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So far 564 people believe they have shared on Facebook my article conclusively refuting the CIA’s invention of lies about Russia hacking the DNC, using the share button on this site. Another 78 have tried to share it from my Facebook page. Between them those 650 people will have. according to the Facebook average, about 200,000 friends. The total amount of incoming traffic from these 200,000 friends? 22 people. Almost nobody can currently reach this site through Facebook, as the “came from” interface on my statcounter below shows. Nothing from Facebook. Facebook are actively colluding in preventing social media from contradicting the mainstream media lies about Russian involvement in the US election campaign.

Don’t believe me? If you think you shared the article on Facebook, phone one of your Facebook friends and ask if it appeared for them.

The only way to defeat this is to republish the article yourself. I waive any copyright. If you have access to a blog, copy and paste it there and post a link to that blog on Facebook. Or simply cut and paste my whole article and copy it to your Facebook page, in sections if required.

I am similarly ghost banned on twitter. The work round to this, which plenty of people have found, is to create a new tweet yourself with a link to my site, rather than retweet one of my tweets. As with the Facebook share, if you do retweet you will be unaware it doesn’t work.

There are profound implications for society in the compliance of the major social media corporations with establishment demands to prevent social media from effectively challenging the mainstream media narrative – and I cannot think of a more classic example than this case. I do urge you to take action as described above, to show that the people will not stand for it.


Calling Facebook out worked, we have just been unblocked! If you contrast this new came from log with the above, you will immediately see the difference – and just how important social media is to a dissident website like this one.

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219 thoughts on “Facebook Suppresses Truth

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    Facebook ain’t that bad – it is also very useful if you are a musician – and you want someone to turn up at your next gig..

    Meanwhile. I thought it important to pay the milkman…and my wife usually does this by cheque in the milk bottle

    He obviously realises there is something wrong round our house ..and he can see her in the front room with her broken leg = when he delivers the milk early in the morning…

    So I did it – Don’t worry mate…

    You will still get your Christmas Card and Your Christmas Tip

    This is where we live – even when everything else was snowed in…

    Our milkman turned up – cos he has electric 4 Wheel Drive…its just what he does

    He turned up in a SnowBlitz with a Sack of Potatoes on his Shoulder’s Too….about 10 years ago..when we were knee deep in snow.

    The Postman never made it..but Our Milkman did,

    What a Lovely Man.

    Our Milkman.


  • Bill Jackson Jr

    Keep up the fight Mr. Murray. I’ve made it my mission to link to your essay in every encounter on twitter where I find this ham-handed misinformation expressed.

  • Sharp Ears

    Sky News’ anti Putin propaganda is rampant.

    How Russia is engaged in a battle for its own history
    The Russian government is waging an assault against academics and the relatives of victims for the country’s historical memory.
    By John Sparks, Moscow Correspondent

    It looks like a prison and in some ways, that is exactly what it has become.

    Just a few kilometres from the Kremlin, down on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Street, lies a squat-looking complex that holds the State Archive.

    Inside an austere 10-storey corner-block, you will find a multitude of documents relating to the Russian revolution, the administration of the Soviet Union in Russia and the activities of the police.’

    and so on


    • Habbabkuk

      “The Russian government is waging an assault against academics and the relatives of victims for the country’s historical memory.”

      There is ample evidence of this in David Satter’s excellent “It was a long time ago, and it never happened : Russia and the Communist Party” (Yale University Press, 2012).

    • Sharp Ears

      David Satter is senior fellow, Hudson Institute, and fellow, Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He was Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times from 1976 to 1982, then a special correspondent on Soviet affairs for the Wall Street Journal. Amazon

      Benjamin Netanyahu Receives Hudson’s Herman … – Hudson Institute
      22 Sep 2016 – Hudson Institute honored Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel with its 2016 Herman Kahn Award last night,…..

      Hudson Institute
      ‘Promoting American leadership and global engagement for a secure, free, and prosperous future.’

      Leadership, Board and Trustees.

      Hudson Institute Mission Statement
      Hudson Institute, a leading policy research organization, is known and respected around the globe for promoting security, freedom, and prosperity.

