at all:

    The level of public confidence in Estonia’s leadership has fallen by 4% this month, a new study has revealed

    The level of public trust in Estonia’s government is on the decline, as just 17% of the people approve of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas’ cabinet, a new poll shows.

    Meanwhile trust in Putin is at 89%
    Lets add that even if the russian approval rating may or may not be misleading in one way or antoher, the number is nontheless nowhere near the low number of that of the Estonian PM.

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