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From the Daily Mail a few hours ago:

Soldiers are already monitoring cyberspace for Covid-19 content to find out how British citizens are being targeted online, leaked documents showed. It comes amid a rise in the number of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests taking place around Britain as three potential vaccines were found to have around 90 per cent effectiveness.

Anyone who has the resources should prepare to leave Britain fast.

When they try to impose compulsory vaccination, one of their tools will have to be the withdrawal of access to food, transport, employment, being outside your house, using a bank account, etc. – i.e. the kind of negative reinforcement known as negative punishment (the operant conditioning “quadrant” of withdrawing a positive stimulus). They wouldn’t use ONLY this, but they would have to use this.

If they just tried to fine us all (positive punishment – the quadrant of applying a negative stimulus), there are many of us who would refuse to pay and, if they could catch us, we would go to prison. I imagine prisoners will be among the first to be forcibly vaccinated, but that would just cause physical fights at the point of capture, and indeed in the prisons themselves. On the plus side, a resistance movement that filled the prisons (or hastily established internment camps run by the army, perhaps leased from Pontins, as in the Liverpool area) would add to the b*stards’ “logistical” problems.