      America’s unique and central role in the global system offers the best foundation for security, the defense of liberty, and assuring economic growth. Hudson’s influence is global as the Institute promotes American international engagement in concert with allies. Policymakers in Washington, DC, and in many capitals—including Tokyo, New Delhi, Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, Ottawa, Canberra, and Jerusalem—rely on Hudson research and policy recommendations.


      I won’t continue.

      • IrishU

        Gosh how I ‘missed’ such pertinent contributions. It was but inevitable that he would have connections with Israel. Welcome back Mary!

        • Sharp Ears

          The point is that the Hudson Institute is yet another US right wing set up with a strong anti Russian agenda. Get it ?

          My name is Sharp Ears. I note the Irish connection btw 😉 From times past?

          • Habbabkuk

            If “IrishU” is Dreoilin then we should all welcome her back. One of the better guys, in my opinion.

          • IrishU

            If your point was that the Hudson Institute is a right wing setup with ‘strong anti-Russian agenda’, why was it relevant to note the award to Benjamin Netanyahu? Surely, it would have been more compelling to state an example of an award to someone from the American Neo-Con movement?

            Mary, your current screen name is Sharp Ears but your style is too distinctive to be forgotten easily. While I disagree with you on most topics it is good to see you back.

            Yes I am from times past, we clashed a couple of times around the period of the Scottish Referendum when people commented on Irish / Northern Irish politics without possessing passable knowledge of either place, however, I am not, nor was I ever, Dreoilin. I can’t remember my old username but I believe the first time I commented was either on a post about Craig and Dundee or it was about the Better Together rally in Stirling.

          • Habbabkuk


            “I am not Dreoilin”

            That must come as a considerable relief to a certain “commenter”. 🙂

            Anyway, welcome (back) whatever your previous handle was. And remember – you’ll be engaging with a delightful bunch of regulars; just be careful not to advance any alternative views and you’ll get on just fine! 🙂

          • Sharp Ears

            IrishU Thank you for being forthright and straightforward.

            I am sorry we clashed. I’m sorry not to have any memory from way back of what went on.

            I do have an Irish connection btw, my father was from a Protestant family, was born in Limerick. The stories he told us of the Black and Tans’ atrocities and the poverty stricken lives of the Irish people in that city still live in my mind, He also told us of the beautiful countryside of County Clare and the sound of the corncrakes in the meadows and the curlews.

            I posted the link you referred to as it was the most recent of several similar concerning the entity and the Hudson Institute, described in some as a right wing neocon think tank. Why should they and why did they honour the PM of a country that has no borders and knows no laws? A country whose soldiers take the children of the Occupied people from their beds, often in night raids, for questioning and sometimes torture. That happens now.

            Ref my handle. It was a vain attempt to avoid the trolls without success but I will stick with it!


      • bevin

        Thanks for confirming the inevitable: any work recommended by the troll would be Cold War propaganda of the most worthless kind.
        Propaganda founded in the Nazi meme that the USSR was as bad as Hitler’s Germany.
        As to ‘victims’ in Russia I am fairly certain that history will show that the worst disaster-short of war- ever to hit the country was that which took place when neo-liberal Shock therapy was administered at US insistence after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

        • Salford Lad

          Neo-Liberal shock therapy is a euphemism for looting of the Russian state by the Harvard Boys of Larry Summers ,Jeffrey Sachs and Gorgy Soros et al. after the engineered collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90’s.
          They were facilitated in this by the use of Russian compradors who became the oligarchy. Vlad Putin cleaned house of these wretches and another reason he is hated by the Western pirate capitalists.

          • Kempe

            ” They were facilitated in this by the use of Russian compradors who became the oligarchy. Vlad Putin cleaned house of these wretches ”

            Only those who were associated with Yeltsin. Their numbers have increased under Putin to include the rector of his university and his old judo teacher!

          • Habbabkuk

            Salford Lad

            “… the engineered collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90’s…”

            Yes, and it was all done without firing a shot!

            We (and more to the point, millions in Russia and Eastern Europe), can be grateful both for the fall of the Evil Empire and the way in which the West achieved it.

