Norwich Public Meeting Schedule 41

Crooks Lies and Politicians

An Evening With Craig Murray.

Friday 3 July Norwich Puppet Theatre, Barrack St, 7.30pm.

Tuesday 7 July Norman Centre Mile Cross, 7.30pm.

Thursday 9 July, Norwich Playhouse, 7.30pm

Friday 10 July, Hellesdon High School, 7.00pm

Saturday 11 July, Taverham Village Hall, 7.30pm

Tuesday 21 July, Thorpe Frog Hall, 7.30pm

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41 thoughts on “Norwich Public Meeting Schedule

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  • Tom Kennedy


    I was the one who suggested the “Would you give all this up…?” idea (among others). I would love to deliver leaflets in Norwich but I live in France and cannot. All I can do from here is to suggest, encourage and spread the news about Craig. I post links to his site in various online discussions.

    The volunteers who will deliver leaflets in Norwich certainly have the harder job, but the rest of us can still contribute not matter how far away we are.

  • ingo

    denim justice is hiding behind his moniker, smearing. just like the other parties he always calls grey parties, nothing new for us matey, you have been spotted and you may remove yourselfs back on to the campaign trail you have come from.

  • Roger Thomas

    From MJ

    “Strategist: for a variety of reasons not everyone can make it over to Norwich but if only one decent or even half-decent suggestion emerges from the armchair generals then that’s helpful, isn’t it?”

    I am from North of Dundee.

    From Mary

    Strategist I couldn’t sleep and am catching up. I sense your irritation but am chuckling at the well meaning Warmington on Sea brigade’s suggestions. No thought about the logistics of getting stuff printed and the cost etc.

    From Strategist (the comment before)

    You lot, the existing leaflet, in Norwich canary green & yellow colours, is being read everywhere it is delivered, and going down just fine.

    But it – and the next 2 leaflets – need to get out to 30,000 households: this campaign needs footsoldiers, not armchair generals!

    So there are 2 more leaflets to come. See we had thought about ” the logistics of getting stuff printed and the cost etc”.

    I would suggest what Craig needs is also ‘not just yes people’.

    If someone is going to deliver leaflets, they will get asked questions. Those questions need to be answered on Craig’s behalf.

    An “I don’t know” is a vote lost or not gained.

    From comments Craig has outlined what he doesn’t think.

    Part of the conceptualisation is “Put an honest man…”

    One of the major criticisms of the Conservatives is they do not say what they stand for.

    By Craig saying what he believes, what he stands for, what he wants to do. Does risk losing votes from people who may not agree.

    But surely Craig’s campaign is about open honesty. I would throw into the debate, Craig risks more buy losing votes, by not saying what his positive beliefs are. Than saying what they are and risking voters not agreeing with them.

    If Craig says what he positively believes and wants to do etc. Even if he looses. At least as a man, for his own integrity he has stated what he believes.

    When you open your heart, when you bare your soul. Then get rejected, that is hard and it hurts. But is this not the core of the campaign.

    In Craig’s strategy there are other leaflets. So we are saying start being positive in the sense of saying what you truly believe.

    If he gets rejected, it will hurt. But he has been true to himself. Is that not getting to the core of a new politics?

    Us ‘armchair generals’ are just trying to be an objective datum. If he can’t deal with us he can’t deal with being an MP.

    I might be unpopular with Craig and his core support. But I never said i wanted to be popular.

  • anon

    Whenever I get conned or shortchanged, whether it’s half a rupee on a train in India or some other smartass here in the UK, I always feel grateful to my ex-wife, who taught me how to put up with the removal of everything except the air I breathe.

    I have no doubt that Craig’s clarity of understanding for the victim has been sharpened by his rotten treatment by the British Establishment, in contrast with ten years of ham from Blair, Brown and Miliband, who have huffed, puffed and stuck their fingers in their ears about torture, while riding the rollercoaster political gravy train.

  • Strategist

    I completely sympathise that not everyone can easily get to Norwich to help – I am in that position myself – but may still want to help in whatever way they can.

    Happy to withdraw my earlier comments.

    But I still hope that people who find themselves with the opportunity to go to Norwich to help will do so.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Craig, can you change the banner on this site to link to your election site? I couldn’t remember the name of the site and had to search through the messages to find it.

  • Craig


    If you can direct the suggestion to Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads, you’ll save me a job

  • David Allen

    Hi all, sorry for the late reply to your comments, but this “armchair general” has been busy pounding the Norwich streets all weekend. I do think that it can be pretty useful for people to comment – though don’t kid yourself, it’s a lot more useful to get down there and do the work. Craig has some great strategic ideas, go and help with them!

    Tony July 4th at 12.15: yes, you make a good case for making my draft leaflet even shorter. Editorial team please note! We have to win the Sun readers’ vote, not just the Guardian readers’ vote. (I would retain the humour because people like it, and I would omit the word “lies” because some people have a pathological aversion to it – but that’s detail).

    Mary at July 4th 4.27 am: Well, as you see, there are going to be more leaflets. So we can all help contribute. I’m interested to see that “would you give this all up” came from a blog commenter. On the streets today, it was that posh diplomatic car picture that was working a treat in capturing the voters’ attention. (Which most political leaflets, most of the time, don’t do!)

    Finally, a view from the street campaign. Our worst problem may well be that people simply do not like the idea of an “independent” candidate. The word “independent” seems to be understood as “oddball weirdo on his own who you can’t trust!”

    We really need to shift perceptions here, or we will not win votes. I suggest we stop using the word “Independent”. We should talk about “Craig Murray’s Team”, we should include some sort of “Team” picture in the next leaflet, and we should quote some endorsements from public / local figures (for example Martin Bell has made complimentary remarks).

    Let’s remember, Obama didn’t say “Yes I can”, he said We, and he got people on his side!

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