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I just saw the British Prime Minister do something, so appallingly tasteless I could not believe it was happening. BBC News just showed a dawn raid by immigration officers on a well-kept home. So far, so tasteless.

Astonishingly, once the evil foreigners had been herded up and taken off to detention camps, where they risk being beaten up or raped, Teresa May and David Cameron arrived, and posed in the victims’ kitchen for trophy pictures.

I thought that what Blair has done since leaving Downing Street had debased the office of Prime Minister to an astonishing degree. But, posing for a stunt in the neat and clean kitchen of some poor immigrant, David Cameron had plumbed levels of tastelessness that again make me realise that the UK has become a country whose values I no longer recognise. The disgusting complicity of the BBC in filming this stunt is equally astonishing.

Are there really so few people left who have the slightest idea of what constitutes decent human behaviour?

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  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    Only time will tell Kempe. Another rupture there might ignite the issues again.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Ba’al Zevul (With Gaza”.

    How are you “with Gaza”, Komodo?

    How do you give concrete expression to your “withness”, other than by filling up threads on this blog?

    Have you, for instance, acted on your own recommendation of a couple of weeks ago by demonstrating peacefully outside your local synagogue on protest against Israel’s actions?

  • Fedup


    What I specifically want is for people like you to stop supporting a long term vicious killer on a massive scale like Putin simply because he isn’t an American

    I for one don’t support Putin, however, I do support his stance against the expansionist US. Although saying that, Putin has his own imperatives, and all too often when the hour cometh he gives a helping hand to the US cowboys to get out of the hole they have dug themselves into.

    There are many examples of Putin stopping short of stopping the US in its tracks. There were opportunities in Iraq in the early stages of war, during the time that US soldiers for the sake of the dog and pony show of the Chemical weapons were clad in their biological warfare suits and were literally getting cooked in the said wrapping, and Putin’s intervention could have created a great deal of set back to US, but what did he do? Nothing, and in fact helped the US.

    Thus he is a mixed bag of tricks, fact that US can have fluid alliances with Burkina Faso etc when its interests coincide seems a natural progression of events, however when it comes to we the people choosing such a recourse to any fluid alliance, we are reminded that we are wrong in backing Putin because he is a thug a bully and a lawless killer!

    Alas show me which one of the sons of the bitches in power are not, thugs, bullies, and lawless killers, although best remember just because we don’t hear the trees falling in the forest does not mean the trees are not falling!

    I used to love Sweden for its liberal stance, how wrong was I? When you scratch the surface the stench of corruption, crony-ism, lawless conduct of the elite in Sweden is the same as everywhere else, I was just dumb enough not to have noticed how cleverly they had masked these.

    Sadly the levels of corruption and decomposition are at such prevalence that there seems to be nowhere left to run to on the Planet Earth, soon to be Planet US at this rate, with the relevant logos barcoded on our butts to denote which corporate our arses belong to?

  • nim73

    UK politics in the 21st century, no shame, no integrity, no conscience, no compassion, no vision. They steal and lie openly, but the worst of it all is they turn the population against itself in every inherently dangerous way possible (dangerous to us, not to them, these COWARDS value their own necks more highly than anything) all just to divert attention from their own utterly horrible agenda. Immigrants, benefit claimants, Muslims, etc. they tell us it’s all THEIR fault our country is in a mess and the BBC etc. just echo those things against all sanity and reason. The UK has only one enemy worth fighting against and if you can’t see who that is then don’t be surprised when you wake up and realise that there is nothing left for anyone who is not rich. Very, very ashamed of this man and of the whole of the UK because we allowed ourselves to become so weak that now all we can do is watch in horror.

  • Mary

    LOL He didn’t last long. St Theresa and Smoothface are not keeping the staff.

    1 August 2014
    Chief inspector of borders and immigration resigns

    The independent chief inspector of borders and immigration, John Vine, is resigning from his post.

    Mr Vine had been due to step down in July 2015 when his term ended but will now leave on 31 December this year.

    During his six years in the role, his office issued more than 50 inspection reports, some of which were highly critical of the immigration system.

    Shadow immigration minister David Hanson said the Home Office had tried to silence Mr Vine’s criticisms.


  • Aidworker1

    The hasbara are here!!

    Your brilliant post – they try to deflect and change the subject.

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