            We beat the Soviets to it!!

      • Habbabkuk

        “David Satter is senior fellow, Hudson Institute, and fellow, Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He was Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times from 1976 to 1982, then a special correspondent on Soviet affairs for the Wall Street Journal….etc…”

        Indeed so. So he knows what he’s talking about.

        Anyone genuinely interested in the topic should read the book I mentioned.

      • Habbabkuk

        Thank you for that comment which, although a tad obscure, is obviously based on careful, in-depth thought and written with due regard for elegant expression.

        I hope you’ll keep posting as you help me to make my case.

    • nevermind

      Rampant and hysteric, sharp ears, still the background noises of long lost empires are singing the same tune as when the conquest for Asia was in full swing.

      To quote Lord Ellenborough from Craigs latest blockbuster ‘Sikunder Burnes’, just as the Russian expeditionary forces took the Turkish fortress Erzurum

      “Every success of theirs in that quarter makes my heart bleed. I consider it a victory over me, as Asia is mine”.

      This same attitude still runs through the veins of our MoD dreamers, currently so eagerly agreeing to the propaganda that’s buzzing like a swat of angry Mosquito’s.

    • AH

      As a person who has spent a lot of time in Russia, with actual Russian people…you sir are talking absolute SHIT

  • giyane

    It does seem unreasonable to me to expect a private communication system to offer user autonomy.
    Or, as Ruth Davidson just said on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour. ‘Perhaps I should have made use of a breathalyser app on my mobile before using social media.’

  • John Goss

    Because of the lies and distortions of western media outlets, and some names of those who support them on this blog, I published a few sites worth visiting to get a balanced view, well actually the true view often, of what is happening globally that is misreported and lied about wholesale in the west.


    I left out Sputnik News and probably quite a few other reasonable publishers. This is an example of how brainwashed western journalists are about Syria, in this case a Norwegian, who questioned the indomitable Eva Bartlett, who has been to Syria many times and knows exactly what has been happening there. At one time Eva might have worked for the BBC, or The Guardian. But that was back in the dark ages when “the freedom of the press” had a modicum of reality about it.


    Western media outlets to their shame are still saying that the Russians, who helped liberate Aleppo, are to blame for the killing of civilians. When last year Hillary Clinton said that Russia Today was winning the media war and we must invest more in ‘independent’ western news broadcasts in Russia she was right. She was right that the west was losing the war on news at least. That is because its news is fabricated with an aim to steal resources and a hope even today to build a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to the Med by imposing compliant puppets in states it wants to lay the pipeline through.

    • Resident Dissident

      Funny how one man’s bombing to smithereens can be another man’s liberation.

      Little by little as they say

  • Paul Barbara

    More Facebook shenanigans:
    ‘Sign the petition to Facebook: Don’t Censor Human Rights Documentation’:

    According to Jimmy Massey, the US is already a militarised society; 90% of State and local law enforcement are ex-military.
    He also says there is no difference to how the SS were trained, and how the USMC are trained:
    ‘Jimmy Massey: The War in Iraq – A Marine’s Eye View’:

    He should know; he was a Marine Corps recruiter and trainer.
    And note that the Black ‘President’ didn’t lift a finger to stop the killing of Blacks and Hispanics by police on the streets. But thyen, perhaps that’s not surprising, given that he boasted he was ‘good at killing people’.

  • Pat Crawford

    I shared your article on FaceBook and one of my friends commented on it within minutes so perhaps there is no restriction on it now, Craig.

  • zapster

    I found “Absence of Conviction” on facebook just now (Sunday night ET), just fyi. Maybe this item got them some heat. 😉

  • bevin

    Peter van Buren, a serious commentator and former state department official has published an article-it is at Information Clearing House- in which he concludes that the current behaviour of the CIA is close to being a coup attempt. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46017.htm
    He is right. This idiotic Russian hackers story, coordinated with a series of leaks to the Washington Post and NYTimes, both CIA sheets, and a Fake News campaign originating in the Ukraine, where Nazis run the government and police, is also being promoted by Facebook and google.
    The aim is to intimidate Trump into continuing the Obama Clinton policies of eternal aggression and balkanising the middle east.
    The fragility of the ‘representative’ institutions in neo-liberal run states is very clear: we are very close to slipping into fascism.

