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Unsurprisingly you missed the point, N_. You’re obscuring a serious issue (i.e. “the bosses are changing things to their benefit”) with doom-laden evidence-free soothsaying – “It can’t be long before people get split off from their children”, “The rulers are … preparing to kill us on what in this country is an unprecedented scale”, “Deaths by vaccine in Britain first exceed 1 million”. And it seems you’re even prepared to bundle in the ridiculous conspiracy theory that the vaccine is a covert ploy to inject microchips into the general population! (Which is about as plausible as “the moon is made of green cheese”, you’re right. Would it be a stretch to surmise that you think the moon landings were a hoax too?)

When you spout that kind of CT nonsense, you undermine the credible accusations about the opportunistic business class and social elites. There is indeed corporate profiteering on an industrial scale and it must be tackled via social pressure (re Tesco, Morrisons and now Sainsbury’s handing back millions in business rates relief) and political campaigning. But if you bundle in a bunch of far-fetched conspiracy prophecies (about microchipping vaccines and segregation of children by the state, etc.), then that whole economic narrative can be dismissed as the ravings of the lunatic fringe. You’d help the cause best by shutting up and letting more rational voices make the case instead.