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“The British elite are about to pump the population full of a totally new kind of “antiviral” vaccine that has never been used before. And they’re doing it before other governments”

You are correct, N_, it is a new kind of mRNA vaccine that has not been approved before. The mRNA that codes for the spike protein is presented as antigen in the hope that the body will make antibodies to it and thereby confer immunity. They say it is 90% effective preventing symptomatic disease a week after the second dose. There are still questions. Does it prevent actual infection or just symptomatic infecton? Does it prevent transmission to others albeit if it does prevent symptomatic infection? Is age, ethnicity a factor in the response?

Big Pharma doesn’t have a good track record on transparancy of data. Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech SE, should make ALL their data publically available immediately and make it easily available to anyone and continue to make all their follow up data just as available.

For sure, the current UK gov is blowing their own trumpet about how great they are but what’s new in that? IF it works to short circuit the pandemic with a good safety record it could be the breakthrough needed. Also, if this new type of vaccine works it could lead the way for vaccines for other infectious diseases. (more profit for Big Pharma, I know)