    • Paul Barbara

      If the CIA (‘C*nts In Aspic’?) try and pull that one, Putin just may decide to really open the flood-gates on the abominations the Clintons, Cheney’s, Bush Sr. etc. have been up to.

      Although Aleppo progress is great, apparently the Yanks helped ISIS retake Palmyra. It’s an unfolding saga there; looks like teh Syrain and Russian concentration on relieving and retaking Aleppo gave the head-chopping mercenary thugs a chance to strike in Palmyra.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Sharp Ears December 12, 2016 at 07:52
          ‘Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL’:

          ‘Iraq’s Popular Forces Release Photo of Downed US Chopper Carrying Arms for ISIL’:

          It’s been obvious since the outset what the US and ‘Coalition’ forces were realty up to in Iraq and Syria.
          Common sense tells you: over a year bombing and strafing in Iraq, yet IS EXPANDS there control dramatically; they cross open land in force, perfect targets, but don’t get targeted; lines of oil tankers, and oil tankers waiting to cross into Turkey aren’t bombed.
          Two weeks into Russian air attacks against the terrorists, and these targets get hit (and the US & Co. go into paroxysms of anguish and anger; their ‘Proxies’ are getting their asses kicked!

          Then of course there have been multiple ‘accidental’ attacks on Iraqi and Iranian forces in Iraq, and against Syrian and Allied forces in Syria.

          • Paul Barbara

            ‘Iraqi Commander: Tapped Communications Confirms US Aids to ISIL’:

            ‘….A commander of Iraq’s popular forces disclosed that wiretapping of ISIL’s communications has confirmed the reports that the US planes have been airdropping food and arms supplies for the Takfiri terrorists.

            “The wiretapped ISIL communications by Iraqi popular forces have revealed that the US planes have been dropping weapons and foodstuff for the Takfiri terrorist group,” Commander of Iraq’s Ali Akbar Battalion told FNA on Wednesday.

            He noted that tapping on ISIL disclosed the terrorist group’s regular contacts with the US army, and said, “They exchanged sentences like if they would have a share of the ammunition dropped near (Spiker Military Base) or responses such as ‘you will also receive your share’.”

            “The US forces by dropping weapons and ammunition for ISIL, specially in Yassreb, Al-Ramadi and near Spiker Base in Hay al-Qadessiya have provided a lot of help to the ISIL,” he added.

            Many similar reports by Iraqi officials and forces have surfaced in the last few months.

            In February, an Iraqi provincial official lashed out at the western countries and their regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, revealing that the US airplanes still continue to airdrop weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL terrorists.

            “The US planes have dropped weapons for the ISIL terrorists in the areas under ISIL control and even in those areas that have been recently liberated from the ISIL control to encourage the terrorists to return to those places,” Coordinator of Iraqi popular forces Jafar al-Jaberi told FNA……’

        • Republicofscotland

          “Mistakenly” as you rightly highlight, in my opinion there’s nothing “mistakenly” about them, the supplies found there intended targets.

  • Mark Baland

    Facebook, as usual, engages in #Censorship of anti-establishment information as #FakeNews, while promoting nonsense #Propaganda for the state…

  • Sharp Ears

    Former US ambassador John Bolton suggests Russian hacking was ‘false flag’ by Obama administration
    John Bolton claimed the intelligence community has been politicised under Obama.
    December 12th, 2016

    John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN, has reportedly questioned accusations of Russian interference in the US presidential elections. Bolton suggested that the cyberattacks could possibly have been a “false flag” operation by the Obama administration, according to reports.

    Bolton, who has recently been floated as a likely candidate for a position in Donald Trump’s state department, also questioned FBI director James Comey’s testimonial of Hillary Clinton’s private email server investigation. Bolton wondered why Comey said there were no direct links found of any foreign intelligence agencies’ infiltrating Clinton’s private server but that there was evidence in connection to the election hacks, the Politico reported.


    • Habbabkuk

      Does the criminal, fascist régime of Assad & Co not have a track record of using chemical weapons against certain sections of the Syrian people?

