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8 thoughts on “At 16.00 Today I Was

  • somebody

    Bet that made you feel young and took you out of the gloom you mentioned before! I was trying to find a song from it on You Tube. I have never seen the film.

    Never knew that Ian Fleming wrote the book. What an interesting life here on Wikipedia although he died quite young. His 23 year old son committed suicide. How tragic and sad..

  • Dick the Prick

    Me mum was driving us back from York on a gorgeous spring day after having found that Archbishop Sentanu has opened up the whole of the rear of the Minster's grounds. Brilliantly amazing. It must exceed over 3/5ths of the church's ground but hasn't really been open to the public. Had sandwiches, juice and fags and the place was heaving. The weather was lovely and the gardens in bloom. A truly special day what what. Mum really enjoyed herself I think. Hurray!

    And now watching an implosion at the Augusta Masters. Apparently – a tuna sandwich and a beer at the US Masters in Augusta, South Carolina costs $5.50. Good lads. And there's a no running rule too, bravo! McIlyoy's fucked it.

  • Craig_Murray

    Yes, I thought it was really sad watching Macilroy collapse. I thought he was going to cry on the course, but he handled himself really well in post round interview. The Americans now don't hold any Majors – has that ever happened before?

  • dreoilin

    McIlroy's only 21. He'll go far. He has a great disposition.
    Top 4 golfers are all European? Or has the apple cart been upset now? I'm no expert.

  • Keith Crosby

    I recommend Royal Flash but you may have to get it from America. Lionel Jeffries and Alistair Sim too.

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