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So there are 29 days to go until Britain leaves the trading arrangements with its biggest trading partner, the EU, from which it imports a large proportion of its food, without having agreed any new arrangements…

…and…what’s this? “MACA”, Military Aid to the Civil Authorities, is being invoked as the army prepares to conduct certain operations in football stadiums involving a high throughput of civilian punters…

But wait! Boris Johnson will get his arm pricked with a “vaccine” needle on live TV. “Heil!” say the “experts” and “scientists”. Heil the coming national victory over the insidious and hitherto ubiquitous enemy, the enemy that thrives in every act of grandparental hugging, in every entry by an unclean person into a supermarket, in every act of disobedience to the holy commands of the state, so beautifully and urgently sanctified by experts, scientists, and the preparers of infographics for the Daily Express and the BBC!