      Can the leopard change its spots?

        • Habbabkuk

          The USSR used to be a stable régime until it fell apart under the weight of its own contradictions.

          I doubt that the Assad family’s despotic régime will last anything like as long.

          • Herbie

            You’re completely insane, aren’t you.

            All around us the West collapses to financial ruin wrought by corrupt elites and you’re vaunting their terrorist proxies in Syria.

            You’ve been wrong about every position you’ve taken since you arrived here.

            But still you cling to your tired old propaganda.

      • bevin

        The answer is ‘No’. There is no record of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, during the period of the current imperialist invasion.
        In fact all stocks of chemical weapons and precursors were destroyed under international supervision, within the last three years.
        These facts are well known. Not so well known to new visitors is the appetite for shameless lies that trolls-see above- display. Habbabkuk is an Hasbara agent tasked to wreck the discussions here.

        • Habbabkuk

          Weasely, Bevs; weasely.

          “There is no record of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, during the period of the current imperialist invasion.”

          And during the reign of the horrible Hafez al-Assad ( the founder of the family firm)?


          “Habbabkuk is an Hasbara agent tasked to wreck the discussions here.”

          I have noted that of late you have stopped discussing/arguing with me (albeit on the basis of tired all bits and bobs from your dog-eared Marxist-Leninist primer) and are increasingly resorting to insults and ad hominems. Have I got you rattled, Bevs?

    • Habbabkuk

      However, the good news is that these tinpot Arab despots usually come to a bad end in one way or another.

      Will “President” Bashar al-Assad prove an exception?

      • Laguerre

        All those who came to a bad end are far outnumbered by the tinpot despots of the Gulf who die in their beds, with British and American (and Israeli) support.

      • Republicofscotland

        Assad, however distasteful his regime may be, isn’t the aggressor in this instance, something you know fine well.

        The onus is complete on the proxy fighters, backed by the West/Israel/Saudi, and their combined efforts to suppress and kill the Syrian people, under the guise of freedom, democracy, and liberation.

        • Habbabkuk

          It’s a toss up whether Assad Jnr will on day flee into comfortable exile in (probably in Russia) or whether he will be killed like a dog by his own people (as has happened to various Arab despots).


          PS – I am strongly opposed to cruelty to animals (including dogs) so I suppose I should have written “like a General Kassim” or something similar.

  • michael norton

    BBC Ministry of Truth

    Syrian government forces have retaken a key area in southern Aleppo, activists and state media say, leaving rebels with only a small pocket in the city.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Sheikh Saeed district had fallen to the army overnight.

    On Monday morning, there were clashes in neighbouring Fardous and Karam al-Daadaa, the monitoring group added.

    The gains mean that the rebels have now lost 90% of the territory they held in eastern Aleppo in less than a month

    Now the BBC are getting the hang of telling the real truth,
    not that hard, really.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile it would appear Turkish dictator, I mean president Erdogan, has learned a trick or too from the French, as twin blast near football stadium, have been blamed on the Kurds.

    It is in my opinion a case of problem, reaction solution, carried out by the Turkish authorities, we’ve witnessed its like, all across Europe this year and last year. The events help galvanise and sway public opinion, which allows actions or the demonisation of certain sections of society, without much of an outcry in general.

    • Paul Barbara

      You’re not suggesting, horror of horrors, it was a ‘False Flag’ attack, by any chance?

  • Robert

    Your article “conclusively refuting the CIA’s lies” does no such thing at all.

    Their refusal to reveal their sources and methods is entirely understandable. You, as a former ambassador (?!?WTF) should know this better than anybody.

    Knowing Russia very very well, I think it is entirely likely that they interfered in the U.S. election process. Less clear is Trump’s own role in this – is he a conscious traitor or merely a “useful idiot”? I don’t know the answer to that.

    Wikileaks has played its part in this disaster. Knowingly or unknowingly, I don’t know. I’d stop trying to defend Assange if I were you: he is what he is, a sleazy, corrupt, egocentric individual. And we already know what he does to any friends who help him – he stiffs them.

