Fiddling While Rome Burns 160

The nauseating smugness of the Davos gathering is sickening enough at the best of times. In these very bad times, it is unbearable. The idea that we just need to recover confidence and get credit moving again, was precisely what the promoters of the South Seas and Darien schemes said when those schemes collapsed. The Church of England were quite right to characterise New Labour’s proposed remedies as “An addict returning to his drug”.

Brown’s extraordinary reliance on paid advisers from the merchant banks themselves to devise the way forward is laughable – not to mention the hideously unpleasant Baroness Vedera, one of the endless stream of democratically unaccountable Brown cronies parachuted into the Lords as ministers. And if one more penny of public money gets put into the banks without all bank bosses and staff being put on civil service pay rates, I am organising a tax strike.

Am in the middle of moving house, so no more from me until the end of the week.

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160 thoughts on “Fiddling While Rome Burns

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  • George Dutton


    Your whole post makes no sense ?.

    “but your thoughts as explained above are much thinner then what you posted before. That’s why i’m glad that you say you don’t cling to your conclusion.”

    I will get back to you when you are sober.

  • researcher

    Just good to know then, that apart from your informative posts with links, you like to verbally abuse others when they question your thoughts.

    Pity, i had hoped you were happier then that. Time will tell 🙂

  • George Dutton

    “you like to verbally abuse others when they question your thoughts.”


    I thought that was what you did…

    “George Dutton, you want to be right ?”

  • George Dutton

    February 10, 2009

    “Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production”

    “After reading about the droughts in two major agricultural countries, China and Argentina, I decided to research the extent other food producing nations were also experiencing droughts. This project ended up taking a lot longer than I thought. 2009 looks to be a humanitarian disaster around much of the world”

    “To understand the depth of the food Catastrophe that faces the world this year, consider the graphic below depicting countries by USD value of their agricultural output, as of 2006?…

  • George Dutton

    December 26, 2008

    “The Shadow Money Lenders: The Real Significance of The Fed’s Zero-Interest-Rate Policy (ZIRP)”

    “The Battle To Save The Fiat Money System Has Begun”

    by Matthias Chang

    “The disinformation by the global financial dailies in the last twelve months as to the cause of the global financial tsunami, serve the same purpose as the global mass media when they perpetuated the lies that lulled the people to support the war criminals Bush, Blair and Howard to launch the barbaric war against Iraq and Afghanistan which resulted in the genocide of millions, the mutilation of hundreds of thousands, physically and psychologically, and the devastation of an entire nation.”

    “The wars unleashed thus far, specifically the “War on Terror” were launched to preserve the shadow money-lenders’ political and military power.”…

  • MJ

    Interesting link George, thanks for that.

    “If American patriots, who are lawfully armed, rebel and resist the imposition of martial law, world war may be averted”

    No wonder Obama has his sights on the Second Amendment, the only one left unscathed by the Patriot Act.

  • George Dutton

    “British GDP Has Already Collapsed by 30%”

    “British GDP (AMBI) at the end of 2008 is estimated at £1.275 trillion, against £1.267 trillion at the end of 2007. However sterling has collapsed against major global currencies by 30% or more, which translates into a real terms collapse in the countries GDP of 30%, i.e. 2007 GDP of $2.7 trillion has now fallen to $1.8 trillion a collapse in GDP of over 30%. The Government, Bank of England and FSA are failing in their primary duty which is to preserve the purchasing power of the currency.”

    “The Labour government has destroyed the purchasing power of the British Pound by 30% so as to save on 1% or 2% on the actual officially published GDP data during 2009. That’s a price of 30% for a net benefit of at most 1.5% which will still not prevent a deep recession from occurring. Quantative Easing is madness personified which for several months had been supported by the mainstream press which my November article illustrated -Bankrupt Britain Trending Towards Hyper-Inflation? , which sacrifices long-term growth for possible short-term benefit”

    “Therefore whatever is the conclusion of this analysis in terms of sterling GDP contraction during 2009, what readers need to remember is that the real purchasing power of Britain’s currency loss of 30% means that the countries GDP has already been sacrificed in lieu of hoodwinking the electorate into believing that things are not as bad as they actually are”…

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