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On 8 June this blog broke the news that not only did Obama make his statement of support for Unionism at the request of No.10, but that the BBC was in on the set-up and had been briefed by No.10 and the FCO to ask the question.

I have this from an impeccable, eye-witness source. But I nevertheless set out to double confirm the story by checking with No. 10. 52 days ago I sent them a written question, to ask:

“Whether the BBC journalist who asked President Obama the question about Scottish independence, had any prior briefing or discussion with any government minister, official or other employee.”

Answer came there none. After a series of reminders I finally today received a “reply” from the Scottish Office, nearly two months later. This bears no relation whatsoever to the question I asked, and does not even refer to the question I asked.


(if you keep clicking on non-answer when it comes up, eventually you get to it).

Personally I have always been 100% certain that my source could be trusted and the BBC were indeed actively involved in setting up this unionist stunt. The extreme delay and evasion in replying to my question only goes to confirm this.

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40 thoughts on “That BBC Scam

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  • Willie

    Time to campaign against BBC bias whilst much of the worlds media is in town.

    Show them up for the filthy propaganda tool that they are.

  • JonL

    My wife leaves the radio on at night – to help her sleep. At some ungodly hour we have the BBC news – if I’m half awake, it normally wakes more fully, in wonderment as to what planet I’m on or is this another reality, the spin is so bad!
    Yet so many people still “trust”, the BBC………

  • Vronsky

    Common BBC malapropism in the last para. Or do they mean it?

    “The Government recognises the enormity of the decision that the people in Scotland will make in September”

    From the online Oxford dictionary:


    NOUN (plural enormities)

    1 [MASS NOUN] (the enormity of) The great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong:
    ‘a thorough search disclosed the full enormity of the crime’

  • Iain Hill

    It is no news to us that they are playing dirty. This becomes more evident each day. The priority forthe Yes campaign must be to avoid being lured into time wasting by refuting the lies and slurs, and thus letting them set the agenda, but by going for the jugular, as you have done today, and exposing them at their worst.

    I liked the approach taken by Eter Arnott, in warning us that 18/09 is our last chance for a social demcratic state. After that the neo liberals will be able to take over without any restraint.

  • Kempe

    Why not quote the whole of the definition rather than the bit that suits your agenda?

    From the OED:-

    ” Today, however, a more neutral sense as a synonym for hugeness or immensity, as in he soon discovered the enormity of the task, is common. ”

    Which sounds pretty spot on to me.

  • Póló

    You are right. The lack of a reply to your actual question speaks volumes.

    But what you got was not an FOI reply, it was a piece of pure and blatant advocacy.

    A person would likely be sacked, or at least reprimanded, here (Ireland) for answering an FOI request in such a manner.

  • DavidFromScotland

    Hi, It’s your old tory pal here.

    We often read that MSM (main stream media) including the BBC is biased against the Yes Campaign. Speaking as a scottish conservative, I have often felt the whole media was against us. Particularly during the Major years, when the government was actually delivering on employment, inflation and economic growth, the press seemed to more interested in David Mellors’ bedroom antics. But looking back, we probably did deserve a lot of the flak after Black Wednesday and the tory civil war on europe.

    4 Points to make about this.
    1. The same is probably true for the Yes campaign today, many individuals have real concerns about currency, defence, jobs, education and fiscal policy that are just not being answered convincingly by Alex Salmond and the BBC, quite rightly, are picking up on that. “Bluff, Bullying and Bluster” is excellent alliteration, but it is certainly not an acceptable reply to questions about Plan B.
    2.It’s maybe a good thing that both the left and right think the BBC is biased, perhaps this shows that they aren’t too far off the mark.
    3. Am I the only one deeply worried about the absolute necessity for Press Freedom in a free democracy. I’m concerned that the followers of the Yes campaign seem to be suggesting press censorship.
    4. My memory is not 100% clear on this, but I don’t think I remember Alex Salmond complaining about anti-tory media bias during the 90s.

    Love and Kisses


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