  • Robert

    I am selling tin-foil hats, and I would like to advertise them here. They are available in two varieties, one comes with a shiny flappy left wing, the other with a bright silver right wing. Both will defend you against all forms of mind manipulation and thought rays generated by the MSM. Reading the comments on this site I thought many of you might like to buy them for Christmas. Only 20 pounds/ dollars/roubles (+p&p) each.

    Alternatively, KEEP TAKING THE MEDS!!!

  • michael norton

    Here’s a good story for RobG
    FRENCH police
    on Monday, arrested 11 people suspected of helping to arm the Tunisian who killed 86 people by driving his truck into a crowd in Nice, sources close to the investigation said.

    Ten suspects, including one or more Albanians, were arrested in various parts of Nice and another was detained in the western city of Nantes, the sources said.
    The victims, from 19 different countries, were watching a fireworks display on the Bastille Day public holiday. Over 400 people were injured.

    France is still under a state of emergency.

    • michael norton

      The violence in FRANCE began with the January 2015 attacks on a satirical newspaper and a Jewish supermarket in Paris and continued 10 months later with coordinated strikes on the capital’s Bataclan concert hall, national stadium and cafe terraces.

      The attacks have hardened attitudes on security and immigration, fuelling the rise of the far-right ahead of next year’s presidential election.
      So the new Prime minister of France, who was the Minister of the Interior ( TERROR)
      is to get
      The State of Emergency eXtended untill after the elections.
      Draw your own conclusions.

      Mr. Holland currently has an approval rating of 4% and dropping.
      Mr.Hollande will not be re-standing.
      The two leaders are from the far right and the extreme far right.
      The Left Wing is a shambles.

  • Iain

    Running an experiment within a FB forum, non friends have seen it and commented upon. I will say that I didn’t use the share button but copied and pasted the url from the top of each article. Not sure if that makes an impact.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well it was only a couple of days ago that MI6 chief Alex Younger, claimed that the terrorist threat to Britain was “unprecedented.”

    Coincidentally? A terrorist threat was averted today, and the media carried the story far and wide, and they continued to do so on the hour.


    Of course, it has been known for the security services to “befriend” weak minded individuals, and nuture their animosity against what will eventually be called the enemy, that’s you and I.

    The security services, provide access to materials and equipment, and coax the disgruntled members of society into acting. It’s a classic ploy of setting up patsies.

    The fruits of this type of mild coercion are many, such as arrests, and terrorist plots foiled. Both are reported widely by the British media, it give kudos to the government and the security services, whilst demonising a targeted section of society. It is also put across as protecting the public, who feel safe and at ease, knowing that our brave security services, are forever semper vigilo.

    • Mick McNulty

      The establishment calls them “a suspected terrorist” while a conman calls them “the mark”. Same difference – some poor sap.

  • frances

    Dear Ambassador Murray,
    Thank you for your courage, integrity and dedication to truth. I and many others am forever in your debt.

  • Heidi

    They are up to no good for sure. Yesterday my entire feed from The Duran (amidst others) just disappeared. When I went to their facebook page my ‘like’ had been ‘unliked’. So I had to re-like them in order to receive their feeds. Very odd.

  • Bob In Portland

    Salon.com has the same or similar feature for their comments. If they don’t like what you say they let you type and see your comment—but no one else does. I’ll have to mention this to David Talbot.

  • Dana

    Washington Post will not post my comment regarding this story with a link to your website. I have tried twice on December 14.

  • Robert

    So now we know the truth – or at least a fair part of it.

    Yes, Assange was the Kremlin’s patsy in releasing the hacked Democratic Party e-mails – probably motivated by his blind hate of Hillary Clinton. And yes, Craig Murray is either a liar or a fool. The story he is telling here is arrant nonsense.

    The amazing thing is not that Craig was fired as our ambassador to Uzbekistan. He richly deserved that for his personal behaviour and his lack of loyalty to his country. But that he was appointed in the first place at all. It makes you worry about our Foreign Office.

    For all his protestations, Craig has played a small but deep shameful part in the Kremlin’s perversion of U.S. democracy – something for which we shall all pay very dearly.

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